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Hello and welcome.
First, let me introduce myself:

My name is Bruno Bandelier, and I'm passionate about Karate since many years.

Black belt 3ème dan, State Graduate Professor, holder of a Karate DEJEPS, I teach the Karate in a club.

Why did I create ™?

In fact the idea was trotting in my head for a long time. Indeed, I often ask my students to perfect their training at homebecause I noticed that those who work at home, in addition to training at the club, progress much faster.

But they answer me almost systematically that they do not know how to train alone at home.

  • They do not know where to find the info.
  • Training with books is not easy.
  • How to know if the videos found on the internet are reliable?

In short, most practitioners are lost and can not complete their club training with more personal training from home.

However, it is this personal research and home training that will allow you to progress much faster to one day your black belt.

And I know what I'm talking about, I got my technical black belt in December 1995 when I started karate in December 1993, two years later. Then life made me had to wait 8ans to have my 1er dan (2 children, move, profession ...), but it does not prevent that I managed to have my black belt (Kihon, Kata, Kihon Ippon Kumité) in just 2 years.

How did I get my black karate belt in 2 years?

... I was training at home. At the time I did not have internet to help me. I worked with books and videotapes. And of course I went to the dojo as often as possible.

So I had the idea to create ™, karate loud and clear, to share my passion and to teach you everything I know about karate. I want to explain to you through my articles all the techniques you need to know to get your belts yellow, orange, Green, Blue, brown then black.

Whether you are beginner or karateka confirmed, a man or a woman you can enjoy what I offer you. Use my experience to learn and progress in your practice.

I will systematically illustrate my explanations with videos because I want this blog is above all practical and they really allow you to train and improve in the Art that is Karatédo.

Before starting your training, I invite you to register so that you are aware of all new articles and new videos. I will notify you personally.

Just fill out the form below:

Join the community

If you wish to contact me by email, thank you for using the contact form.

Here you know everything, you can start your training, without forgetting of course your warm-ups, Its very important

See you soon,

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  1. Hello Bruno congratulations for your great site very practical it is a very good initiative and it always amazes me when I see that you managed to spend your black 2 years. I find that your site brings not only much in terms of karate but also bodybuilding and personal progress. I would have a question for you I'm about to get my orange belt soon but the other day I heard my sensei with other student that the higher the ranks of belts go up the amount of pupil decreases no only by the lack of will of some but also by the difficulty of several to manage their stress due to the constant increase of the difficulties and the stress between each rank of belt. Personally I am someone very tenacious but who needs to work harder to succeed but I am also very nervous nature. Can this cause me trouble in my karate evolution or does he have some tricks to move forward more easily?

    • Hello Alexandre,

      Yes, there are things: Karate for example
      What I mean is that karate will help you as you progress to manage your stress.
      I do not agree at all with your teacher because if the number of students decreases it is rather weariness. Many register thinking to learn karate in a few sessions and the extent of work eventually get bored. But I do not think it's a question of stress because those who stay by what they really like this art, are more and more comfortable with the passing of grades. Except perhaps for the black because the passage is outside the club with judges, and it puts a little pressure.
      The important thing is to never try to do better than what we are. Always present what we know how to do.
      I invite you to read these two articles that should help you understand what I mean:
      7 Tips for Successful Graduation
      You can all be Black Belt - The written evidence!

      Do not take your head to advance easily just put one foot in front of the other ...

  2. bjr.
    here I am 40 years I am not sporty and my physical condition not good enough.
    do I have the chance to practice karate

    • Hello Adam,

      There is on this blog just about every technique and kata needed to go from beginner to black belt, so you should be able to find the videos you need.
      For now I have not put specific videos according to the belts, but I plan to do it but later (Lack of time right now)
      If you're not ready it does not matter, keep working, progressing and when you're ready you'll get your belt.

  3. Theodore Capitanos at

    Hello Bruno,

    I am registered on your blog and I thank you for what you bring us.

    I am 66 years old and I do karate since 1 year, (C.Jaune)

    For Katas I'm not too bad, but for the kihons and other technique of linking, I panic and I have a lot of difficulty following the rite.

    Can you advise me STP.

    Thank you in advance,


  4. bruno I'm in a jalopy after me I was at the beginning as usual Tuesday all go well when I comcer but exrcices entrenement I have a decline tantion I'm not like his habit always dinamike and I saw myself in I feel ashamed of myself and especially by my karate teacher's appore and students and for so much I had to eat can you tell me if I should eat before my entry after

    • Hello,
      I do not understand why you were ashamed of yourself. We are not machines ... a drop in tension, it can happen and we must not be ashamed. On the contrary, you have to take it very seriously and when it happens you have to inform your teacher right away and lie down on the floor with your legs slightly elevated.
      As a precaution, you should go to a doctor to explain and ask for a blood test, you never know.
      When it comes to eating before training, I do not recommend it. The problem is that if your training is a little intensive, the body will favor the intake of blood to the muscles and will block your digestion, which is not very good.
      In addition, eating just before an effort can sometimes create what is called a hypoglycemia reflex (this may be what happened to you ...) that can cause vagal discomfort. Training on an empty stomach is not very good either, the ideal is to take a small snack 1 hour before training.
      Eating after training is much better since it is within an hour after training that the body will need food to begin muscle reconstruction.
      But I think that in your case, you still have to seek the advice of a doctor to be sure to have nothing.

      • this bruno of your advice yes because I have to eat before the training these can you its that makes me have a weakness I go anyway with my doctor otherwise I like to make karate we have a good group and when it happens to you that it's all her thing to the little nurse with you these her the repert I took again confience in me her good for me I never give up i watch your video it's very good and his my most french we win the medaile I'm proud two hi bruno

        • bruno I have them down tencion last Tuesday but Thursday resumed the training in great shape as you see I'm not a woman who gives up easily I'm very stubborn as he says all my family laughs when I but my kimono but I m'imaux I want their watch to my children there are no age to do the sport said me bruno when we pass the yellow belt we do the battle kata you can answer me thank you good day to you

          • Hello,
            For the passage of the yellow belt, it will depend on your teacher. It is he who determines the passage of rank. In general, there is 1 or 2 kata to do and a little fight. But do not worry, your teacher knows you and does not rely only on the passage of rank ... in general it also takes into account other courses.

          • from angeli sonia at

            thank you bruno to reassure me on the passage of the yellow belt but I have trouble with the kata I will give me afon to do it well and connrectement for at least my teacher who cares proud of these students and for me too

    • I know that karate sa makes me feel good I find that twice a week these not enough for me I would like to do more when I'm at karate I do everything to remove all the pressure I have during the week but my children tell me that I am too aggressive I am enervated then happy to go to karate but if I find that these not enough

  5. Hello,
    I'm new to karate do, I just started. I saw some videos of your presentation and it's really great and I use it almost every day.
    I am no longer 20 years and I still hope one day arrived at the black belt.I do not lack of will.

    Thanks again for your blog

  6. Hello, everyone, hello Bruno.
    I have been karate teenagers, about 6 years, from 9 to 15 years. I had passed my belts to the green and I had passed the tests for the blue.
    But life and its hardships made me give up a little bit of it. Today, 35 years old (finally in 1 months actually).
    I am enrolled in karate club of my commune since the beginning of the year. My goal, for now is to find the level I had and then go, why not, further.
    I was looking for parallel training at the dojo, another support to train at home and I found it here.

  7. Hello Bruno,
    My name is nicolas and I am interested in martial arts for years without having practiced so far. I must say that your blog encourages me to look more at your art and that I intend to put myself in it. Thank you for all your lessons, advice and videos. Your title sensei is not usurped and it's not to look flattering, because you make me want to go push the door of a dojo. I appreciate your nature side on the videos.
    Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you and sharing my progress with you, but one thing is certain, with a lot of enthusiasm you can share

    • Hello Oumar,

      I advise you to roll up your sleeves and not to give up at the beginning.
      Anyone can practice karate, but you have to wet the kimono a bit and show courage and perseverance.
      You would be closer to me, I would put you a good kick on the buttocks
      But as you are far away, I advise you to seek courage in your heart, your heart and your guts.
      You will get there and you will be very proud of yourself.

      Good luck.

  8. Hello,
    I am 21 years old, and I decided for various personal reasons to put myself effectively to sport this year (jogging, Thai boxing, and especially Karate)
    I have not followed for the moment that 4 course, but I intend to put very seriously, and having done a lot of research on the net to try to assimilate at best the little knowledge I have, I came across your site, which in all honesty seems to me the best that I consulted on the subject!

    A big thank you so!

  9. Hello

    I started karate 12 years ago I think, and I stopped the 1er month, I also did 2 years of judo, I did a little competition and I was really bad, a lot of people I did not have a chance I do not know and so I stopped the judo too ... I have 22 years and I went back to do sport ya 2 years ... (from the race to foot and bodybuilding) I hurt myself several times, and it is perhaps by making mistakes that we learn ... so I questioned myself a lot, and I really want to progress without dojo or master, of course that it is extremely difficult, almost alone, I am aware, especially having not seen your warning video. I want above all to learn to defend myself, and when I am lost bruce lee remains my reference, may I read full of books, dvd, youtube on any flexibility, speed, spirit, race, muscule, any style of fight I'm really open, and constantly discovering myself ... so here I like what you do. THANK YOU

  10. You are strong. She will look after you for every day of your life, plsinaeg you with her warm embrace anytime you'll feel the need. You have not really lost her, she just won a phisical place in your heart.Friendly, Roberto (Italy)

  11. Hello Bruno,

    I just arrived on your site and I am already very satisfied with the articles, explanations, videos, etc, that I discover there. That's exactly what I was looking for. A site that allows me to progress at home with advice and explanations different from those discussed at the dojo.
    I love this martial art and I like you can progress as fast: 2 years for black, congratulations! I am only at the yellow

    I have not yet had time to go further, but I hope to discover on your blog, philosophy in karate, the spirit after the body.

    One last word: thank you for your site

    • Hello Sebastian,
      I feel motivated, it's very good. For my progression, there is no secret, at the time, I had a lot of time, and I was already physically fit. But above all, I was like you, hyper motivated. So you are on the right track.
      We must not focus on these 2 years, it is quite rare anyway, but I think that we must still set a fairly ambitious goal and stay motivated to get there.
      Good luck and good training,

  12. Congratulations and thank you for this blog and your kindness; give time to others and an act of generosity and availability that unfortunately remains very rare nowadays.

    • Hello Xender,
      This is not the galleys either! I give time, of course, but I take a lot of pleasure too.
      Of the availability, I do not have enough unfortunately but I strive anyway to be listening.

  13. Hi BRUNO ... Just a little comment for now ... To say thank you ... I flew a few videos for now, I started karate there 2 weeks and I feel that your blog is going to put a big utility ... Just in the time that you spend everything explained you are a great generosity ... A big THANK you it's really what I needed ... Good luck ...

    • Hello Christopher,

      Thank you for your compliments. Make the most of videos and tips and you'll progress quickly if you're motivated.
      Indeed it takes me a lot of time and it's not always easy, but it's always a pleasure to put a video at your disposal.


  14. Hello,

    After the European Karate Championships held in Tenerife this weekend, MonSportTV invites you to relive the International Karate Open that took place in Coubertin a few months ago.

  15. Hello Bruno,

    Me and my son are delighted and already fans of your site that has fishing and karate spirit.

    I do not know where to start ... first is there a specific order for viewing your videos? (in order to progress optimally)
    A little lost at first, I admit it but I think I get used quickly enough.

    In any case, Benjamin began by taking Heian Nidan & Heian Sandan from your explanations and videos "clear and clean" this is already beneficial for him.
    On your video of the simple blocking Jodan Age Uke, that Benji thought he knew from his white belt and curiously we rediscovered thanks to your pedagogy this technique (nothing is totally acquired)
    Again congratulations Bruno because we have not finished to thank you that's for sure!


    Marc & Benji

    • Hi Marc, (and Hello Benji)

      Welcome to your favorite blog
      There is no real order, it depends on each of you, but you can find examples of threads in the Programs section.
      I'm glad that Benji rediscover in detail each technique, it does him good because as you say, nothing is acquired. And again for Jodan Age Uke, I'm doing it a little differently now (since meeting with Sensei Gence, who insists a lot on the connection at the shoulder level.)
      In karate, we are in perpetual evolution. The way is not right and all traced, it is up to each of us to build his own way ...
      I thank you for the very nice email that you sent me, it really made me very happy.
      Kiss Benji on my behalf and tell him never to forget to indulge in his practice of karate is essential.


  16. Hello Bruno,
    I just registered on this site but really I find it excellent.
    And your explanations are clear and clear.
    Best regards.

    • Hello,
      Thank you Tapha for your registration and your compliments. I try to be clear and clear (hence the title) because I really want this blog is a plus for your personal training. The goal is that my explanations bring you the complements of explanations that you would not have captured in class.
      A +

  17. Congratulations for this site.
    In fact, I'm a fan at the Bubishi club (which you posted on the site) and practice karate from 1997.
    I watched the video on uraken uchi that I found particularly interesting.
    I put the site in my favorites immediately.

    Good luck and congratulations for the idea.


    • Hello Serge,
      Thank you for your encouragement and give hello to Salvatore.
      Do not hesitate to comment on the different articles according to your JKA experience and vision.

  18. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this site that I hardly discover and that seems to be a real gold mine for those - apparently many - who, like me practice a lot at home!

  19. Hello Bruno.
    Being a beginner in karate at the age of 58 years I thank you for all
    good advice you give on positions, katas as well as preliminary warm-ups that are very important for
    people like me who resume physical activity that has
    been interrupted for a long time.
    Good luck for your blog and good luck.
    Best regards.

  20. Hi Bruno,

    I do not know if you remember but I left you a message of compliments on your blog a few days ago
    Practicing since 40 years, I'm also a teacher and I told you that I came across his site by chance and that I appreciated this one and your investment,
    And that I would go when I will have more time doing qq excursions on your site

    Thank you for your response regarding my registration because I have actually registered

    It would be super nice to be able to converse between us and why not visit us

    If it happens we know each other because I'm pretty moped (clubs, internships ...)

    See you soon


  21. I continue my message after a skid on my keyboard. I always look forward to the end of the week to go to my training, it brings me as much for my body as for my mind, I evacuate all the tensions of work ... Thank you for your site which is very interesting and which must surely take a lot of time. Have a nice week end !

  22. Hello Bruno,

    I am a beginner in karate, in fact I discovered the discipline there by registering my son. Today we both follow the courses. I am yellow / orange belt and I am 47 years old.

  23. Bravo Bruno,

    I came across your site really by chance, and took a quick look at its contents.
    Practicing since 40 years (5è dan) I say 'hat' for your investment!
    Your site is great, excellent explanations and quality demos.
    It is certain that you must make the happiness of many people.
    When I have a little more time, I'll do a more in-depth tour.
    Congratulations again, and wish a long life to your site.


    • Hello Christian,
      I thank you very much for your very eulogistic comment, it's nice.
      Coming from a senior like you, it really touches me.
      Do not hesitate to comment on the various articles during your in-depth tour on
      And thank you again.

  24. your site,
    Ditto for class!
    Not obvious when you are beginners ... perseverance is the secret to progress ...
    Out of the dojo ..., I do not always find the moral code ... at karatékas ...

  25. Hello Bruno I finally present on your blog.

    As you pointed out it was a little misery before leaving com's, I take this opportunity to put now that it's better.

    I'm going to introduce myself:

    My name is Vivien I 25 years, I am from Nord Pas de Calais. I am a member of a karate club.

    I made 3 years of karate a few years ago already, I was not too bad party, then for personal reasons I gave up.

    7 years later I resumed, decided to become a good karateka.

    It is now ready for 2 years I took over, I also took the muscu etc.

    I have grown a lot, but I have lost weight since the sport.

    I stopped at an orange belt, I took a year and a half to relearn katas etc (until heian yodan), I am currently green orange, and hope to get my green in the month of June;).


    I'm careful your blog and it helped me a lot to revise, because when you're an adult, learn karate is not so simple with all the hazards of everyday life. The motivation is stronger than ever before and it's nice to see people like you passionate. Continue and thank you for your approach to this blog very nice.

    • Hello Vivien,

      Glad you can finally leave a comment
      You're not in the presentation section, but it does not matter, I thank you anyway for introducing yourself and welcome you on
      I see you are like many of us, a little overbooked by everyday life.
      I am delighted that this blog helps you find the time and the desire to revise and allows you to progress.
      I'm sure that thanks to this blog you'll hang on without making a new break for several years and you will continue to climb the ladder.

      Good continuation biloute

  26. Hi Bruno!

    Your blog is very welcoming and immediately puts us at ease!
    I really liked your explanations, whether in writing or in videos, you have a nice way to make us communicate this passion that we all share: "karate".
    This blog is really a beautiful work ... frankly congratulations! ... and I bow to "Rei" while wishing the long life to this blog.

    Thank you Bruno!

  27. Hello, I hope you're better, your site is great a mine of information, when I discovered your site I was already doing karate, I think I was blue belt, I am today black belt, Obviously the lessons at the dojo are for many, but your explanations and your videos helped me a lot.
    Thanks for all

    • Hello Sirius,
      I thank you for your compliments.
      My turn to congratulate you because you have really progressed very quickly because my first video date of the 07 / 04 / 2011. So from blue belt to black in less than a year ... You had to train every day.
      If my videos are a little for some things, it's great, but tell yourself that you owe your black belt to yourself and the fruit of your efforts.
      Congratulations and good luck (do not forget that this is just the beginning of the path.)

  28. Ana Marina Vrabec at

    Dear Bruno,
    This blog pleased me. You are shown how karate skills should be taught step by step, how to properly perform the item and what are the consequences of the irregularities.
    You put a lot of work, and in return you will have a lot of students and their gratitude, many have taught us. This fundamental knowledge of training is not explained or demonstrated.
    Your knowledge, professionalism and energy, you are certainly contributed to perfection in karate!
    Thank you very much!

  29. I practiced karate in the 66-67 years.
    I want to get back to it ...
    The challenge is a bit crazy but it's my nature.
    Prof out of the age limits (64 years in January).
    Daily driver of a very demanding bike (honda CBR 1000).
    Regular search for strength and balance (coach very inspired by the basics of Karate).
    Before going to recovery, I find (find) with pleasure, by your videos, your advice, your conviction, your journey, the beauty and the demands of Karate.
    Bruno, congratulations and thank you for the energy that emerges from your site, serving karate.

    • Woaouh! Thank you for these very complimentary compliments. I am moved.
      I hope this blog can help you take the plunge and push the door of a dojo.
      Keep us informed of your impressions after your recovery.

  30. Thank you Bruno for this blog full of useful resources.

    As a Karate practitioner Shito-Ryu Shukokai, I also created a blog to sort out all the karate DVDs available on the market.

    Thank you for helping me to make it known:

  31. Congratulations for your site, clear and well explained, that I discovered via the forum kwoon.

    I practice wado myself and always looking for good advice, little extras that make the difference. It's done with your blog

    Thank you for your time!

    Good luck and happy to read you!

  32. Good evening Bruno,
    That's it, I can finally come and tell you that your blog is very nice, and well done, if I had this when I started it would have helped me a lot, we were all looking for documentation, but hey it was in the 70 years. What luck for those who start, long live your blog.
    Mata chikaiuchi ni.

    • Mark
      Glad you did it.
      I wish you welcome.
      Thank you for the compliments. I hope this Blog can still help you.
      It's true we would have had it in our early days, it would have been great.

  33. Nice your blog and well done.
    As well as the video on the self class
    Congratulations and good luck
    Jean Marc
    Professor of Karate and Self Defense

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