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Karate, the art of building ramparts ...


Karate to build ramparts

Karate, the art of building ramparts ...

Karate is an art of self-defense, which helps to defend against an external aggression. It is therefore the art of building ramparts in order to protect oneself and to preserve one's physical and mental integrity against any aggressor.

Personally I really like this image of ramparts for karate because I was born and I live in Langres, Which is a fortified city surrounded by ramparts. (It is also the largest fortified enclosure in Europe ...)

But I do not write this article to tell you about Langres (but a bit anyway, because it's beautiful ) but to tell you about relay for life organized by " the league against cancer ».

This week-end (from 13 to 14 / 06 / 2015) the relay for life will be held at Langres around the ramparts precisely.
The principle is to take turns walking or running around the ramparts of Langres during 24h. All profits made will be used to help cancer patients.

As you know, cancer is a real plague that attacks more and more our loved ones, our friends, our family ...Karate, the art of defense par excellence must have his role to play in the fight against this aggressor ...

That's why, this weekend, we decided with the members of the Karate Club Langres to participate in this relay for life and create a team " Karatekas To build walls against cancer ...

This team is made up of KCL members, but it's also yours and, as Karateka, you can of course join us.

>>> Join the Karatekas!

I know you will not all be able to travel to Langres to walk or run with us during these 24h, but you can still contribute to the success of this project!

How? It is very simple…

... the purpose of this 24h race is to give hope to the sick by showing the mobilization of all, so join our team even if you can not come and show your support for our project.

The goal is also to collect a maximum of funds in order to be able to come to the aid of patients suffering from cancer.

Help " karateka » to reap the most money possible! and (if you can), give by clicking on " I support "

You are a lot to read KBN, together I know we can succeed!

You know my spirit of sharing on this blog, that's why as a reader, I appeal to your generosity and if you have the possibility:

>>> Give, even very little ... because the important thing is to participate.

I would really like to see together the greatness of karate beating all records of generosity and sharing.

Make a gesture, whatever it is, even minimal ... but do it!

Langres is the hometown of Denis Diderot, the philosopher who has struggled all his life to the freedom to think...

This weekend, thanks to you all and WITH YOU ALL, we will fight for "Freedom of health"

You are Karateka! Do not let cancer attack you without defending you! Fight and help us fight it!

To learn more about the relay for lifeHere is the trailer of the league against cancer:

I thank you sincerely for all the sick.

PS: « I want to clarify that I will not touch anything and that all donations are for the benefit of the "league against cancer" and they are tax deductible (-66%). For example, if you give 30 € it will actually cost you only 10 € (because you will retouch 20 € taxes!) »

PPS : Share this page with all your friends! Click on "Like", tweet and retweet! In short, make noise!

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  1. Thank you Bruno for this very nice initiative! !!
    Personally impacted by this disease, the fight for life is permanent and karate the moral antidote.
    Good fight and good recovery to all those who are dealing with this scourge.

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