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Karate is a sport


Karate SportKarate is a sport

Why is it a sport?

We often hear that karate is not a sport but a martial art.

I purposely called this article "karate is a sport", because there is always controversy on this subject.

In fact, everyone is right because karate is more than a sport.
It is also a martial art but also a lifestyle. There are many virtues to learn and to know. You find the moral code in both karate and sport.

You play sports

Why insist that karate is also a sport?

Because you can see many people who do karate without dealing with the basics of sport. They never do bodybuilding or stretching. Their warm ups are not well done and they do not hydrate during the whole course.

You sweat during your sport

When you pass your instructor diploma or state certificate, it is the ba ba to hydrate the cells so that they work well and to avoid hurting themselves.
Karate may be a martial art, think that you should not drink to show that you are a strong, it may be a good exercise will but it is a bullshit for the body. I do not say that to offend me with all the teachers who do that in their clubs, because I know there are some who do it. But, it's really a mistake. Karate is a sport. When you train in your clubs, it's a sport and so you train to play sports and you pay attention to your hydration.
I talk about it in detail in this article: » Hydration, beware of overheating«

The energy sectors

Karate is also a martial art where you learn to fight. And fighting is sport where you work on your endurance and your breath.
If you know a little bit about the different energy sectors, it's an advantage for you.
In all sports, the anaerobic, lactic and anaerobic lactic and aerobic pathways are important to understand. Knowing which industry you are working on during your training will help you progress faster.
Why is it important to work on your karate breath and endurance?
How are we progressing in a sport?
With the training! And if you want to progress quickly, the only solution is to increase your training. If you tend to use a lot of anaerobic channels, then you will not be the most enduring. You do not work your breath and you will not be able to do a lot of training.

Shin Gi Tai

You see that by using the principles of sport, there are many things that allow you to progress in karate. It's not just the technique. Karate training is: "Shin Gi Tai" "Shin" is the spirit, "Gi" is the technique and "Tai" is the body. Training the body is therefore important. It's not just the spirit and the technique. And many Karatekas tend to do just that. That is, they go to clubs, they learn techniques but they do not work their bodies and do not maintain it either. Still, it's important that you do it.

Fractional training

You can do it in karate. To make it easier for you, you can train in split, for example. If you do not know, check out the "split training" on the internet. Runners and cyclists know very well.
This is how you can do for your karate:
For kata, for example, start by first and stop. Chase right away with two kata slowly. Afterwards, leave fully. That's what "split" is.

A magnificent gymnastics body and mind

When I say, "karate is a sport," it's not especially a competitive sport.
The competition, it's going to be apart. It's going to be a small part of your practice.
Traditional karate is a sport that requires sports training.
You can think of it as a magnificent gymnastics body and mind. In addition to being a means of self-defense, it is also a method of combat, a martial art, a lifestyle and a sport. Stop saying, "Karate, no, it's not a sport." Yes, it's a sport! It's not pejorative, a sport.

Teacher's word

You can believe the sportsman and karate teacher that I am. To get my state diploma, I learned a lot and practiced other sports to increase my abilities with purely sports training. This is why I repeat that it is not at all pejorative to say that karate is a sport.
I have prepared a video in which I talk about sport in karate:

That's my opinion on sports in karate.

Tell me in the comments how, you, you see the sporting part in your karate.

See you soon


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  1. Hello Bruno,
    I am always with my husband, it is a method of life where I live my vision on karate is also a control sport by the Martial Art for its like the big and the ptite the father and the boy there is a rout or ling attaches to each other very good (hard) merci
    Exce me for the wrong loin

  2. First of all, hello to all karate practitioners.
    Of course, karate is a sport. But for me it is much more than that. Because sport is very often based on performance, meaning competition sport. karate is above all a state of mind where the respect of "the adversary" is total. Having many years of experience, I would say that the sweat, the cardio, the expression of the force, the appearance, is well of that of the hope of karate. I had an excellent karate teacher: Mr Patrick Jarnot, European team kata champion. For him the important thing was the technique and the hope. We often fought together. it was a mature one. In addition to working the technique through the kata, we ended the training with a combat approaching the fight where everything was allowed, even what was not allowed in karate. But always in the respect of the opponent and without ever of course hurt him. I keep an esxellent memory. So keep your medals, and all things superficial. Karate is more than that. This is for me all that the French society and the hope of competition have lost. that is, self-improvement and well-being from regular practice with people who respect true values. Not an illusion but the desire to train together and keep an unforgettable memory. Thank you Mr Patrick!

  3. Hello,

    Yes Karate is clearly a sport in addition to many other benefits.
    Every yard I have, I come out sweaty. Push-up, Sit-up, Jumping Jack, running and much more exercise besides stretching.

    For me the practice of kata, I do it at most always and, my cardio feels it.

  4. Hello Bruno. All agree that karate is also a sport ar I progress in this one more I feel the need to do something else musculation.cardio ... it must be a whole. cordially

  5. Hello
    Karate is a sport it allows to have a physical condition
    and to acquire a flexibility which makes it possible to evolve in others
    sports.Ex: tennis / swimming.
    Bonne journée.

  6. for me karate is a martial art, a sport, a state of mind, a way to have more self-confidence than defense proper because I think that before really being able to defend oneself, one has to reach a very good level.par cons I would not say that it is a way to muscle the little of what I saw in qqs months (being beginner) where actually we work the gestures, the technique and we do not muscle building and cardio, it's light.but it's a sport as well as judo.
    well sporting

  7. Sport is an activity that consists of opposition to another or to a record, in an artificial and regulated context. The participants are the result of a selection, which demonstrates a better adaptation to these conditions.

    If I remember what Captain Hebert said. He distinguishes this from "physical education. ". The physical education would be the discovery of the bodily possibilities, natural and the improvement of these by appropriate exercises
    For my part, the different oriental practices that I followed are related to the second group.

    The problem of the federations is that it is addressed to the schools of which it reproduces the calendar of activity. A Korean explained to me is astonishing because he practiced the most intensely in June, July, August, ..

    Then the problems are not the same for all and the communication of the FD is addressed to a very small population of practitioners:

    Of course, this is not surprising since the Ministry of Guardianship addresses the youth, but alas, have been older than young in his life and must do something.

    The martial arts should be attached to the Ministry of War or the police, which was a little bit the case,
    long ago :

  8. I do indoor karate training with an instructors XNUMxtimes a week. Apart from that I work mainly on my fitness (cardio and bodybuilding) at the gym and I also do running. Physical training is also done during karate lessons but it works mostly techniques so if I want to develop a better muscle and cardiovascular capacity that will help me greatly during the practice of my karate techniques for both fighting and kata I have to do work outside of class.

  9. Hello Bruno on karate is a sport. besides who has served me well in my work at the back as I have a standing position in the kitchen it has allowed me to develop abdominal and dorsal musculature. it's been 20 years that I make and always passionate. good luck to you !!!!

  10. Hello Bruno,
    Yes of all evidence karate is a sport and you should not neglect any warm-ups or stretching and breathing, because like all sports it's good to be very bad.
    Best regards.

  11. Hello,
    Yes I appreciate this video on karate, sport or not sport, as well as the explanations that you provided.
    Obviously, it is a Martial Art, as the name suggests, and it is also a Sport, since to practice it requires registration to provide a medical certificate of sport.
    It is certain that to practice karate, the warm-up is the first discipline to impose and from my point of view as a teacher, some students do their warm-up without trying to understand what they do, in a mechanical way, without investing in the warm up.
    As for stretches at the end of the course the 3 / 4 leave quickly in the locker room.
    I teach in a club, karate babys, children and adults. I am currently working on my program for 3 ieme Dan.

  12. Hello Bruno,
    I share your vision that karate is also a sport.
    For those who do the fight (for others too), it is essential to have a good cardio and this only by playing sports you can have. Muscle building and breathing is also through the sport that is obtained.
    Best regards.

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