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Let me bring you more.


bruno-bandelier-karate-etchedDear readers,

It's been several years since I shared with you the great adventure of

" ™, karate clear and clean. "

I did not suspect, when I created this blog to allow all karateka to improve their training from home, that the concept of home training and online karate courses would please you at this point.

You are now subscribed to the newsletter ...

... and the number is growing more and more every day!

I am really delighted with these results, and very nice feedback that I have that it is in the comments on the Blog, in the mails that you address to me or through the discussions that we have on Facebook, Twitter ...

In short I am really happy with the success of ™ and believe me, I really enjoy writing articles and videos for you, but I wish I could bring you even more.

And that's why, I need to know your expectations.

I thank you for answering the following few questions.

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to some short questions ™ project:
Tell me what are your expectations

(I assure you, it's really very short!)

I thank you in advance and will not fail to present the progress of the project, which will meet your expectations, as and when it is developed.

See you soon,
Bruno Bandelier

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  1. Hello,
    You are a lot to ask me bunkai but for now it is not planned on for the simple reason that I created this blog to allow you to practice at home, so without a partner.
    I'm not saying that I will never, but not yet.
    But I take your remarks into account and I will think about it seriously.

  2. Hi I like the article you do but it's true as the erick it would be cool if you could make small demos even see videos! thank you

  3. what would be good would be related to kata and bunkai doing demos on real situations like Shotokan self.

    thank you for your site who managed to finally convince my brother to start karate.

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