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Kihon with Tsugi-Ashi


Kihon with Tsugi-Ashi by Bruno Bandelier

Kihon with Tsugi-Ashi:

I promised you at the end of the study of Tsugi-Ashi, here is finally a sequence of Combinations Kihon with Tsugi-Ashi.

The principle is very simple: Remember, during this surveywe had decomposed Tsugi-Ashi in two successive thrusts of the back leg.

Now, in this Combinations Kihonyou will associate with each of these outbreaks a fist technique :

In the first phasewhen the back leg is positioned next to the front leg, you strike with the front fist with Kisami Zuki ou Maete Zuki.

In the second phase, you push a second time on the back leg to accelerate the movement and you hit this time with the rear fist in Gyaku Zuki.

In video training, we will break down the sequence of Combinations Kihon in 2 very distinct phases at first, then gradually we will link the two techniques in one and the same displacement.

In the end, the 2 strikes must be very fast and without pause, while maintaining the displacement of the body in full acceleration. There is only one move but two Tsuki strikes.

There is no downtime after the Kisami Zuki you have to chain immediately by Gyaku Zuki with a sharp advance of the back hip to finish in position shomen (from the front) or even Gyaku-Anmi (3 / 4 reverse side (back hip forward)).

You will see with this work of Combinations Kihon The Center Tsugi-Ashi can be very interesting to quickly approach the opponent and surprise him. Try, you'll tell me some news 😉

In the video, I will show you how, thanks to this sequence, you will be able to touch an opponent even when he is normally out of range. Of course it will still be cunning and speed not to "throw" in the face of the wolf!

But I do not tell you more and let you put the Karategi and after your warm-ups, I give you an appointment on the video. See you soon !

>>> Download the video

So, I hope that this little video has you more and that you have a little wet the kimono and I hope that with the training you will succeed to pass this sequence in combat.

Now I invite you to do a hip job with another sequence of Kihon based on the rotation of the hips

Then, I advise you to relax your hips with proper stretching.

And do not forget ! Leave me a comment, thank you! icon wink Yori Ashi: not dragged

See you soon,

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  1. bjr sunsei, I thank you for all these teachings I pray that Almighty GOD gives you long life for us to benefit from your knowledge

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