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12 ™ at Top10 on Masterfight ™ 1 number in the top 10 sites that talk about Masterfight!

the site Masterfight de Gilles Aubin publishes every month

the top 10 sites that talk about them.

Well, guess who just went to the top of this ranking ??? ™, of course! Your favorite blog!

In 1 months we made a good ranking of 5, not bad right?

In fact it's due to the chronicles that I do regularly on

the magazine "the art of the way"

I wanted to share with you this ranking because "To be first" is always nice (even if it's not important!)

All this is thanks to you.

Without you all, this blog would not serve more than an old book in the bottom of a drawer. If he lives it's thanks to you !!!

Thanks again to all of you, who are always more likely to visit and appreciate ™.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    Thank you very much for all your comments of sympathy.
    I am convinced that this blog will continue for a long time, certainly because I will take care of it, but also because you will encourage me.
    Thank you very much for your support.


  2. Marina Ana Vrabec at

    Mr. Bruno, first of all congratulations. I always surprise us with something new and original, and above all instructive. This blog will last a long time thanks to you and those who will share valuable publication and comments. Many of the best experts. Good luck!

  3. Marina Ana Vrabec at

    Hello, thank you, Bruno, and all the other participants for all the writings. Congratulations and a lot of success in their future work!

  4. Hi Bruno, i hope you understand english.i speak 5 languages ​​but i write only 4 ... smile.i undertsand perfectly french, but to write is very complicated.
    i wanted to tell you, what are you doing is simply fanstastic !!!
    there is no other one that they can explain karate so well.the others want to show how good they are, but they do not really want to teach it.
    GRATITUDE, a lot of gratitude for your work.
    Many many thanks to you dear bruno.

    • Hello Strongpunch,

      No problem for writting in english. I do not think so, but he thinks you can understand what I'll write.
      Thank you very much for your congratulations on this blog.

      Best look!

  5. Hello, I congratulate you Mr. Bruno, and through you all the participants in this block. I thank you for all the words mentioned above, it is true it is above all, thanks to you that this block at daylight; so BRAVO for us all; and good continuation in the same way.

  6. Congratulations to us, congratulations to and especially bravo to Bruno. It is true that we make live this blog, but it would have been necessary that someone had the idea to put it on line and to work constantly to update it and thus to promote this discipline that we like all.

    Congratulations to you Bruno and a lot of courage for the future. We will always be there to accompany this blog.

  7. Bruno, you say:
    "Without you all, this blog would not serve more than an old book in the bottom of a drawer. If he lives it's thanks to you !!! "

    It is true that we help you to live, but for that it was necessary that someone made it be born, and this someone, it is YOU!

    Thanks to you!

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