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Journal de la Haute-Marne (August 2015) - Publication in the newspaper


Journal of Haute-Marne (2015)Publication in the Journal de la Haute-marne of Wednesday 19 August 2015:

"Interconnected karate

An unprecedented communication and sharing tool, the Internet has become an integral part of everyday life. In recent years, the content on the web has become much diversified, so much so that one can practice a sport in front of his screen. This is the case of "", created by Bruno Bandelier.

It is at the age of 26 years that Bruno Bandelier begins karate. In just two years, he gets his black belt.

A reward that he owes to hard training at home, and to the in-depth study of books and video tapes. 18 years later, while he is a professor at Karate-club of Langres, he searches, in vain, videos that could serve as a support for his students. He then came up with the idea of ​​doing his own karate site, to alleviate this problem.

Through commented videos and written articles, it offers comprehensive content on karate, and most importantly, it can be consulted by anyone.

"Karate clear and clean"

Very quickly, the fallout arrived in mass. Even though many still think that you can not teach a sport via the internet, there are also, and above all, much more positive reviews.

Many visitors appreciate, in fact, the pedagogy set up by Bruno Bandelier and his natural generosity to transmit his passion. Site totally free, "" very quickly attracted many curious. In 2015, after four years of existence, there are 15 000 subscribers, and an average of 500 visits per day.


2015-08-19-Publication in the Journal

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A great success, which extends beyond the borders of France. If 80% of users connect from France, users also come from Switzerland, Belgium or even North Africa. All are French speaking, and can also interact with Bruno. He also wants to maintain contact with the public he touches. "I receive emails every day. Sometimes I can not answer everything, but it makes me extremely happy, "he says. This allows him to get an idea of ​​his audience, whether they are karate teachers using these videos for their classes, or beginners.

Push even further

At the moment, Bruno still has a professional activity that occupies the day. The blog is the evening or the weekend ... when he has the time. He would like to live in order to eventually create his own karate school online. It is in this sense that he has developed a new project called "karate3G ™", a training platform for karate, this time paying but very complete. In addition, a book is currently in writing, and shows the good progress of his initiative.

And as Lao Tzu said, "A path of a thousand leagues always begins with a first step".

This being done, the road promises to be long for Bruno!«

By Pierre Vauthier
Journal of Haute-Marne

Thanks to the JHM for this publication in their journal.

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  1. Hello Bruno,

    First of all, I want to thank you and congratulate you.
    Generosity, sharing and sympathy are the 3 qualities that I give you spontaneously.
    I feel that I will enjoy following all your advice.
    However, during this adventure, if one of your advice does not seem to me accessible, I'll let you know.

    I declare on my honor to be physically able to follow your teachings.
    The advantage is precisely the possibility of training at home.
    Oh, I'm not ashamed to show myself, it's just that I can do everything at my own pace. Explanation, in Nov 95, I had a very serious car accident causing 27 fractures, visual and auditory loss on the right as well as an olfactory loss of more than 70%. I was on a motorcycle and I hit a car that had just burned the red light. In short, I gradually rebuilt. So much so that if you saw me in front of you, you would see a normal man.
    Since then, I have been deeply exploring the workings and the nature of my handicaps by pushing the limits. For example, I reinvented myself in the movement.
    I rely only on myself. Professionally, I am trained in fasciatherapy according to the method of Danis BOIS, also to osteopathy as to other health disciplines. To train me allows me to be always the most holistic possible within my activity of therapist, started in 1987. I would like to talk to you more, but I know that your time is precious. We will have the opportunity of other shares, I am sure.
    I tell you however that I probably would not pass the belts because I must first overcome my slowness acquired as a result of my 27 fractures.
    Ah, I'm in my 63 year and my wife in his 55 year. It is very likely that we are working together.
    That's it, I introduced myself, I still have the book.
    very cordially

    • Hello Marc-Alain,

      I thank you for this presentation. Your journey is not trivial and I admire your courage and your tenacity, and also your willingness to learn and understand.
      These are great qualities that have certainly helped you a lot in your ordeal and that probably help you again.
      I am glad to help you (and your wife) to progress in karate, it makes me really happy.

      Good continuation,

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