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Letter to Master Fois - Thank you Tonio !!!


Antonio TIME Red and White BeltDo you recognize this man? ...

I introduce you Antonio Fois, Tonio, my teacher, has Dijon.

It was with him that I learned the Karate for about 4 years. He taught me almost everything I know:
The technique of course but also values fundamental principles of karate on which everyone can chart their course.

Everyday life means that I have very little opportunity to see Tonio again and I regret it.

It is now 6 th dan and I'm really proud and admiring to see him with his red and white belt.

Tonio is more than a teacher for his students, he is a father, a mentor, a friend, a guide ...

Tonio, it's a Grand Master !!!

Some time ago I found it on the occasion of the birthday of one of his students or rather his assistant, a friend, a Bruno like me (Hi Bruno! Oops, sorry Hello Kamikaze ;-))

In short, I saw Tonio and it really made me a huge pleasure. We talked a little about karate and notament of this blog and he congratulated me. He was glad to see that I was trying to broadcast at best what he had taught me.

I do not hide that I was very happy that he likes it because I had not spoken to him before. And I was especially proud that he encourages me.

I had decided, on my return, to write to him to thank him for all that he did for me. So I wrote him a letter. And then at the time of the poster, I told myself that through me, Tonio was also at the origin of this blog that you like so much and that brings you a lot.

Basically, it's a bit like him who created " ™, karate clear and net", Tonio deserves more than just a mail, he is entitled to his article. I did not send him his letter but decided to publish it here.

Here is my letter to Tonio:

"Dear Tonio,

I'm very happy to have seen you last week. It's been so long.

To see you again and see some of the club's elders really made me happy, it was very moving.

I wanted through this letter to thank you for everything you brought me.

Since then, your warm welcome to work (Tonio was one of my colleagues) in 92, and your insistence for 2 years so that I start Karate.

What a good idea I had to listen to you finally. From the first class I knew that Karate was going to fascinate me.

You were able to put your trust in us by explaining that everyone started one day with a white belt.

I loved your classes, where the good mood and the work were constantly mixed up. I miss it, it smelled good sweat! (I think it's still that way.)

Your goodness, your generosity, your pedagogy, your kindness, your humility ... but also your requirement, your severity sometimes, really helped me to grow as Karateka and as a man.

If I'm a black belt today, it's thanks to you. You taught me to persevere. Thank you Tonio.

If I'm a teacher today, it's thanks to you. Your love for teaching, your pedagogy have given me the desire to follow this path and teach in my turn. Thank you Tonio.

If I managed to complete Ironman distance triathlons, it's thanks to you. If, yes, ... I still hear your voice in my head saying to me, " Do not stop, courage is that ! ". Thank you Tonio.

In short, Tonio, you'll understand, you're my Mentor. Thank you for everything.

See you soon, and as we say to the USCD: Ohayo Gozaimasu!

Bruno »

So, I hope you will not mind me giving so much away by publishing this mail, but I sincerely believe that Tonio is a great Master who deserves to be known. I can not thank him enough.

If you have the opportunity to move to Dijon, you can go practice at the USCD with Tonio, Bruno, Franck, Pascal, ... and girls, ... you will be very well received. Promised!

Leave me a comment, to me or to Tonio
(I did not tell him that I was publishing this article, but he will not be long in discovering it.)

See you soon,

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  1. Hello,
    If we reflect on the path that we have taken, we are often forced to admit that it is rarely long reflections that guided us. Indeed, we never have the overview to be situated on an imaginary map of possibilities. So we evolve over the contacts and shocks that life brings us and what we pay attention to.
    But a disturbing element often intervenes in the routine (that is to say, the comfort that we managed to establish): meetings ...
    This is what happens to what is foreign to us: on two feet.
    The prerequisite for meetings is to leave the house, turn off your computer, take your eyes off your phone, ....
    Henri Plee was right when he wrote that the most important in life, it is the quality of the meetings that one makes ...
    This is the person who excited us, more than the program ...
    The report master-student, according to pre-war specialists, is the irruption of the living model in the life of the student, .. ha ben it then ...
    To finish: when we do not know what to do in life, remains to ask who we want to look like ... it's not complicated!

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  3. Tonio I met him for the first time in 1970 at the MJC des bourroches.
    The professor's name was STURM and Tonio was already pretty good at that time.
    His sister was there too, jean michel Py too. I left then,
    I lost sight of Tonio. But every time I saw him, I found a brother,
    a friend, a good guy. Tonio: a beautiful person!

  4. It's very good to thank, because we know the jealousy to the very breasts of those who rub shoulders with us .. With whom he takes himself, even teachers do not admit your progress .. With their shit phrases .. A our time was harder ... If out of a hundred students only one thank you it's nice, a good professional expects nothing in return because sharing is already a reward .. I noticed that we never made friends in the world of sport is all hypocrites .. Bravo to have a thought for your master ..

  5. Good evening Bruno, how are you?
    I am retired from the sncf since 2004.
    In the 95 years I think, I started to participate in 2 karate sncf challenges, and among the organizers or referees there
    had Tonio, professor in Dijon: he came to the challenges for a few years.
    I know as students, Pascal Doyen who must have been in Paris for a few years, Clément Gilles Leblanc who I think was training with Tonio
    I was a driver in Chambéry, I do not know if Tonio remembers me, he's a lot of people. And that's a surprise for me.
    have a nice week-end


    • Hello Gerard,

      We had to meet because I went with my wife to SNCF challenges, I think in 94, 95 and maybe also 96.
      We were actually with Pascal (who is now the president of the Tonio club), Gilles Leblanc (known as Le Black!)
      It brings back good memories. Thank you.


  6. Bruno,

    Humility being the main virtue of karateka, the student has shared as the master and this recognition is well deserved and shared by all of us. Congratulation to you and tribute to Master.

  7. As long as it's not the white cane and the dog !!!!! Lol hello Marcel it's ok ?????
    In fact I do not agree when you say that you touched that body karate, you did at least a course of self !!!! lol

    • Hi Bruno uh! Kamikaze, yes I'm fine, it's true I forgot your internship self, which reminded me of the self courses I was doing in Belfort jointly JudoAu pleasure to see you again Bruno.

  8. Well he lost his glasses, so he could not read your article on my cell phone!
    But he promised to come and read it this WE !!!!

  9. I do not know much about karate, a little Body-Karate anyway, I just wanted to say that I find the letter very moving. It reminds me of a letter that my two sons wrote to me the day I retired ... Bravo my son

    • I told you it was a family blog, even my dad

      Hi Dad,

      I, too, writing this letter to Tonio, thought about the one you had written for your retirement.
      Like what I have several Mentor ... Already 2, a Karateka and a Triathlete ...

      Thank you dad !!! (and Mom ... jealous ;-))

  10. Bha say so !!!!!
    What more, about this tribute, that ......... .. FAYOT !!!!!!!!!! lol
    Truce joke, I can only agree with you (otherwise he will still hit me tonight !! lol), I will not be where I am, without him!
    And believe me it has made me see all the colors lately !!!!!
    But once again the result is there!
    I am sure he will be very touched by this tribute!
    Thanks to you


    Ps: Kamikaze it takes a z !!!!! lol

    • Hi Bruno (Kami, I can not do it ..),

      Not fayot, realistic.
      By dint of calling him Tonio, we forget that he is a Master.
      He deserved to be told.
      Embrase it from me tonight at the Dojo.
      And congratulations on your 5ème dan (wow! Once you write that slap anyway! I'm impressed.)

      See you,

      PS: I gave a z, thank you

      • You know what he'll answer you if you call him?
        Master 50, yes !!!! lol

        But I think he's going to react himself here.
        In any case I invited him strongly !!!

        Thank you for the congratulations, it's true that it slams, 5ème Dan, especially on a business card, and as I do not have, bha ... .. in fact I just feel the job well done, that's all!!

        You even know it, I do not see myself in this system, I consider myself just like a lambda practitioner, among the others. Just that I have a little more experience than those with whom I train, simply !!!!

  11. Everything has already been said previously.

    In addition it is the proof that karate does not stop at the door of the course ...

    You did very well Bruno.


  12. Bruno,

    Your letter conveys respect, admiration and great esteem for Master Tonio. No doubt your gratitude to him must have touched him particularly.
    In passing, congratulations to Master Tonio!


  13. Beautiful correspondence. She is wisdom and humility.

    Good continuation.

    Tribute to Master Tonio whom I do not know.

  14. It's great to remember and thank all those who at one point in your life have helped make you what you are today. As we say here "it's thanks to someone you become someone".
    I also had the courage of Bruno, thanking my master who taught me the first steps in karate. I also believe that it is one of the virtues that karate teaches us.

    Bruno, when we pay these respects to his master, know that one day your pupils will also do the same to you.

  15. Very nice tribute, it is always important to thank the people who bring us a lot.
    We rarely say things and then we regret it.
    Bravo Bruno, Tonio must be proud of your selflessness.

  16. Fabrice Morel at

    Yesterday I was able to read the article. He's very interesting. I left a comment. But apparently he has not passed. I do not know why. And more since I can not access the page. I can access everything on the site except this new article. Bizarre.

    • Hi Fabrizio,
      Yes your comment was removed by the anti virus. I do not know why. I just put it back. Otherwise, I had a problem on the blog and even I could not access this article. It is repaired.

  17. Hi Bruno,

    I have the opportunity to regularly follow the Karate workshops offered by Antonio during the multi-style courses of the league of Burgundy, and each time it is a great pleasure to find him! I have already said all the good that I think of him and his practice in my internship reports.

    Yet it was not won, the Shotokan is a thousand miles from my usual practice, but during his training for a short time, I like Karate.

    I sometimes feel like a huge chasm between the karate he demonstrates and what we usually see in clubs ...

    Thank you to pay tribute to your blog, because teachers like that, it's good for the federation!

  18. yes I had, and even if we do not do that for it, it's still fun, the problem is when the same student who wrote you this kind of letter and pee on you a few years later you lose confidence in human nature and then you have other students or guys like you who gives you confidence.

    • Hi Johnny,
      I know you had problems with one of your students, but as I already told you, forget about it and focus on the tens or hundreds of other students who admire and respect you. A little optimistic ...

  19. Thank you Master Fois,
    To train your students so well ... and why not come one day train on the side of Dijon, it would be an honor to take a lesson with Tonio the mentor of our humble Bruno.
    Marc & Benji

    • Hi Marc and hello Benji,
      Benji would love Tonio, he's really exceptional with kids. You have to see them watching with admiration and respect, it's very touching. The kids love it.

  20. You should offer him to make a video with you. A video for the blog. And so we share with all of his talent as Master. I'm sure he would have a favorite subject. And I'm sure this video would make people happy. And in case that would not be possible, then at least a good article written not his care would be quite the case. The main thing would be to give him the opportunity to make a contribution to the building.

  21. It's funny, I spent a year at Antonio in 2000 for my military service.
    The club was nice.
    I remember he was doing exercises at the bar. He said, "Go a little effort, raise your leg, after you have legs like Naomi Campbell."

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