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Musculation and Karate


Bruce Lee

Musculation and karate compatible?


The photo of Bruce Lee opposite (left of course ;-)) tends to demonstrate that martial arts are not incompatible with bodybuilding.

But be careful all Musculation programs are not the same for karate, but I'll talk to you later.

I wanted to inform you that Pierre Amaral Sports CoachPierre Amaral, coach and co-creator of the method of musculation without equipment Supermusculation, has just posted a free video in which he reveals all the secrets to get more muscle and less fat.

As I get a lot of questions about the method, I wanted to share this video with you because I think it will answer a lot of your questions.

But before we watch the video, let's go back to the compatibility between musculation and karate.

Musculation and Karate:

In karate, we need a body in good shapebut sometimes our karate sessions are not enough to quickly improve our fitness.

By cons, planning 2 at 3 sessions musculation a week, karate progress is much faster.

Indeed, we often try to be more flexible to make Yoko Geri, MaeGeri to Mawashi Geri Jodan
while in general ...

…it is more a lack of musculation which limits us in our Jodan kicks.

Musculation to sharpen the body as you sharpen a tool:

He would not come to the idea of ​​a cabinetmaker to work with tools in poor condition and poorly honed because he could not do quality work.
It's the same for us, we must consider our body as a tool. But we can not do quality work with a poorly maintained tool.

Musculation will allow us to renovate our body-tool, sharpen it and maintain it so that it works perfectly during our karate sessions.

Some say that musculation is bad for karate because we lose speed. It's wrong! Or rather it is not correct. Musculation like bodybuilding where the goal is only to gain mass, it is true that it is not good for a karateka who seeks to be faster.

What we need is a harmonious musculation with a clever mix of endurance and resistance work, such as Musculation without equipment that uses body weight.

Many people immediately think of the Lafay method which is also a musculation method without equipment very fashionable and which is undoubtedly very effective ... However, I find that it is not adapted to us.

Why the Lafay method is not suitable for Karateka?

I think I will not make friends because many of you are probably already using the Lafay methodbut how many are actually doing both the recommended workouts and karate training? Not much in my opinion and I will explain why.

Olivier Lafay in his method, called " Protein-System", Advocates 1h30 training sessions including 1h intense bodybuilding. It's way too much for a Karateka who is already training a lot of hours a week.

Indeed, with our 1, 2 or 3 karate sessions a week, we can not afford to do more 1h30 sessions of musculation. All we risk is to tire the body deeply with all that goes with tendinitis, fatigue fractures ...

On the other hand, the method of Pierre Amaral is based on 15 min weight training very effective, which in my opinion is much better suited to karateka.
In 15 minutes, the muscles are sufficiently "jostled" for adaptation and the body is not tired in depth.

Musculation in 15 min!
how can the muscle be transformed so quickly?

It is very simple, it is not during these 15 min that the muscle is transformed, but during the rest.
When doing the weight training, the muscle will go to the maximum of its possibilities or almost.
During the rest, the muscle will rebuild itselfbut better, more effective in order to be able to overcome the limits that he could not cross the time before ... and so on.

So, the important thing is not the time you spend on bodybuilding, but how you do this bodybuilding and how to rest.

Here, I hope that these some information on musculation will help you to understand the interest to muscle to progress in karate.

To know even more, go right away to see Pierre Amaral's video, he tackles other very interesting topics, free video

That's it, I hope this video on musculation without equipment you were pleased.
I still have to wish you very good training ...Karate and Bodybuilding : )

See you soon,
Bruno Bandelier

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  1. Hi blogger, i must say you have high quality articles here.
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  2. Very informative video.This changes programs a bit that requires 3 sessions of muscu per week in a room equipped.However is there a weight and a recommended corpulence before starting to bodybuilding? Thank you very much Bruno and good day to you.

  3. Hello,

    Karate weight training exercises are best used for karate practice alone. Stretch your arms in a powerful way and especially fast, lift your legs quickly and high ... to make the puff is especially to avoid (which does not exclude bodybuilding, far from the).

    To develop the power of the punches and their speed, I take a weight of 8 kilos (1 / 20em my weight per arm), lie on my back and do the same movement as for the bench press but in the optics to "throw" as high as possible the weight (by retaining it or else it might fall back on us). Two or three repetitions of 10 movements a day 3 times a week allowed me to double my speed in less than 3 weeks! (to do well, it is necessary to ideally respect the movement of the blow that we want to improve). In the end, 10 minutes a day is enough.

    You will understand, I think that a weight training adapted to karateka privileges exercises with moderate load, short in duration and very explosive.

  4. Hi Bruno and no you're not going to make friends with this article at lafayens mdr.

    I practice the Lafay method, I just 2 sessions a week in addition to karate. Over time, strength and endurance increase so much with this method that karate sessions become easier.

    I do not know the training of the video (actually I have not looked yet), all I hope is that it offers a complete and balanced training of the whole body. Otherwise run away ... An imbalance between the opposite muscle groups (antagonist, agonist etc) would be more than detrimental in karate.

    As for the method Lafay, we can not judge before trying, especially if we want a minimum volume, even making a martial art, we must go through good training. This will always be much better than a heavy workout with weights (I have already paid for it) for flexibility and joints:

    In any case if practitioners of the method read to me, I advise them to practice often the flexibility of the book, they will understand what I mean.

    To come back to what you propose, a light training is often preferable next to karate, provided that it is really well thought out.

    • Hello Vivien,

      Be careful, I do not judge the Lafay method, I just give a reasoned opinion. The Lafay method is very good, I do not doubt it, but I just think that the recommended training sessions are long. But we can very well make adaptations.

      You're right to talk about complete training. But no worries, the method presented here is also based on body weight work with a comprehensive and comprehensive approach. Otherwise I would not even talk about it.


      • Hi, this is not 1h30 2 intensive workout or 3 times a week (my sessions last 1h at the moment), these are experienced practitioners with excellent recovery who trains as long. Moreover it is not a difficult job since the method works by level with a progressive increase of the number of repetition so there is just the end of difficult level (and still ...). I hope I explained correctly.

  5. Marina Ana Vrabec at

    Good day Bruno,
    Thank you for this video and explaining the differences between karate and body building. Probably exercises in the gym do not hurt, but if we do karate, I think that's enough. If conditional training before karate real well designed and comprehensive training, done well, does not require more exercise. With that, we will be there enough tension and muscular flexibility. So karate has the advantage entitles us to a nice look, dexterity and strength!

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