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Karate is a weapon


Why this title?

In my videos, I'm always telling you that karate is the opposite of violence.

More specifically, it is anti-violence because it serves to defend itself.
Do not be deceived. You do karate to forge your body and learn how to defend yourself.
You make a weapon by transforming your body. She can become formidable.
By nature, as a karateka, you must not be violent in your heart. Your karate should only serve to defend you if you are assaulted.
Sometimes this defense will also result in an attack. If there is no choice, if the person in front of you wants to fight, you attack. You do not let yourself go.
It may seem paradoxical, and sometimes people do not understand that karate is both defense and attack.


But be careful because it's a weapon you have in your hands. Besides, if you study self-defense a little bit, you will see thatyou must be very careful when using your karate in case of aggression.
Be careful because for the judges, you will be considered someone with a weapon.
To remain in self-defense when someone assaults you, you must defend yourself with a weapon equivalent to his own.
If the person in front of you is just a little aggression of nothing at all and if you know that you can control it without having to hit him, avoid doing it!
Above all, do not type it and therefore, pay attention to the force you use.

Powerful weapon

With karate, you have a formidable weapon, so it is a disadvantage and an advantage. It's up to you to decide how much power you can give to your weapon.
You can give him a lot if you have guts and you can give him a lot of efficiency.
Just control the situation and if someone attacks you, you control it and that's it.
Again, your karate is still a weapon that can be formidable.
Do not have fun using the "big artillery" when someone is looking for you a little mess in the street. You can hurt, you can kill. Be very careful.
At home, you have knives in your kitchen. These are weapons.
It would not occur to you to plant them in someone's belly.
Do the same with your karate, so use it only when you need it most. When there is no choice. When all negotiation is impossible and that, really, your life is in danger. There, it serves to defend you.


Karate, with the techniques you learn, is a real weapon, but it must be used for non-violence.
Everything you do in your classes follows the program of the school of peace that is karate.
You learn so much to defend yourself that you come to breathe peace because you control yourself more and more. As you train, you will feel better inside yourself, especially if you add meditation, concentration and mental visualization.
You will elevate your mind a little to calm yourself inside.
This school of peace will also appease you vis-à-vis others.
Owning a weapon in itself implies having a great responsibility too and not to hit anywhere. Use it to control the situation if you are attacked.
By practicing karate, you are forging your body to become a weapon. Otherwise, it's useless to do it. You must have the warrior's state of mind. When you make a Zuki, even in the void, you do it with the idea of ​​hitting without pretending.
But, what's good with your karate practice is that you are still learning to control yourself. The day when, really, you need it, do you mainly use your control, your self control and your fair play. Respect your opponent, even if he attacks you.
Do not underestimate it because it can be very dangerous. Think of the phrase "hold an opponent in check".
Finally, always be careful. As soon as you work with weapons, even if it's your hands and feet, it's still very dangerous.

Feel free to give me your opinion on the question in the comments.

I have prepared a video in which I explain all this in detail.
See you soon.

That's it, I hope these tips will help you master your karate even more.

See you soon,

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  1. I have only a small level but the little that I practice my helped to control a little more my self control, my patience. I work in restaurants and sometimes we find ourselves in front of misogynous or ebriete customers and we can not accept them. Knowing that I can control it I behave differently with this kind of individuals to get out of the restaurant without scandal. Thank you Bruno this article is really useful.

  2. Hello,
    there will be no question of fair play or proportionate response to the attack when you are cornered by several attackers.
    You will not be able to let them get up faster than you manage their acolytes. Otherwise I do not give expensive of your skin. If they are armed (it was not the case) it is with savagery that you will have to preserve yourself.
    If so, I prefer to explain myself to a judge, rather than those who have left me for dead who explain themselves to him ...
    Good sport!

  3. The rule is to defend yourself only if the attacker has tried to carry you one or more shots.
    It also depends on the level of the level of each karateka. If he competes he knows better his strength even if the shots should not be supported in principle.
    For example, in American boxing, we fight in real combat without having the technique of karate but without competition we do not know the value of its strength.
    I speak more having had a small level and having stopped the combat sport having 60 years and a knee problem.

  4. The art of the empty hand
    The empty hand = it's when you get stung on your cell phone
    I believe that a defense technique using all possible means can only exist as a secret. Which means going out of what is normally considered. That's why the martial arts were secret

  5. The training of martial arts, as we know them, proposes to optimize the actions of defense or to acquire others. We are in a context of civilians practicing an activity defined by sports organizations. Sport here is a fight against another person, according to rules designed not to hurt them. This is how the blows that would transform the game into aggression are eliminated: blow in the knees, soft parts, keys, ... As soon as it becomes sport have trimmed claws and fangs. This was blatant for the savate in the 80 years.

    However, as Captain Hebert writes in the early twentieth, have is with the sport in an artificial context. He quotes the peasant who runs from one trench to another while the runners make poor shuttles, injuring themselves as the terrain has irregularities, ditto for the racehorses that prove too fragile for the war, or the javelin thrower unable to target a target.

    This is why it is always important to consult with the elders who have an experience. If I take the keys for example, a police inspector, will give a slightly less universal image of what is learned: this n is more "we do that" but "we do that IF ..". The conditions here are the real which has an unfortunate tendency to overwhelm us.

    The fundamental problem in defending aggression is that we are disarmed by an attacker armed with a knife. I took a very short training course in knife-fighting, where everyone had a knife made of steel, and mimed gestures to slit, cut or squeeze a blade. One feels an embarrassed impression, with a hint of disgust. It had a "gore" side that reminded me of the martial arts before they became sports.

  6. Yahia Brahim MRAIN at

    Hello Bruno B.
    First and foremost for all of us karate is a sport that gives us more from a health point of view. It is important to point out that this sport is both physical and mental (as you have already explained) and a person who practices this sport is well equipped for any imposed combat (which can not be avoided by common sense) then work to make this sport a way of life and a way to overcome aggression in humans.
    Have a good day

  7. Hello friend Bruno,
    As you say: The Karateka is full of weapons on him: The hands, the head, the feet and many ways to use his weapons with different powers and speed according to the opponent or the aggressor. Obviously, the Karateka must control himself and act according to the dangerousness of the aggressor. If the aggressor has a weapon: The Karateka must attack quickly with one to two shots place well, so as to have the aggressor by Kao in order to put him out of harm's way. If the attacker is not armed: There, we can calm down and try to calm the aggressor always ready to defend himself in case of attack, just to give him a lesson not to attack others. Personally, that's how I reason and I react since I practice Karate: More than forty years ago. Greetings

  8. KARATE is the art of using the natural weapons of the human body. Karate is a weapon. Well taught, KARATE should not develop violence, but rather control it by channeling and controlling it. He gives his practitioners control and cold blood.

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