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Karate is not just a sport


Sport karate

What is karate ?

Today I would like to do a continuation to the article that I did to you, not long ago where I told you: "Karate is a sport":


I explained to you why, for me, our practice is a sport.
Now, after many comments, I would like to add that Karate is not just a sport.
In the previous article, I explained to you, in detail, why, for me, it's a sport.

If you have not read it, it is here.
Everyone will be able to say that karate is first this or first of all. For me, sport does not come first when I talk about karate. But it's still a sport.
I told you that I do not find it normal when you see comments that say that karatekas do not practice a sport but rather a martial art.
We must not stick that one label to our discipline.

Art of warriors

For me, karate is a way of life. It is said to be a martial art because martial comes from war. The question of whether karate is an art of war is discussed.
Moreover, I had an article on this topic here. We can debate this at length. Still, karate is a sport of both combat and self-defense. So, there is the war side in it. We are warriors. We are budokas.
Exactly for me, it's an art of living because life is like a fight. By applying the virtues of karatekas in your life, you make your life a struggle. As a warrior, you will fight and progress in your everyday life thanks to the virtues of karatekas.

Life philosophy

Master Funakoshi said "Karate-Do is a philosophy, an attitude in front of and a look at life and the world. "
Follow his example and export what you learned to karate, broadcast it outside the Dojo. It's not specifically for karate training but also for your life, work and friends. All the virtues we learn in karate are to be shared with everyone: heart, courtesy, generosity, humility, loyalty, friendship, courage, dignity, sincerity, serenity, honor and perseverance.
Export them outside. You are not karateka in Dojo, you are karateka everywhere.

Method to progress

It is also a philosophy that can help you progress by changing certain habits that make you stagnate.
You must set goals and you must really believe in them and persevere to achieve them. Have this attitude of progress and ambition then the desire to succeed in your life as the dojo. What I like about karate, even if some criticize the history of yellow belts, oranges, etc., is that it allows to see the steps that must be mounted. Then, after the black belt, you continue to climb, to progress, and that, you find it also in his life. Throughout your life, you must set goals and then progress to reach your goals.
So karate is an art of living, a martial art and also a sport.
I made you a video that takes all this:

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Give me your opinion in the comments. I can not wait to read you.

See you soon

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  1. I totally agree on this video as Jesus is my first model because he was powerful when he came to earth he never used his power to do evil.Me what grade can have in karate without this art of living in our lives daily HAVE NEST NOTHING

  2. In my opinion, the martial arts make people find themselves without their social tinsel. If at 50 you have a Rolex, on the carpet you do not have it anymore. If you are in blue and the other in Macron costume, on the carpet you are in white uniform. Sometimes the senior executive bows respectfully to the 3eme factor dan who gives lessons.
    It is evaluated according to its merits and the chances of birth are less important.

    The main change brought by Mr. Funakoshi, and especially his mentor, is that we went from more or less dangerous family practices to practices organized by the state. The trouble is that the interests of the state are not always ours, and the least defense is prohibited which disadvantage against the one who has only laws.

    The states were mainly interested in sport after confrontations or meetings with other peoples (Battle of Sedan, colonies). For the Japanese, the meeting with the Westerners was the meeting with ... the giants. Mark Twain, who was to be great ironically, saying: a country populated by little children. Note the meaning of Mr. Twain's comment that war is an absurd waste of ammunition. Some go further and note that the skeletons of some samurai are those of people with a particular morphology (Toshiro Mifuné for example).

    The solution, if one wants to keep the initial goals, would be an exoteric martial art and an esoteric one. By the way, I remember that memory: when I went to a kungfu room for papers and saw that there were other courses never mentioned. Ditto for the Chinese master of taichi, in an interview, where we learn that he gave lessons in China of hard style but that he only teaches his family.

    The interest of all this? it is that one fights according to the norms of its culture, and that the oriental martial arts brought another point of view which leaves our sporting legacy.

  3. For me, karate is the search for perfection of character, one of the principles of the dojokun that I believe applies most to my life. During my years of practice (now in my 8e year), I improved my physique, my strength, my form, my posture but above all I learned to work on my state of mind, my confidence, my anxiety of performance, my determination. Karate is part of my life and is my way of life.

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