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New download platform soon on your screens!


Download all KBN videos on your PC

As you probably know, I will soon open the new download platform

But if you do not mind, I still need your opinion. Thank you for answering to these few questions by following this link.

Remember ...

I announced the creation of this new download platform in february 2013 and you asked your opinion early March.

I must admit that I could never imagine that I would need several me to create this platform. But it does not matter, I put all my heart and it should really meet your expectations but I'll talk about it a little further.

Let's first see why it was so long to create this platform:

I thought (naively) that it would be enough that I put my videos as is on the internet with a link. Not at all, because first I needed find a server to host them all, especially that I intend to do more tens or hundreds. Then I had to take each video because they were not visible on any media and I did not want you to re-encode the videos to be able to read once they were downloaded. You probably have something else to do.

So I took each video one by one and after many tests (I should have counted just to see!) :-)) I managed to encode all the videos to be visible on any medium.

My PC has held up!Then I uploader (send them on the internet!) videos to put on a server. It only takes a few hours ... when we have a video to send ... but when there is 57 videosI let you do the math. My computer really suffered, but hey it's a tenacious, like his owner, and he held up (not bad!)

After the well-deserved rest of my brave PC, I took over the keyboard and I took care of the platform itself. I had already started a little but following your responses to the survey of March, I had to see my copy again because I wanted to please everyone.

It was not an easy task because once again it is the technique and my meager knowledge in computer science (even if I progress every day!) Which slowed me down quite a bit and then, the time ... we do not does not account but the platform was not yet open which I had already had to create no less than 95 pages.

Luckily I did not think about it before I started, I might never have started this project ...

Finally, since you were 76% to desire them, I created an 60any PDF files that you will be able to download.

But there it is, finally, I see the end of the tunnel and the platform should soon be on your screens and I sincerely think I have spoiled you.

Indeed, I made sure really meet your expectations based on the March survey and your comments:

For each category (Kihon, Kata ...), you will have a page with all the corresponding videos. On this page, you can watch each video, download it, download the pdf, access the article on the blog, to leave a comment for example.


You will also have access to a page dedicated to each video. On this page, you can also watch the video (but bigger), download video and pdf and access the blog ... In short, You will love.

Other good news, the videos will be visible without advertising, and you can download them all (in HD, SD or Mobile formats) so you can watch them on your computers (PC or Mac), on your shelves (Ipad, Android ...), on your smartphones (Iphone, Galaxy, ...), ... in short you can take them everywhere !

Morebecause there is a "but", unfortunately I will not be able to put this platform in free access.

Indeed, even if the blog is free and will remain, access to this download platform may not be free.
Indeed, since 2 years and a half, I already put a lot of money and time in KBN (Do not worry, I do not regret anything because I do it with pleasure and bring you always more gives me a lot of pleasure.), and the creation of this platform also cost me a lot of time and money and put videos and pdf on a server to allow you to download them is not free and it will continue to generate a lot of costs .

So if I want to be able to continue the adventure of "Clear and Net Karate" with you, without ruining myself slowly, I will have to make a paid access in the form of subscription. I thank you in advance for your understanding.

Now if you want this platform to be on your screens before Christmas, I will still need you and your informed advice

Click here to access
to some short questions
KBN Download Platform:
Tell me what are your expectations

(I assure you, it's really very short!)

I thank you in advance for your help and keep you updated.

If you want to be informed in priority about the launch of the platform, I invite you to register to register on the waiting list (already registered 500!)

See you soon,
Bruno Bandelier

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  1. Hello,
    Could you sell me one (or more) training DVDs?
    Bruno BANDELIER of the five EIANS: (SHO, NID, SAND, YOD, GOD).

    -DVD (one or more) with the kata in normal speed then speed
    slow commented.
    With subtitles if it exists because I am DSME.

    Payable by check with your address that you will communicate to me.

    Thank you
    Pierre PONSOT

    • Hello Pierre,

      The download platform no longer exists. I replaced it with the Karate3G platform, with additional training.
      I have not yet released DVDs, however to download all my videos in HD format, you can subscribe to KKarate3G.
      I would love to welcome you.


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