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Open Letter N ° 2 to the President of the International Olympic Committee


2016-07-25_Lettre-Open-au-CIOKarate at the Olympic Games - Final straight

As promised when I launched Karate's petition for support at the Olympic Games, I just sent a second letter to Mr BACH Thomas, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

As I announced to you a few weeks ago, the IOC Executive Committee has already voted in favor of Karate entering 4 other sports at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Between the 01 and the 04 August will take place the 129e cession of the CI. And it was during this transfer that the final vote validating the CIO declaration made the 1er last June in Lausanne.

Even if we are only a vote to become an Olympic sport, we must continue to raise the clock of our petition so that the members of the IOC see our mobilization and our determination to see Karate join the Olympic movement.

We are already signed ... Join us !

Yes, I support Karate's candidacy for the Olympic Games

Here is the letter I just sent to the IOC headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, which will remain on KBN as an open letter:

OBJECT : Request N ° 2 for Karate at the Olympic Games.

The 25 / 07 / 2016

Mr President, ladies and gentlemen of the IOC,

We are following up on our 30 / 09 / 2015 mail in which we asked you to accept Karate's application for the 2020 Olympics.

We learned that the 1er In June, members of your Executive Committee in Lausanne expressed their support for the entry of 5 new sports, including Karate, at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. We welcome this choice and this new opportunity for Karate to participate in the Olympic Movement. We hereby encourage you to continue in this way during the final vote scheduled in Rio.

As we mentioned in our previous letter, karate conveys a philosophy and ethical values ​​that in many respects meet the principles of Olympism. In addition this one is practiced in more than 100 countries, on all the continents, and participates actively in the education of the youth. Karate is practiced by all without any discrimination of sex or age and allows practitioners to develop in harmony "a fiery spirit in a muscular body" (mens fervid in corpore lacertoso) as Pierre de Coubertin wished.

Our sport is only a vote to become Olympic and we are very happy and proud of it. Convinced that Karate, its various federations and competitors will live up to your expectations and the Olympic movement, we hope that the 129st transfer of the IOC that will take place in a few days will validate this choice by a favorable vote.

We ask you, Mr President, ladies and gentlemen of the IOC, to accept our most respectful considerations.

The petitioners
Spokesman's name: Bruno Bandelier

This petition letter was filed on 23 / 07 / 2015 on the site to page: and has collected more than 2800 signatures.

That's it, I think we're really on the home stretch. I do not know if our mobilization will be useful but in any case, if it takes a last straw to overflow the vase in our favor, it would be a shame not to pay it.

Let's stay mobilized!


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Un commentaire

  1. It was bizarre I read Bushido and noted the disparity between the samurai class and that of traders. The latter being very frowned upon by the Bushis, but the great promoters of the modern AMs, most of them, were tradesmen's sons, or a curious transfer of skills ..
    The author also points out that samurai rarely succeeds in business for reasons he develops.
    The question we might ask ourselves is to what extent the martial arts have become something else (like the Do that leads to the awakening that I have rarely seen), from the moment it spread in a Another social class. Perhaps the same relationship as between "Sunday" carpentry and that of the carpenter.
    So if a practice spreads to another class or social group it takes the color, will the transition to Olympism not transform it even more?
    That said, I am neither for nor against Olympism, but the athlete is for at least thirty years, and this will guide the activity towards what motivates a small population of karatekas (- 20%). .
    What surprised me in a karate class was "now we're going to do self-defense"? What did we do before? moreover on this subject one may wonder why the blow in the parts (kin geri), the slap shot of the zonard martial, shown in the books of Funakoshi is part of the register of obvious techniques ...
    Everything is bigger than the parts, except when they get a hit ...

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