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kicks Mikazuki Geri, The Crescent Kick
Mikazuki Geri, Crescent kick

Mikazuki Geri is the crescent kick ... that is, the foot describes an arc (a crescent!) To reach the opponent. However, even if the trajectory of the foot is circular and reaches the opponent on the side, Mikazuki Geri is ...

How to make your belt knot

Some time ago, I brought you the proof that you could all progress to be a black belt someday. But do you correctly fasten your belt? Well, firstly, if you do not know how to tie your belt, ...

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Migi Chudan Oizuki in Ten-no-kata

Ten-no-Kata: The Kata of the universe

Ten-no-kata, the Kata of the universe or the kata of heaven ... is a very special kata and unfortunately very little practiced. Which is a shame because it is an excellent ... ™ is not a site to "learn" Karate but it is an ally of your training at the club!

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