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Karate at the Olympic Games, soon a reality!


Karate at the Olympic Games

Karate at the Olympic Games, will soon be a reality!

Karate at the Olympics is no longer a dreamin any case we have never been so close to the goal. Indeed, the members of the IOC Executive Board (International Olympic Committee) would rather be in favor ... Yes 🙂

Remember, since the summer 2015 I launched a petition for defend the entry of Karate at the 2020 Olympics. You are currently signing this petition and I thank you for it. I even sent in September 2015 an 1er letter to IOC members to talk to them about Karate and especially the values ​​it conveys around the world.

If you have not yet joined this Karate support movement, there is still time:

Yes, I support Karate's candidacy for the Olympic Games

IOC members are in favor ...

The 01 last June in Lausanne was a real turning point for the future of Karate at the Olympic Games. Indeed, the members of the IOC Executive Board have expressed their support for the entry of 5 new sports, including Karate, at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

To understand a little better, here is a little reminder of the facts:In June 2015, the Tokyo-2020 working group selected 8 sports (baseball / softball, karate, bowling, climbing, surfing, rollerblading and wushu) among 26 candidates. The 28 last September, the Tokyo Organizing Committee had finally proposed the integration of five new sports: Baseball / softball, karate, climbing, surfing and skateboarding ...

Personally, I thought that the IOC would only choose one sport from the 5s proposed, but apparently they were in favor the integration of 5 new sports into the Tokyo 2020 Olympics program. IOC Vice-President John Coate even said: " Together, they constitute a balanced mix of popular disciplines in Japan and sports with a strong impact on youth. ».

As you see it, Karate has never been so close to joining the Olympics. This would be a big step forward for all Karateka athletes. By integrating the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Karate would be represented by six categories in combat (3 men and 3 women) and 2 categories in kata (individual female and individual men), a total of more than 60 competitors. I do not know if our petition and our open letter have anything to do with it, but if we could tip the scales even a little bit, we can congratulate ourselves.

Congratulations to all the petitioners!

Yes, I support Karate's candidacy for the Olympic Games

Attention, everything is not won yet:

For the moment, the IOC EC has declared itself favorable but the final decision will be made only at the beginning of August in Rio de Janeiro, on the occasion of the 129 th IOC Session. It is only here that the proposal made by the Executive Board to integrate five new sports for Tokyo 2020 will be put to the vote of all IOC members.

The good news is that the vote will be made in one go, and not discipline by discipline. Basically it will be 5 new sports, including Karate or none! As I told you before, I'm not particularly attached to Karate competition, but I think it brings more positive than negative. In addition, I like sport in general and the values ​​of Olympism in particular and I find that the values ​​of Karate are close.

That's what I explained in the open letter I sent last year to the IOC.

Karate at the Olympic Games will also be good for traditional Karate:

Here is a video where I give you my opinion and explain why Karate at the Olympics will be good even for traditional Karate:

Stay mobilized:

We are very close to the goal, but as you know as long as the final gong has not sounded, we must not lower our guard ... We must continue to mobilize to make sure that the IOC members will vote favorably to the proposal of the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee. So if you have not done it yet, say "yes" and vote to support Karate's bid for the Olympic Games:

Yes, I support Karate's candidacy for the Olympic Games

As promised last year, I will send a second letter to the IOC members to show our commitment and defend the integration of Karate at the Olympics. But I need your signature. The more we are, the more we will show our commitment and our willingness to see our art on the bench of Olympism. I will provide with the mail the list of all the signatories (by masking of course partly e-mail addresses so that they are not hacked)

It's not too late to act! Join the people who have already signed this letter-petition.

That's it, we're off to see Karate at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, thank you all for your mobilization.

See you soon,

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  1. Hello Bruno San

    Given the statutes of the FFKDA it was planned: »The mandate of the board of directors expires
    no later than the March 31 following the last Summer Olympics. ". We can clearly see the intention of "picking up copies"
    Sportsmanship will increase and techniques will be reduced, not to mention the "kimonos" that will become Adid advertising space ... Nik ... The model will be the young champion, promoted by a selection of its genetic pool, plus a sur- training to overcome over-trained. Why not ? and if karate had not become a sport, would it still exist? in the end, the Greeks trained in gym warfare, and now the javelin throwing does not pierce men of straw. But I think that the emblematic figure of the martial arts is the sensei, the master, the living example that has gone through time (sensei: come before).
    We will win in Adidas equipment but lose in legend small beetles, ki, samurai and code bushido. Already now to start a kumite, we check like boxers in the Bronx ... I'll say that in a sporting logic the ritual of salvation will disappear ... Later, plastrons that will record the keys and why a mask like kendo? In short one can criticize but what else to expect from a ministry of sports? that's his job. In my opinion, karate could become a particular cultural activity.

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