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Karate, a healthy mind in a healthy body!



Karate is poorly known ...

When I say poorly known, I mean that for many people, karate is a violent activity made of kicks to the head and broken board ...

And yet, Karate is not that at all, quite the contrary.

These images of violence are due in large part to the cinema and in particular to the films of Bruce Lee (who moreover practiced Kung-Fu)

If these films allowed karate to become known, they also conveyed a very bad image of Karate which in reality is nothing violent.
Karate is an art of living, a philosophy full of wisdom where the work of the mind is as important as that of the body.

Karate is a healthy mind in a healthy body does not go without the other, like Yin Yang in Chinese philosophy.

The body and the mind form a whole, and to regain form and health, it is important not to consider one without the other.

Karatedo is "the way of the empty hand"because it is practiced with bare hands (empty), but also because it is practiced with the empty mind ... Empty of all parasitic thoughts, empty of all bad intentions ...

Karate is really great gymnastics for the body AND the mind:

- By the practice of the Kata, for example, one develops during the learning process a body in full health, alive and muscular, but one also makes work his brain by the memorization and the mental visualization.

- The practice of Kihon (basic work), through mental visualization and the search for the perfect gesture, also brings a work both physical and spiritual.


As you can see, Karate is far from the violent sport that many people imagine. Above all, it is a wise art of defense that allows a harmonious development of body and mind.

Most people know that practicing physical activity is very good for your health, but not many people know that practicing mental exercises is also great for the body.

I just recorded a relaxation session for people I coach in karate3G ™ and I decided to share it with you:

With this relaxation session you will see how the work of the mind can do good for the whole body.

You can also download the MP3 file for free by following the link below:

>>> Download your relaxation session (the little magic bullet!)

Enjoy and relax. Your karate will be better!

Here, friends, I sincerely hope that this little moment of relaxation will make you happy and will accompany you often.

It remains for me to wish you a good relaxation 🙂


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