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5 years old, Already 🙂

You may not have realized it (we almost forgot it too :-)) but KBN just got 5 for the 2 April 2016.

So unlike the photo, I'm not on vacation in paradise, but I continue to work hard on the Karate project clear and clean. We are in the process of preparing full karate programs from beginner to black belt. Objective packs that will allow you to move from one belt to another more quickly.

I'll talk about it in a few days but in the meantime, I wanted to thank you sincerely for your loyalty, because without you, readers of I probably could not continue this adventure.

It is your comments, your emails of support that motivate me every day to continue on the path of Karate on the internet.

For the occasion of these 5 years, I wanted to make you a small gift: It's a nice little video, to make a balance sheet, but also to make you visit behind the scenes of KBN, so that you discover a little l backdrop.

I'll introduce my dojo-studio, but also Bob, my new companion ...

And I also reserve some surprises but shh, I do not tell you more ... You will find the video at the end of this article!

the time of the assessment!

As for statistics, KBN is doing pretty well! I let you judge:

We have just passed 664 800 visits and the 2.5 million page views.

I thank you all because all this thanks to you, thank you.

At the time of writing, you are 17 400 subscribers, to follow me and to encourage me every day in this research work on karate.

And we must add to the statistics specific to the blog all those resulting from it:

More your blog, is more than a blog about karate, it's a real community with exchanges and discussions with 3889 comments.

But better, you come from all over the world, it's a kind of club on a global scale : All countries of the world are represented (or almost).Statistics-KBN-5Ans

What delights me most is knowing that all this information on karate that I put online for you, serve people sometimes at the other end of the world.

I think it's great ! Long live the internet!

Here are the friends, I let you unpack your birthday present:

Now, wish a happy birthday to your blog in a comment so below!

Thank you all for following me and see you soon

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  1. Hello,
    Bravo because the times are hard and there are people on the internet. But a lot of potential: 200.000 licensed is not nothing in France, and full that happens: young people, then go away and come back but they have forgotten everything. Not to mention the current trend, to use a lexicon more extensive than in the 70 years ... I wish you success because 50 years past the world of work becomes difficult ... Good anyway you are the first and c is important .. and you have excellent com..For what is technical, what you propose is the standards of what practices people in the dojos. One day, at the cafe after a taichi lesson, a student takes a learned question about yn and yang to the old teacher, translation, then the translator translates the answer with an embarrassed air and says "the master says he Do not take the first degree "... Personally differences seem to me differences in point of view, we subscribe or not ... if like here do not like then let's go elsewhere.

  2. Congratulations and Happy Birthday to the 3 G Karate Club
    It's great, awesome
    It's worthy of a great master.
    There are 20 years already, I started karate and for personal reasons I left but not without regret. I had reached the 2 ° ku
    From 92 to I think 94, 2 ° ku also in 2007 got me back by joining me again in a club but unfortunately I had to leave the club. All this to tell you that I thank you for helping me to resume. I make a nice come back, I have the passion and the desire to master this art and your way of teaching I like very much. Thank you again, congratulations for the great idea. If I go to your corner of the country one day, I bring with me your coordinates to greet a sensible.

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