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Journal de la Haute-Marne (January 2014) - Publication in the newspaper


Journal of Haute-Marne 240 / 1 / 2014Publication in the Journal of Haute-marne Friday 24 January 2014:

MARTIAL ARTS: "A karateka surfing the planet"

Bruno Bandelier started karate in 1993 following an assault on his way home from work. By dint of perseverance, he perfected his technique and obtained his black belt, only two years after his debut as karateka. But above all he created a blog visited worldwide.

"At the time, I was only a trainee and did not have a degree yet, but I really enjoyed giving lessons," recalls Bruno Bandelier.

His pedagogy was already highly appreciated and his teacher quickly noticed progress among karate students, both children and adults. In 2004, Bruno took over the karate club of Langres and obtained the federal instructor diploma as well as the state patent 1er degree of karate. At the beginning of this year (2014), he passed his exam to pass 3e dan. But Bruno has another idea in mind. Since 2011, he is working on a project a little crazy: create a karate blog.

"As incredible as it may seem, I realized that there was no complete site with online karate classes, except for some demonstrations and some courses," says Bruno.

After months of recording on the dojo and after editing, ™ was born, karate clear and clean.

15 000 visits online per month

Journal of Haute-Marne 240 / 1 / 2014

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With 277 000 visits since its creation and with, currently, 15 000 visits per month and 6 100 subscribers from all countries of the world, Bruno Bandelier has created a real community of karatekas, a sort of club karate scale World. With his blog, everyone can review what he learned at the dojo, improve, learn new techniques. In short, everyone can train karate in his living room.

The field teacher has become the karate teacher of the Web [...]

Thanks to the JHM for this publication in their journal.

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