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Combinations Kihon
Kihon defense techniques

Kihon Defense Techniques Today we are going to do a Kihon with only defense techniques with basic positions. We will do very simple techniques: Gedan barai in Zenkutsu Dachi; Uchi Uke in Kokutsu Dachi and Soto Uke in Kiba Dachi.

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Press release (February 2016)

Martial art as a vector of well-being, emotional calm and inner serenity: karate3G ™ While France will organize 5 at 8 next May the European Championships, karate is doing well. With more than 240 000 licensed in 2014-2015, ...

Relaxation meditation
The art of meditation

The Art of Meditation What does meditation bring to the person who practices it, especially karateka? It may seem legitimate to ask this question for those who do not know meditation, insofar as ...

To watch again and again : ™ is not a site to "learn" Karate but it is an ally of your training at the club!

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