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Gyaku Zuki: Reverse Punch

Gyaku Zuki is the punch of the back arm: We previously studied Choku Zuki, the fundamental punch and Zenkutsu Dachi, the position with front leg bent. So naturally we will study Gyaku Zuki, ...

Mae Geri, Front kick

Mae Geri, or kick in front of (Mae = front and Geri = Kick), is without a doubt the first leg technique you need to learn. Very simple in appearance - Putting a kick in front must be equivalent ...

Download the ABCs of warm-ups

The ABC of warm-ups: How to make effective warm-ups? ™ allows you to practice at home with video karate lessons. But you must know that before each training, you need to warm up your body and ...

Diverse, Le Karate clair et net

Karate Online !!! Free ™ Courses, Karate Clear and Clean! Hello and welcome. First, let me introduce myself: My name is Bruno Bandelier, and I have been passionate about karate for many years. Black belt 3ème ...

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The Teachability Index

Teachability Index What does it mean? It means you must be teachable. Always be a student. Always have the desire to learn. When we talk about teaching, we often think ... ™ is not a site to "learn" Karate but it is an ally of your training at the club!

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