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Karate at the Olympic Games: "A recognition! "



Karate at the Olympic Games: "A recognition for our martial art"

This is a very big moment for Karate since the official announcement on Wednesday 03 August 2016 of the entry from Karate to the Olympics from 2020 to Tokyo.

I do not know if the petition initiated on KBN last year and your 2800 signatures helped in the final decision but in any case I like to believe that we were the little grain that tipped the balance in the good sense, and that if Karate is at the Olympics it's a little thanks to us. Congratulations to all participants and all Karateka!

I also take this opportunity to congratulate 4 other disciplines that also include the 2020 Olympics: Basball / SoftBall, Skateboarding, Climbing and Surfing.

All of these 5 new sports including Karate at the Olympics will represent 18 new events with 474 athletes.

For Karate at the 2020 Olympics, we will have 6 trials, 2 in Kata, man and woman and 6 in Kumite, 3 male weight categories and 3 female weight classes. This will make a total of 80 athletes. You will find more specific information on the official website of Tokyo 2020

Although I am not a keen supporter of Karate competitions, which may have their bad side, I welcome Karate's entry into the Olympic Games as I sincerely believe that even traditional Karate has more to gain than lose it, as I explain it in this video:

The first reaction of Francis Didier, president of the FFKarate was: "it is a recognition for our martial art and for our sport".

That's it, we like it or we do not like competition, Karate at the Olympic Games will bring us a lot, I'm sure.

And I will probably repeat myself, but for me Karate really has its place in the Olympic competition for several reasons:

    • Karate is the most popular martial art in the world with a representation in 110 country. Karate is practiced, both by men and women, on all continents with 50 millions of practitioners (in front of Taekwondo and Judo) and continues to develop thanks to a desire for education of the younger generation, the through federal clubs but also in some schools (and KBN :-))

    • Just as Olympism is a philosophy of life, Karate is a way of life, with very strong ethical values ​​based on a moral code such as honor, courage, righteousness and respect that meet the fundamental principles of Olympism.

    • Karate is very spectacular. The karate fights, even if they are distorted compared to traditional karate, are still very beautiful fights. The modification of the regulations in recent years has also borne fruit and current competitions are really nice to watch even for a neophyte; it's dynamic and very spectacular.

    • Karate is a very complete martial art which mobilizes both the body and the mind which joins the will of Pierre de Coubertin « mens fervida in corpore lacertoso » that is to say " a fiery spirit in a muscular body".

Support Karate for the Olympic Games2020 strongly !!! We are going to Tokyo!

So I can not wait to be in 2020 to see Karateka under the Olympic flame (and as I am a bit chauvinistic to hear the Marseillaise with some gold medals for our French athletes )

I even wonder if I will not organize a trip between KBN-istes to Tokyo in 2020 ...
It will be discussed when the time comes but it would be a great opportunity to go to Japan. What do you think ?

All is not winning ... you have to aim for the 2024 Olympics!

This officialization for 2020 in Tokyo is a big step, historic even, for the world Karate, but it is only a fight to win because for the moment Karate is only planned for the Olympic Games of 2020. It will take some more battles to be at the 2024 Olympics and become an Olympic sport.

But do not waste our happiness and enjoy this Olympiad will restart with this time, karate !

See you soon,

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  1. I think that we are completely out of a physical education as envisioned by Georges Hebert and who joined a certain oriental vision of the martial arts. Hebert's idea is that sport can be part of physical education but that it is a sub-practice. His idea was to find a use of the body that we lost, which he found in Africa or we seemed unhealthy compared to Africans. For him physical education (nothing to do with gymnastics) is a set of natural exercises in a moral framework, for all and especially for the under-gifted, completely excluded from sport elsewhere. I Sport has prevailed and we are here. Coubertin saw the elitist side, which is the result of a selection and completely different from an improvement in the physical condition of all. This is how fd offers activities for senior, who look furiously for child activities. Normal, this is not the role of a ministry related to youth ... ..

    Excerpts from "Sport vs. Physical Education", G.Hébert, 1938.
    "Sport has become a separate field today because of the organizations that have" captured "it, not only to regulate it from the technical point of view (which, from this point of view, would have been a good thing) but to make of it a vast administrative machine with its procession of pontiffs, its committees, its commissions, its indefinite series of competitions and championships. While sport is for everyone, we come to believe that there is no outside federative groups that have been created to govern it.
    "The sport is looking more and more for the exterior pageantry, the gallery, the crowd, the show, the exhibition. "
    "The sportsman, stinking of vanity, has the feeling that he is a superior being because one is disturbed to come to see him .. to become professional, there is only one step. If the vast majority of athletes are still simple and honest in the midst of all this corruption, they have more, merit. "
    Over-specialization, which can leave the athlete below average in exercises they never practice. "
    "Running specialists would all have had to make unparalleled liaisons during the war. Now, many of them did not show themselves superior to brave little unknown peasants.

  2. Should we rejoice in this news? I am not convinced that eventually it will be beneficial to Karate DO ...
    Our martial art is likely to suffer the same fate as Judo Jigoro Kano ... In the international competitions of Judo, there is not much left of the path of flexibility!
    It has become a SPORT, no problem with the concept except that it should no longer be called JUDO.

    Not to mention that unlike Judo and Taekwondo, the situation is further complicated by the multitude of styles and federations.
    Wait and see ...

    D. Simon

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