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Passage of Karate Rank or Belt


order karate beltsA passage of rank or karate belt to be at the club, for the different Kyu or in front of an official jury for Dan is often synonymous with stress and questions of all kinds :

Will I be up to it?
I'm afraid of being ridiculous?
What if I do not have it?
Have I learned everything?
What should I do ?

In short, whatever our level, we have all been confronted one day with a passing of rank. The famous color belt (yellow, orange, Green, Blue, brown ou black) which one dreams.

And we all asked ourselves at least one of those questions that came back to haunt us all the time.

Guide offered!
"How to succeed your grade passes"

Since I started this blog, many of you have written to me asking for advice for the grade or belt passes and had many questions and especially many doubts about their ability to succeed.

The first advice I can give is simple and straightforward:

Do not panic !!! (Do not panic !!!)

Some will even say, stop "psychotherapy"

I know, it's a bit easy as advice and that's why we're going to develop a little bit and I'm going to give you the 7 essential tips to succeed your grade and belt passes.

When you have to sit for an exam, there is always a possibility of not being successful and it is not dramatic. You just have to accept this possibility and only do his best.

Once again, Bruno, it's easy to say. The problem is that an exam is usually the culmination of many hours of work. So there is no question of spoiling all this on the day of the passage of rank.

But no matter how persuaded a belt is just a piece of tissue, our ego can not help thinking.
But the more we coerce, the more we want to do well, and the more we panic and we lose all these resources on the day.

I will try here to reassure you and to give you some answers to your questions which are in fact normal and very natural.

7 Tips for Successful Graduation:

1 - Do what you can do.

This advice may seem obvious to some and yet ...

How many times have I seen students when I ask them to do a kata of their choice, introduce me to the most difficult kata they know when they are only learning it and they do not know it? do not master it.

They think that by doing one of the hardest kata, they will be better rated. Which is wrong. By choosing a kata that they mastered they would have obtained a much better grade.

Show what you can do and only what you can do. Do not try to do better than usual. Anyway, your teacher knows you. He knows your level.

Whatever your level, you will not be able to be better on the day of the grade shift, so do not try to be. Look only for not being less good.

You show your work as it is, as you know how to do it, and then let your teacher judge. If you do not get your belt, it's because it was not yet the moment. It's not a drama.

The path is long, do not try to run too fast ...

2- This is only a belt ...

Everything is said in the title: it is only a belt, it serves above all to keep your karategi close.

I know that this type of argument does not satisfy you because we are in a society where we need benchmarks and where we want to position ourselves in relation to the other. But tell yourself well that in karate, even a black belt has worn a white belt one day and he (or she) has not forgotten.

Most of us remember their first days when everything seemed complicated, where the color belts made us dream. And then over time we realize that although we can increase rank and get belts darker and darker, the path is always fraught with pitfalls and that's what makes the richness of our art.

The belt, it's true, is an acknowledgment of your work and your technical level, but do not give it more importance than it has: What is important to you above all is to learn karate and to please each class.

The belt when you do a kata or a kumite, you do not even think because it regains its primary function: hold your pants!

So relativize, it's only a belt !!!

3 -You will not be better after than before

Understand that if you succeed your passage, the belt you will wear after the exam will not make you better. Your level will be exactly the same.

That's why I'm telling you not to try to do more. You show your level at a moment t.

If you go up in rank, it's very good but you did not become better the day of the exam, your progression was done well upstream, during your training at the dojo (and on ™, of course :-))

If you have worked well at training and at the passage of rank you do not get your belt is not a drama is that you still need a little time.

Each floor is hard to climb and as long as you have not crossed all the steps, you can not go upstairs. It takes time. Some summers a few months to rise in rank, other a few years. I know it's unfair sometimes, but we can not help it.

The important thing is to do your best and be proud of your work.

Guide offered!
"How to succeed your grade passes"

4 - You will not be ridiculous.

This is a question that often comes up in your emails, you are afraid of the eyes of others (or maybe your own eyes ;-))

Yet, I repeat:

Be proud of your work!

You did your best, that's the main thing. There is no shame to have.

And whatever your age, your height, your weight, your sex, your social level ... In short, whoever you are, there is no shame in practicing karate.

Nobody will make fun of you because as I told you, we've all been there.

Each karateka knows the difficulties of learning Karate and will never think of making fun of it.

On the contrary, in general Sempaï will rather seek to help the students in difficulty, reassuring them and giving them wise advice.

But in any case, you will never be ridiculous in a dojo.

5 - Give, without expecting anything in return

What creates disappointment is the expectation of a reward.

But if you do not expect anything and you show patience and humility you will not be disappointed.

If you do your passing grade with the same spirit as a classical course without waiting for a belt or some other reward, you will not be stuck by stress and will show your true technical qualities.

If it's worth a belt, all the better. If it's not worth it, too bad, it'll be for next time.

Again, do your best, let your heart speak and give without expecting anything in return.

6 - Arrive rested

One thing we do not think about enough is that the body needs rest to assimilate learning.

To show you in your best light at the grade crossing, try to get rested. Do not do tons of training the days before hoping to catch up.

While it is good to review these kata and make a point on this knowledge but let you one or two days of rest to give your body and your brain time to assimilate all that.

You will be better on the day.

7 - Warm up

When you graduate, even if you have followed all the advice I have just given, you will probably be a little stressed and that's perfectly normal.

As a result, your pulse and your breathing will have a tendency to accelerate and if you burn your warm up, you risk having a runaway of the breathing and the heart rate at the beginning of the examination and that could make you lose part of your means.

To minimize this phenomenon, it is necessary that the body is well prepared by a good warm up.

Warm up quietly to improve your breathing and increase your blood flow. This will reduce the effects of stress.

You can use theABC of warm-ups to help you.

Good luck

That's it, I have to wish you good luck for your next graduation and especially do not forget:

Do your best without expecting anything and you will not be disappointed.

And if you succeed (which I wish you) never forget that only your outer appearance will change, but you will have to do a deeper job to completely deserve your new belt:
You must above all stay humble and do not forget where you come fromit is very important to continue the path you have taken.

See you soon,

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Guide offered!
"How to succeed your grade passes"


  1. Hello Bruno, tomorrow I spend my green belt, and I wanted to thank you for creating your site it helps me a lot and thanks to your site I learned a lot of kata superior. I confess that I'm a little stressful but reading this article it distresses me and it motivates me for tomorrow :)

  2. Hello Bruno,

    A big thank you for your site, it motivates me to work in my living room!

    My sensei always tells me that I do not look where I need to, in combat as in kata I tend to look on the ground or where I want to touch, how to do? Should we look at the opponent in the eye? Where to put my eyes in general?
    Thank you for your answer, it's a detail that blocks me ...

  3. Hello Merdie,

    Do not worry about the leg gap. Very few Karateka arrive there. I can not do it either and it does not matter. The big gap is not at all a necessity for Karate.


  4. Hello Sensei Bruno, my name is Merdie I have 17ans, I measure 185 and weigh 70kg, I want to start practicing karate, but excuse me sensei what can I do to make a quick leg gap and how can I do to become able to make a fast spread?

  5. Hello Bruno and thank you for the video. I think the belt attachment of the 2eme is very nice but difficult compared to 1er

  6. Good evening Bruno,
    I am very attentive to all your advice, I am eleven years old, and until now I was judo I am orange belt, it is now 8 days that I practice karate your explanations serve me well, my master of karate to asked my dad his agreement to give me a test during the adults you think what? I AM A FEW WORRY, no more!
    in fact my name is Leo it is my father who registered me on your site and he marked his name mechanically, finally Daniel I also like you can call me as you want LOL
    see you soon Bruno

  7. I personally have a real problem with the kick! how to update my mawashi gueri and ura mawashi cured?
    your advice please, Sensei Bruno has you particularly

    • I am 1er dan of traditional jujitsu, for mawashi healed you have to take the time to raise your knees before hitting

  8. Hello bruno,
    I have 39 years and I resume
    The karate I had abandoned since 20 years
    Because of the work a husband 2 children. What happiness of
    Going back to school. The problem is that my teacher
    Tell me to put my 20 green belt back
    Tell me that even though I have not practiced for a long time
    My green belt is valid. I'm not very comfortable in green.
    I wanted to hear your opinion. Doing continues your blog is great.
    Long live karate

    • Hello Frédérique,

      Your teacher is absolutely right. You have a green belt and even if it is 20 years you still have a green belt.
      It's normal that you do not feel comfortable with this belt but that's why you have to wear it and find your level as quickly as possible. The goal is to get out of your comfort zone and get out of it.
      Even if you do not have the level (which is normal) you must be happy to wear this green belt.
      If you wore a white belt, you would be very quickly in a comfort zone and in the end you would stagnate. By forcing you to wear this belt you have every chance to find your level very quickly.
      Take this as a challenge, it will motivate you and give you confidence.
      And then you have the chance to have to help you on your way

      Good training

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