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This is your first visit on this blog or you start Karate or you simply need to be guided to train you?

You are in the right place, welcome ! 😉

First, if it's not already done, watch my video presentation to understand why I made ™, karate clear and clean.

Then go you present and tell me your expectations about this blog.

That's it, the presentations are made, we can start training

You have several options for using ™ courses:

> either you revise the various techniques offered here as you learn them in your clubs.
It's pretty simple, you do not have to worry. If for example, you have worked Shuto Uke at the club, you rework one or two days after at home to deepen the acquisition of the technique. If you do this for each technique, you will progress much faster than most other students.

> either you let me guide you and you follow the next training program without worrying about the training at the club.
This allows you to vary your work and will allow you to progress even faster than others.

Depending on the number of trainings you already do at the club, I advise you to do about 2 to 3 workouts per week at home which you will add a stretching session very distinct.

You can of course vary this program according to your other activities and your state of fatigue.

Above all, do not train if you feel too tired, rest ! Rest must be part of your training, it is essential. It is during the rest phases that the body rebuilds and adapts to training. If you do a training too early, the body does not have time to adapt and you will not progress.

The weeks 4 and 8 are less loaded because I intentionally integrated a stretching session instead of training so that your body assimilates 3 previous weeks.

In my opinion, the ideal would be to be able to 3 sessions per week. I did not put 3ème session because it will serve you of revision. Review 1 or 2 videos already viewed to perfect your learning.

Do not forget, before each training, do a good warm-up by following my method "ABC of warm-ups".

And of course after the shower (which is also very important to prevent the clogging of the pores of the skin which have dilated during the training!), You leave me a comment below the videos! 😉

Beginners program - 10 weeks:

1th week:
> Hachiji Dachi - the position that exposes you

> Your 1ere technical fist: Choku-Zuki

2th week:

> Your 1e defense technique: Gedan Barai

> Mae Geri, Front kick

3th week:

> Zenkutsu Dachi - Stance on the front leg

> Jodan Age Uke: Blocking up

4th week:

> Gyaku-Zuki: Punching the rear arm

> Stretching to free the hips

5th week:

> Kihon: The ranges of Karateka

> Oi-Zuki: The power of 2 legs in the arm

6th week:

> Your 1er Kata: Taikyoku Shodan or the root cause

> Kokutsu Dachi: Back leg flexed

7th week:

> Uchi uke: blocking from the inside to the outside

> Taïkyoku Nidan: The root cause strickes back

8th week:

> Mawashi Geri: Round House Kick

> Stretching to free the hips

9th week:

> Taikyoku Sandan: the return of Sempaï

> Shuto Uke, Knife hand block

10th week:

> Kihon: hips rotation

> Kiba-dachi, the Roman art of Karate

This program is just a canvas to guide you in your personal workbut he must not stop you from thinking.

Throughout this program, you will have to go back often to revise certain techniques in order to assimilate them.

In karate the path is very long to climb the different walks of knowledge, you have just climbed on a first stepbut you still have a lot of steps to get to the first floor and many floors to get to the top of this art.

Do not be discouraged, all karateka started one day, even the greatest masters. Step forward and you will go a long way.

You can now continue your training by following:
the program N ° 2 with Heian Shodan and Heian Nidan

And do not forget that you can all be Black Belt and I can prove it to you.

Good training and good luck.
Bruno : )

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  1. Hello Bruno
    Thanks to your videos, I made good progress and especially understood my first two kata, shodan and nidan. This is exactly the same teaching as my 2 teachers. Thank you.
    For belts, at home, there is no yellow, orange etc they pass kious? to get to the brown.
    If one day I had been told that I would do karate and especially that I would like ... 🙂
    We had the visit of Renee Hug (84 years), black belt, I know more how many dan, I had his compliments, so I'm proud.

  2. Hello,
    do you know exactly what the term "san doku" means? Despite my many researches, I do not find this information. I am absolutely not sure of the exact spelling.
    Thanks in advance for your help

  3. hi master bruno. I wanted to tell you that I sent messages that until then I do not have answers. I use a small phone that does not support long videos, only the mp4 or 3gp light from 1 to 8 munites. I do not know if you can send them. thank you and good cooperation. se / placid

  4. Wonderful products from you, man. I am aware of your things before
    And you are simply extremely great. I really like what you got
    Just here, certainly like what you say and the
    The way you affirm it. You make it pleasant and you continue
    Be careful to keep it smart. I can not wait to read much more
    of you. This is really a great website.

  5. Hello Bruno,

    I am new to karate and new to this site.

    At the club we learn several styles of kata, including the kata "pinan shodan" (if I orthography well). I would have liked to practice at home because it is a kata complicated for me and will serve in addition to my belt pass.

    Unfortunately I can not find this kata among the packs that you propose (I specify that I registered for the "Yellow Belt Goal Pack", but I also consulted the program of all others). Would there be a video dedicated to this kata somewhere on the site?

    I thank you for your response and congratulations for this considerable work!
    Beautiful day,

  6. Hello Bruno and thank you very much for your return.
    Do you have videos for the kata to follow them for the rehearsal.
    it will create competition between me and my son who has 6ans

    Thanks again.

  7. Hello,

    I have 47ans but I really like karate since I was young, I just registered my son (6ans) in karate. Is it possible for me to go to karate too?
    what advice will you give me and thanks in advance.

    • Hello Stéphane,

      As I always say, there is no age to start and practice Karate. If you feel like it and you find pleasure in it, why the number of your years would change anything. I have 50 soon, should I stop Karate ??? Surely not
      When you have 77ans, after 30 years of Karate and you always practice for fun, you will find your question today rather funny, do not you think?
      The important thing is to let your heart speak. If you ask the question, it's because you want to try. Well, go there. Start, you can only have fun.


      PS: We get back in 30 years to celebrate your 5ème or 6ème dan

  8. Dear Bruno,
    firstly i want to tell you that i find karate 3G very well and very helpful!
    After years of (ultra) endurance sport, I wanted to do a more complete sport, allowing me to work on my agility, my speed, my breathing, my physical and mental balance and much more (the philosophy of martial arts and the martial spirit), and so I turned a few months ago to karate, which suits me perfectly. However, I still practice endurance sports and am afraid that it does not preterite my explosiveness in karate (slow muscle fibers ...). As a triathlete, do you see a disadvantage?

    • Hi Bertrand,

      Thank you for your opinion on Karate3G. I am delighted that you are satisfied.
      Karate is certainly more focused on speed and anaerobic work but the work of the cardio-respiratory system is also very important (and sometimes even neglected by karateka). By doing endurance sports, you promote your recovery and is therefore more quickly ready to resume the fight. Let's not forget that Karate is above all an art of defense and in case of aggression, the breath is important. A lack of breath, coupled with fear, can quickly be a crippling factor. In addition if you have to flee, it is better to know how to run fast and long
      Afterwards, from a purely athletic performance point of view, we have to strike the right balance between endurance work and speed work. In all cases you are forced to compromise. Either you are super fast, but you can not string more 2 or 3 techniques in a row, or you're hyper endurance but very slow. I think you should not take the lead with that, unless you plan to register for the 2020 Olympics, but rather do according to your desires. Enjoy yourself, in Karate as in endurance, it is the most important. Currently, I have more time to practice the Triathlon but believe me, it is in the periods when I did the most I was the best on the tatami.
      Good training and see you soon on your member area Karate3G.


  9. Hello Sensei,
    thank you for this very clear presentation!
    I am a beginner and I am 55 years old.
    Soon retired, I chose this activity because I have a little more free time and especially less displacement.
    I hope to progress quickly ...

    Sports friendships

  10. sincerely thank you for all my strengths good luck and especially continue because you have helped a lot of people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hello,

    For some time, I'm interested in karate. It is by doing research that by chance I came across your website. And I would like to thank you for all your advice and videos that allow me to start with brilliance.

  12. hello.I need some advice.When I do the mawashi geri, the back of my thigh hurts me.and the direction of my foot is not really circular. thank you very much

    • Hello,

      When you speak of the back of the thigh, you speak of your support leg or that which strikes?
      Otherwise there is no miracle, it takes a lot of training, repetition, gently then a little faster ... Do stretching, bodybuilding and persevere.


  13. Hello,
    My name is Ludo I 34 years of Nouvoitou (Rennes)
    I'm just starting karate contact (I leave the world of boxing and fist)
    I think that karate must be part of my training that can not apply this discipline in a group course I was interested
    to your blog.
    So, thank you very much for the very explicit videos.

  14. Hello Bruno,

    That's 1 year that I practice Kyoskushinkai Karate, I got my orange belt just in July.

    Frankly, I can not memorize all the terms and my techniques are not up to the point.

    I am 57 years old and would like to make a clear difference this year.

    Can you tell me if your various techniques correspond to the karate mentioned above so you can train at home more?

    Thanking you.

    • Hello Marie,

      Yes you can take my online classes while practicing Kyokushinkai Karate. Technically both styles are pretty close. The difference lies especially in the way of doing the fighting.
      Here is a discussion on a forum about the difference between 2 styles: Kyokushin / Shotokan


  15. Good evening Bruno,

    To see my sons start Karate, I could not resist and I resumed classes this week after a hiatus of nearly 15 years!

    I am lucky to have discovered your blog and your videos, everything is clear and clear, but above all, full of passion, pedagogy and sympathy.

    Thank you and see you soon.

  16. Miantoloum Ndoasngar at

    Hello Mr Bruno

    I have the green belt shotokan. I discovered your blog and am really proud knowing that it will really help me to progress in my techniques. One thing I would like to know about being a green belt holder, can I go beyond Heian godan?

    • Hello,
      Yes you can learn other kata but you must always do your Heian almost every day to never forget them. Learn higher kata only in order to progress in your Heian. For now they are the ones you have to study and it is on the Heia that you will be judged. So yes you can learn other Kata but in order to progress in your Heian ...

  17. I would like to learn the basics of karate, I am a basic judoka
    and I would like to expand my technical palette including foot binding fist.

  18. Good evening, I have 56 years, my rank is 2ème Dan shotokan style, I started late the practice of karate while since my adolescence I like karate.
    Now I want to practice this martial art until the end of my life.
    My problem right now, I can not do any more distance of the legs. Can we improve this spacing to put my mawasi geri higher?
    With my age, will I be able to climb another rank?
    What we are missing here is the seminar, certified karate teachers so you are welcome for me.

    • Hello Roland,
      The spacing of the legs is not very important in karate. It's all the flexibility that needs to be maintained. There is always a way to talk and 56 is still young. If you do not manage to progress and raise your mawashi higher, it's not very serious, it's far from being essential in karate and yes you can continue to pass your dan, the 3e dan to 59 years, the 4e dan 63, the 5e 68, and you pass your before your 75 years and for the future, you'll see :-). You see, you still have a lot of future. The following ones are not harder than the ones you already have, it's a continuity. If you do not give up and you work regularly you can continue to progress.

  19. Hello to you Bruno sensei from the net.

    I participated in my second session, at the dojo. I went for the first kata according to your recommendations. But there was surprise that the move was not the one in I.

    My vocabulary flaw, half chao total in my head. Require to do imitation. Completely to pick it up. very good for humility, but very bad for group work.

    I am preparing my stretching sessions according to your exercises, I will tell you the progress (if I do not feel like doing a monologue). Mae-geri foot flat on the wall, for the moment 70cm height.

    Thank you for this blog very well elaborate. See you soon Yann

    • Hello Yann,

      What style of karate dojo do you practice? Maybe that's why the kata was different.

      For work in imitation, I reassure you that's how you have to do. When you're at the dojo, do not think too much about my classes, but listen to your sensei and work in imitation, that's what everyone else in the group does.

      Do not worry, you do not do a monologue. I do not always answer because you are more and more numerous but I read ALL messages and mails personally.


      • Hello Bruno / sensei / karate of the net.

        I'm happy to have received your messages. So the style to practice is the shotokan. I am officially fired, in the dojo we are two adults, a teenager and ten children. This is where you become important for my progress.
        And after watching your video of the first kata, I realized that we are doing the first exercise in the shape of a cross, certainly for the lack of space. And by tirelessly studying and repeating the same gestures for the body to remember. Normally I should be in the same direction as the others, for the next session.

        I dare not download too much, especially the techniques for the worked at the dojo, but to revise my kata with you, was necessary to me. My white belt is yours that I owe it.

        And there's a lot of joy in the air around me, coming back to the martial arts. Thank you very much bruno for your teachings.

  20. Hello, I started last night, with children, since I do not know karate. Today I have the adder on fire, and yet I am sporty, and I do my stretching. Session 2 hours full warming, kinon, kata and kumite. It was a good experience.
    On the other hand I did not quite assimilate the orders in Japanese, for the first kata on the displacement. I hope they will be there in your book. To avoid slowing down the yard, next time.

    Thank you for doing so, that our review sessions be free.
    It's cool

    • Hello Yann,

      Welcome to the karateka family. 2 time for the first time is huge and probably a lot too much.
      You have pain everywhere and that's normal. Even if you are already sporty, it is a different sport that mobilizes all the muscles.
      Do not burn the steps and do shorter sessions, not to be broken and be able to re-train the next day.


  21. Hello Bruno, hello to all,
    I introduce myself,
    Loic, 30 years, military since 12 years now.
    I practiced judo (6 years) and Savate (2 years ago), I wanted to practice karate for a long time but never found "shoe at my foot" (Category, Location, Temp job ...)
    Finally registered for a month in a really nice club and being "fuzzy" d hope I progressed quickly enough ... I made 2 jog session (short 4 km weighted and long 8 km) + 3 muscle strengthening sessions.I regularly look at Kata videos to memorize them a minimum.
    Just 2 questions.
    Can we consider being competitive starting late?
    Want to evolve quickly is it not badly perceived by his elders?
    THANK YOU for your advice.
    Respectfully Loic.J

  22. Hello bruno, here I am 21 years and I would like after mature thinking start karate to channel my stress and my anger that I accumulate every day (discreetly but surely)
    I wanted to know if karate could really help me overcome his problems?
    Second question: after years of playing tennis and swimming I have a big problem of "stiffness" because I have never tried to work my flexibility in the legs (I am currently 40-45 ° gap max : /). Do you have tips for developing my gap and how long does it take? I set myself 5mois to double my current gap, do you think it possible

    Thank you for your blog and send us this passions!

    • Hello Crow,

      Of course karate will do you good. Go run there.
      Already if you are aware of your stress and your anger, it is already a big step.
      You have to learn to channel your stress, but also to learn to have positive thoughts. Stress comes from being overwhelmed by one's emotional brain. In your case you have anger, which generates stress and it annoys you, which generates stress ... it is the vicious circle. You must learn to take back your thoughts and control your emotions through your logical brain (it is slower than the emotional brain but with the training it ends up taking over and the stress disappears.
      I advise you to watch my video on the power of the will. And also, a tip: change your pseudo Crow in Swallow, instead of annoying anger, you will announce happiness ... Turns the vicious circle into a virtuous circle.

      For flexibility, it's good to give you goals. I think you can do it but do not burn the steps, take your time. I advise you to do and often redo my video on stretching to release the hipsit will do you a lot of good.

      Good evening Swallow



  24. I have been practicing karate for fourteen years: I am preparing a black belt: once I get it, I intend to open a room here in NDANDE in this lost corner of present the best profile for the realization of this project

  25. bruno I just passed the yellow belt and I them them also thanks to you I have them belt you help me with your video but also with a lot of work and I was very embarrassed to pass the belt I was sleeping very bad but here you always said that it was work to hold that she thing these very true has more bruno and thank you

  26. hi bruno I have a question it's been two weeks that I can not go to the training can you tell me if despite his teacher can pass me the yellow belt

  27. Hi Bruno tell me I have a question to ask you right after a warm up you think it's a good idea to do some stretching to free the hips? thank you for your advances soon

  28. I am delighted to be enrolled 'I think I can one of your best students in the line. I reassure you that I have the level of the green belt but I had given up for de2ansans but I start with you. thank you teacher

  29. hello bruno can you tell me how to remove the anger that I have there are times want to hit on particular men how to make it feel good in his head when I go to karate court I'm the most by the time the head to eurre and my teacher the way and reminds me quickly my well kindly naturally

    • Hello from angeli,
      You seem very angry ... You have to channel your anger. You have to do some internal work, get to know yourself and master yourself, to put things into perspective. Do not be swayed by outside problems. When you are in Karate class, focus on your feelings, your progress, your difficulties ... Leave your worries outside the dojo. I know it's not always easy to do, but you really need to use your awareness to "tame" your anger and learn to relax. There is no miracle cure, it is a work on oneself, but that will make you progress with a big step.

  30. Hello,
    little problem: the training "Kihon: the ranges of karateka" of the week 5em do not exist / more ... If I click on the link I have an error message 🙁


  31. Hi Bruno and frankly that's fine what you do. Bravo!
    You really feel your passion for karate and I think it's necessary to have progress.
    Once visited, you can not stay there. It contains everything that can help us improve our techniques, including videos.

  32. Thanks for that answer I have 24 years old and wanted to know if it was not too late for me.
    I will go to the club in my town next week.
    your website site is very well built and the video or written explanations are well suited to the beginner I am going to be.


    • Hello Anthony,
      24 years? Too late ? I reassure you right away, you still have all the life in front of you and a whole life of Karateka. You know, I started Karate in 1993 at 26 and it was not too late. It is true that for the competition and to become a champion, it is a little difficult but to learn and follow the way of karate there is no problem.

    • Hello,

      Of course, there is no age limit, except that before 8 years it will depend on the clubs (personally I do not take them ...), but otherwise it is not the age that will limit but rather the state of health. And I would say that unless otherwise stated by the doctor, the practice of karate, whatever the age will improve the state of health so it would be rather recommended.
      As for progression, it's the same, we can start at any age and progress. It is sure that starting at 70 years we are not very lucky to be 5ème dan one day (though!) But to be 1er or 2ème dan, it is possible.

    • I just started karate, and I have 60 years!
      It must be said that I am lucky to be in good health, it is probably to keep it that I engaged in this sport.
      It's harder than I thought I'd practice, but I have to say it's worth it.
      I do not regret anything, and I hope to reach at least the green belt. But it's a school of patience, and not trying to burn the stages. You have to trust his teacher.
      I discover that karate people are very good at teaching, and they have a rather strong charisma.
      Good luck and see you soon

  33. The karate style of my school is atarashii buke, it's the same kata ??? happy Birthday !!!! I love your site bravo!

    • Hello Nancy,

      Are you sure that the karate style you practice is called "Atarashii Buke"?
      Is this a new style created by your teacher?
      To know if it's the same Katas, we should start by seeing what style comes from "Atarashii Buke". And furthermore, find out if this style has made any changes to his Katas.

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