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The Kime: the explosion of energy


All the power sought in Karatedō is in the Kime (決 め). The Kimeit is the spirit of decision, it is the culmination of Karate, the "materialization of a physical and mental tension that has reached its climax". For Roland Habersetzer (9e dan), the Kime is the "concentrated energy explosion at one point" [1]. It manifests itself in the cry of Kiai.

Storm Storms: Deploying Energy Through Voltage

When do we observe the Kime?

Le Kime must be observed at each deployment of power in practice - at very different levels depending on the level -. More specifically, the Kime manifests itself particularly when the Kiai (the cry of karateka [2]) is not forced, and that it is a simple "sound manifestation". In this case, the Kiai is the true "materialization of a physical and mental tension".

Its source

The Kime finds the source of his energy in charge of Ki cumulative [3]. Mental energy spreads through the body and takes shape through the technique. By the primary impulse that is the will of the practitioner, the three spirit-body-technical dimensions are crystallized and act in symbiosis. Only, they can reach this symbiosis only if the three dimensions are mastered:

  • Without mastery of the mind, the energy of the will found in the Ki can not be transferred to the body. For master Habersetzer, this energy of the mind is a real "mental power", including the conscious forces and the unconscious forcesConscious forces being the will and the self control. The unconscious forces, on the other hand, allow emptiness of the mind, and they are three in number:spirit like water (Mizu-no-kokoro), thealert spirit (Zanshin), thespirit like the moon (Tsuki-no-kokoro). -
  • Without sufficient power of the body, the energy can not be sufficiently deployed, despite a developed technique.
  • Without technique, the power of the body will be badly channeled. The energy will be too diffuse, and will be concentrated neither in a point nor in a sufficiently precise instant, not making it possible to reach the desired efficiency.
"A spirit like water" (Mizu-no-kokoro): free and elusive

His power

The Kime represents the point in time and space of maximum power attained by the body of karateka. Dependent not only on the body, but also on the spirit, the two powers are cumulative. Yet the great masters do not seem to develop great power. They also seem rather slow overall, without large movements and powerful. In fact, it is a false impression, which is explained by the fact that the power of the great masters is concentrated punctually. A single point, a single moment concentrate the strength.

Master the Kime

To master it, you have to understand. Not to understand with theory, that is to say with an explanation such as " The 3 techniques to master the Kime » Or other. The Kime is understood by the masters in the sense that they apprehend it in its nature, by force of practice. It is possible to obtain adequate results in controlling the power of the Kime through a good technique, a pretty powerful body and a quick wit. However, the great masters master a Kime of such a height, that their movements do not seem especially fast or calculated. On the contrary, everything seems to follow a constant and controlled path. The attitude of karateka then demonstrates a long-term practice of the body: the practice of the body has allowed in time to reach the spirit, and to form one.

In practice you can already improve your Kime by working your internal pressure and your breathing. As you know, the technique starts from Hara, the center of your energy. You must concentrate a pressure on the Hara to release it during the Kime by the expression of Kiai. Imagine your belly as a tube of toothpaste on which you apply pressure. In fact it is your deep abdominal muscles (the transverse) as well as the pelvic floor that apply a concentric pressure on the level of the Hara. This zone is kept under pressure by the action of the diaphragm at the inspiration. At the time of the Kime, the pressure is released in a very short time by the mouth as if you were blowing the cap of the tube of toothpaste. The expiration is so violent that it becomes sound. It's the Kiai.

This exercise will allow you to feel better your Kime but do not forget that it must be accompanied by the mind is the technique. You must keep a clear mind (and net :-D) and always perfect yourself in the technique. So your Kime will become more and more natural.

Conclude ...

All the power deployed through the unity of body, mind and technique (Shin Gi Tai) takes shape at the moment of the Kime. Many masters in Karatedō have sought efficiency. After a long and consistent practice of discipline, they have accumulated enough Ki to deploy this energy effectively. They discovered the Kime. Indeed, the man finds his energy in the Ki and concretizes it in power in the spirit of decision that is the Kime. The accumulation of Ki is a long and constant process, allowing a more and more perfect unity of body, mind and technique. For these masters, there is only one way to master Kime: practice. As developed in the article on way, the practice of the body grasps the mind and sharpens the technique.

More than a tip to keep in mind: Put on Kimono. And do not forget that you have to warm up what you can do with my book: The ABC of warm-ups

Here, I look forward to your comments below:

What do you do with this article and how do you apprehend the Kime in your practice?

See you soon

[1] Practical karate: From beginner to black belt, Roland Habersetzer
[2] A bit more about the Kiai: The kiai ... Energy and harmony
[3] The Ki, or the "cosmic force that has no beginning or end" (as interpreted by Master Habersetzer).

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