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Hello and welcome.
First, let me introduce myself:

My name is Bruno Bandelier, and I'm passionate about Karate since many years.

Black belt 3ème dan, State Graduate Professor, holder of a Karate DEJEPS, I teach Karate in a club.

Why did you create, ™?

In fact the idea had been running through my head for a long time. Indeed, I often ask my students to perfect their training at home, because I noticed that those who work at home, in addition to the training at the club, progress much faster.

But they almost always tell me that they don't know how to train alone at home.

  • They do not know where to find the info.
  • Training with books is not very easy.
  • How do you know if the videos you find on the internet are reliable?

In short, most practitioners are lost and cannot complete their club training with more personal training from home.

However, it is this personal research and these training at home that will allow you to progress much faster in order to someday your black belt.

And I know what I'm talking about, I got my technical black belt in December 1995 when I had started karate in December 1993, two years later. Then life made me had to wait 8 years to get my 1st dan (2 children, move, profession ...), but I still managed to get my black belt (Kihon, Kata, Kihon Ippon Kumité) in just 2 years.

How did I get my Karate black belt in 2 years?

... I was training at home. At the time I did not have the internet to help me. I worked with books and videotapes. And of course I went to the dojo as often as possible.

So I had the idea to create ™, karate loud and clear, to share my passion and to teach you everything I know about karate. I want to explain to you through my articles all the techniques you need to know to get your belts Jaune, orange, Green, Blue, brown and black.

Whether you are beginner or karateka confirmed, a man or a woman you can enjoy what I offer you. Use my experience to learn and progress in your practice.

I will systematically illustrate my explanations with videos because I want this blog to be above all practical and that they really allow you to train and improve yourself in the Art of Karatedo.

Before starting your training, I invite you to register so that you are aware of all new articles and new videos. I will notify you personally.

Just fill out the form below:

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If you want to contact me by mail, thank you for using the contact form.

Here you know everything, you can start your training, without forgetting of course your warm-ups, it's very important 😉

See you soon,

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"How to pass your grade crossings"


  1. Hello my name is Leo I am 12 and I have been doing karate for 10 months and thanks to your advice I managed to pass
    orange belt in 10 months frankly thank you for all the articles you wrote and all the trouble you have given yourself to create a very good site but I have a question is it useful to me to learn Baissai Daï and Kanku Daï while I am orange belt because I would not like to have learned them for nothing.

  2. Besides, Bruno, how do I know, for example at the end of your yellow belt training, if I really have the level? I think it will have to be validated by a club or an official judge.
    I don't think any club will officially validate it for me if I'm not a member and the judges don't really like free candidates ...

    • Hello Jacques,

      My classes must be considered as teaching aids to progress faster. But for the passage of rank, it can only be done in a club.
      You can not know for sure if you have the level until you pass a rank. But when you are in a club, at the end of the season, even if you have taken all the courses, you will not be able to know either your level until you pass a rank.
      If you want to pass your grades, you have to join a club. Then to progress faster you can use my videos.


  3. Hello Bruno
    I'm posting here because I lost my MP.
    Well, your classes seem very interesting. What exactly are the differences between the 27 euros pack and the 57 pack?
    On the other hand, I am not and do not want to be registered in a club, how in this case to recognize my yellow belt and pass the black one to have them officially?

    • Hello Jacques,

      The difference between the two Packs is the Karate 3G Coaching option. In addition to having access to the videos of the Objective Pack, with Karate3G Coaching, you have a day by day training program where I give you your training to do.
      Regarding the passage of rank, I do not issue a belt. My Karate3G videos are teaching aids like books or DVDs. I help you prepare for your ranks, but I do not pass rank. To validate your seat belts, there is no other possibility than going to a club.


  4. Hello could you contact me by email please, I left you a message on the facebbok page, but apparently you have to go through here ... and I just saw that.
    Have a good day .

  5. Hello,
    It's interesting to produce packs by belt. Indeed, the passing of grades below the black belt are at the discretion of the teachers and things are not clear. Not always formalized, when it is not a strategy to maintain students, hence certain disparities. skills.
    What corresponds to our colors in Japan, is called “Kyus” which I translate as “class” As in the army where we start 2nd class to finish 1st tired, except that here we start 8th class ! It amuses me to translate because when you get into a second class van, it is hard to imagine what it would be like to travel in 8th class.
    Afterwards, there is a black belt but the applicant chooses more and more what he presents, which can induce a decrease in skills (I am thinking of the katas).
    There remains the value that we think we have obtained and which reminds me of a story: one day, a madman is about to leave the psych hospital and finally agrees with the psychiatrist that he is not a grain of wheat . He goes out. Then 1 hour later, bangs on the door, screaming, which makes him admit again. The horrified patient ends up explaining that there are chickens outside. The shrink but you know you are not a grain of wheat. The sick “me yes but the chickens no”
    So let's not forget that if we're the most senior at the club, people out there ignore it.


  6. Hello, I came across your site by chance, and frankly it's super cool to share your experience.
    I loved the video on the magic stool, it taught me quite a bit about the role of hara and hips.
    So continued in this way.
    PS: I practice kyokushinkai karate

  7. Hello Bruno!
    I'm not a big fan of tablets or computers. Is it possible to directly buy your 70 videos and pdf on a dvd that i can watch on my dvd player and see your lessons on the big screen of my tv?

  8. Hello, Bravo for your success which corresponds to a filled void. I resume karate at 60 after various experiences (taekwondo, kungfu, hapkido). I spent several weeks making me a memory aid (text + drawing) based on official texts and current literature.

    Noting that to learn a kata on the screen: you have to turn your head and no longer see, imagine facing upside down… I tried to make an audio version, you don't have to watch anymore, you just have to listen , it's on my site and not conclusive in my opinion.

    By against you you would have been empowered to exploit 2 ideas (I don't have the titles for that)

    1er idea: it would be a video seen from above of the practitioner with the name of the movements to do without looking after. You could try it would be a first ..

    2eme: think a karate for the old (who often have the lumbar and knees sawed by practices too low.) See with a physiotherapist of the recommendation.

    Well done for the com and your success ...

    • Hello Philippe,

      I just went to see your site and I took a look at your cheat sheet, it looks pretty complete. I listened (just a little bit ;-)) of your audio for the kata. In my opinion, you have to really talk and not use a robot like you did because you really don't want to listen to it. But the idea is very good, I will try to make some to see what it gives.

      Your first suggestion is good but it's more technically that I have a problem, I don't have enough ceiling height to film from above. On the other hand, I don't understand when you say “to do without looking afterwards”. What is the difference with another video?
      For your second idea, I'm thinking about it. Already, personally I avoid positions that are too low and I always try to be careful and explain the right investments so as not to hurt myself. But also I think that we should not wait to be “old” to practice correctly and precisely avoid problems later.

      Thank you for your help,

      • Hello,
        The audios are produced by programming in AppleScript, the idea was to add special effects: for example an attack which results in a sound which “arrives” on the left, on the right,… I did not know how to do it quickly. I tried to learn katas with a walkman when the dojo is empty. The idea came to me because I had a teacher who taught blind people.
        For age, I think this generates 3… markets:
        1- young people financed by parents; little income; are looking for competition (<18 years old); aim for improvement.
        2- assets, which can be overwhelmed by work; aim to de-stress.
        3 - retirees who are available out of hours saturated rooms, have paid for their housing: fixed income. Search for the traditional. Aim: preservation.

        Other categories regarding practices in a video produced by Insep on the different karate practitioners:
        (inquiry at the request of the FFKDA)

  9. Hello Bruno,

    I come to thank you for the videos on karate and well done for your work which I really appreciated.

    In my case, karate, I practice since 20 years (black belt 2ème dan). My workouts are daily with Kata and more.



  10. Hello Bruno and thank you for all your videos which made me progress enormously. What pedagogy and what mastery. Bravo to you. I have just started karate. Unfortunately, I quit, death in the soul. I realize that the club that I joined and more a pump of money than anything else, everything is an excuse to pay. I'm ashamed.
    I will continue with you, because I sincerely believe that in a few months, you have taught me everything,

    Thank you Sensei

    • Hello Martins,
      Yes and no. You can practice karate with my video lessons and learn a lot of things, but the ideal is still to combine these training with lessons at the dojo. Now for those who can't do a dojo class, I think it's better to practice with online classes than not to practice at all.

  11. Hello, I find your lessons well explained, I have a brown kyokushinkai karate belt, it's been quite a while since I stopped, and I just got back to it but this time in shotokan karate, (when I was older young I started with this style) I hope to progress quickly and I watch your videos on you tube, thank you again:

  12. Hello Bruno
    I am 56 years old, this is my second karate season. I am currently a green belt, and I watch your videos regularly.
    I can only send you my congratulations for your work, and the great services you give to beginners like me to perfect us.
    The one on heian Yohan, which interests me immediately, is particularly well done and showed me a lot of mistakes not to make.
    Thank you again

  13. Thank you for your blog which is very interesting and rewarding !!

    I would like to start a martial art, and I hesitate between karate and kung fu, can you tell me what are the differences between these two martial arts please?

  14. Hello bruno, first of all a big thank you for your high quality and very user-friendly online courses. I'm 44 years old and started only a year ago looking for full physical work and I'm happy with my choice. I practice in Dinan at the Shotokan Karate Club in La Rance with two excellent and really good teachers but we can only do one session per week so I'm happy to find real advice at home with your videos. you do an amazing job in front of your camera and I wanted to tell you.
    Good luck with the site and we are working (because I don't have the only one) with you.

  15. Gregory, I was in several Karate clubs, But the contact with my teacher did not pass, do you have to change clubs. Thank you . Gregory B.

  16. I learned, yesterday by doing an MRI of a crack in an internal meniscus, I will see an orthopedic surgeon next week, I had stopped karate for a year for health problem 2013 end of year Operation, and the I do not know . Should you continue karate, I am a black belt 1 Dan, I am desperate. Isa

    • Hello Isa,

      Oh, you're out of luck. I'm sorry for what happened to you. It is not easy to answer you. For now I think it's up to the surgeon to guide you on this. Afterwards, the practice of Karate is still possible but maybe it should be adapted, by going down a little less on the legs, by doing weight training to rebalance the forces at the knees… Talk to a physiotherapist, maybe he can help you.

      Keep the courage and keep me informed.


    • Hello,
      In my opinion, it is better to consult a sports doctor for a serious opinion. General practitioners do not know what the activities are. Karate has a very bad reputation for the knees since by working low they are used in an unusual or even harmful way. Some are no worse off, others are not.

      For a practice that requires less knees in these ways:

      - there is Okinawa karate:

      - taekwondo. The latter use more legs but in a high position. The equivalent of the katas, the “poomsés” are made high.

      On the other hand, in the event of a resumption, notify the teacher before subscribing to a year. See if he's understanding or ...


    • Me too, after having practiced karate for several years, I had stopped 5 years, and I had decided to resume. In my first recovery session, doing Mae-geri on a makiwara, I hurt my knee. Verdict after several exams: synovial effusion, osteoarthritis and displacement of the kneecap. After several months of physiotherapy, the muscular exercises allowed me to recover 3/4 of my range of joints. I continue to practice, but irregularly sometimes because of peaks of inflammation. Fortunately I practice in a traditional dojo not dedicated to competition, and my karate teacher accepts that I cannot do certain leg movements at full strength. So I think you can do the same. Better to practice irregularly than not at all. And then there are very varied ways to improve in karate when you can not practice, by approaching other areas, like those presented by Bruno. Good luck !

  17. Hello Bruno,
    I got your message to register on the KBN platform but the problem is that I am only 13 years old and I cannot pay and also my parents do not know yet that I am registered on your site so I wanted to ask you how because I would like to have the possibility to access it
    thank you in advance for your response
    cordially fuss.

  18. Hello
    I would like to ask you if we can do the exercises without going to a club, well just to learn the basics.
    I thank you in advance for your response.

  19. Hi bruno
    I will follow this blog because
    I am 45 years old I have never done sports even less fighting and from September I will put him in karate on the one hand to motivate me my son who started last year and who 'on the other hand because I have an ambition is to have the black belt big ambition okay but at my age if it's not it's dead lol then if you agree I would put my progress in gradually
    ps my teacher for the month of september is called jacques he is black centure 6th dan I'm on briancon

    • Hello Dossetto,

      Of course we all agree that you put your progress as you go. I love people who have ambition and who challenge themselves.
      I'm the same age as you and have tons of plans in my head. I would just need 60-hour days 🙂
      Good luck and especially do not give up!


  20. hi bruno,

    a big thank you for your site which is a great tool to progress in addition to training. For a year I have been using it regularly and I have made your blog known to my colleagues at the club. On the other hand in the technical part I would have I liked that you made us a video dedicated to the different scanning techniques. But hey I know that it takes time and that you cannot do everything at once. But as I told you above, your blog is so good that I am becoming too greedy. thank you again for your work.

  21. thank you very much i'm very happy i'm doing research every time i'm now on the right person you're sensei bruno i'm still saying thank you i'm saving

  22. marc robichaud at

    Thank you for this great tool, not only will it benefit the supervision of my young boy who is starting karate. In addition it will be enriching for my personal knowledge.

    Thanks again to the pleasure mmmMarc

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