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Diverse 4-steps-learning
The four stages of learning

4 Learning Steps Do you have problems retaining your karate techniques? During your studies, did you hear about the four stages of learning? It's not just about karate. You will find these ...

Karate and self defense

Is karate self-defense? Do you practice self defense? Have you ever taken a specific course of self-defense? I am speaking first of all to those who have already seen or practiced self-defense sessions. You did not notice anything? Yes…

Goal : 2020 pumps

An experience that will probably serve you: Do you limit yourself in your goals? Do you have a strategy when you have an ambitious goal to reach? Whether for your goals in karate or other areas ...

Train during the summer

Train this summer! That's it, it's finally summer! But also for most clubs the end of the season for karate and the inaccessibility to the dojo ... Two months of rest, it's very good (and I'm ...

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Mawashi Tetsui Uchi, the circular hammer punch

Tetsui Uchi, Iron hammer strike

Tettsui Uchi, the iron hammer or the hammer of hand ... is a technique little known to the general public, but yet extremely powerful and quite easy to achieve. Tetsui Uchi ... ™ is not a site to "learn" Karate but it is an ally of your training at the club!

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