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Tonic' Magazine (November 2015) Publication in the magazine


Photo Tonic 3Tonic Magazine (2015) Publication in the magazine

In September, I was contacted by Georgia Diaz, a journalist at Tonic Magazine, well in my body, well in my head, for the creation of a folder on combat sports. She wanted to hear me, as an expert to talk about karate. I was very flattered and tried to answer my questions as best I could. This magazine is mainly for women, I did my best to defend our discipline in the female sex by emphasizing the non-violent nature of Karate ... This weekend on a trip I came across the Tonic magazine in a newsstand in Dijon station. It made me very funny to see me in a magazine and I must say that I am rather satisfied with the result of the article that the Magazine Tonic 'published on Karate.

Here is the article:


Gymnastics of body and mind

Judged violent, karate is a fighting technique that uses only the natural weapons of the human body, in the respect of oneself and the adversary. Improvement of muscle tone, cardiovascular health, but also development of memory and concentration: its benefits are numerous. And women, more than welcome to the dojo. "The karate that we see on television is always a karate of confrontation, it is only a reality of this sport. But 90% or more of the training is done solo. "

It does not take more than two Photo Tonicminutes to Bruno Bandelier, karate teacher and practitioner since 1993, to go to war against the received ideas when questioned on his discipline. A discipline too often perceived as violent and reserved for men ... The former Minister of Sports, Chantal Jouanno, may have been much about kata kata, or karate posture, more artistic than physical declination of the discipline, clichés have a hard tooth! But Bruno Bandelier says, karate is "quite suitable for women". "It's more defense than combat, and it's great body and mind gymnastics. " His arguments ? Pell-mêle: the improvement of cardiovascular health and muscle tone, flexibility and coordination but also the development of memory and concentration, and the strengthening of self-confidence. "It's very intense (up to 600 kcal spent per hour of practice, ed), like squash for that matter. We work on the weight of the body and we get muscle deep. And on 45 seconds of kata (enchainement of codified movements, note), with commitment, to give each shot as if it were the last one, one emptied. The cardio goes up very fast! "

A perpetual learning

Bruno Bandelier-Karate Expert"The kata is also a fight against oneself, continues Bruno Bandelier, and karateka a perfectionist" who must memorize and constantly improve his techniques. By force of repetitions. "The more we advance in practice, the more the spiritual effort is important. Result: we empty our head and, when we shout, we
expels the energies.

His last recommendations? "Do not be afraid to go to a club, dare to go and not be afraid of ridicule. At first, we are quickly lost, there is much to learn but do not be afraid of failure, and climb the stairs one by one. "To meditate in and out, dojo!

I thank the Tonic Magazine, for this release and to have honored Karate!

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  1. Hello Mr Bruno Bandelier
    I think you've said it all in this article except that the most important karate is that it's a sport for people who are wise or who want to be wise while everyone else must learn to be wise. Karate helps a lot in this way and contributes to changing the mentality of people who practice this wonderful discipline, the master of course has a great role to play in the acquisition of these lessons of wisdom like the physical education component.
    This sport in reality is more adapted to the feminine in the sense that it allows them to better defend itself against the actions of the boys or the men who have nothing of the wisdom.
    Good luck Mr Bruno.

  2. Marcel
    Bravo Bruno, and you deserve it!
    Thank you for the karate that helps me simply to live!
    And then, karate, it is Japan, certainly, but also, chronologically before, China (his Energetics, his Yi Jing, his Qi Gong, his TaI QI, his kung Fu, etc ...), India, etc ...
    Fortunately, there are beautiful things to discover! But it would take at least a second life!
    Everything is connected ! Everything makes sense! "Void of meaning": it's an erratic expression
    I am learning every day ...: there is nothing more full than emptiness!
    Thank you again Bruno.

  3. Well commented on the article, you go to the main lines congratulation.
    Have a good holiday and see you next year.

    Kind regards Michel

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