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"Journal de la Haute-Marne" (April 2016) - Publication in the newspaper


Publication in the Journal of Haute-Marne Monday 18 April 2016:

"The 2.0 Karate hits a big shot"

Last March, a journalist from Journal of Haute-Marne (JHM) came to visit us in the dojo where I turn the videos of and karate3G ™.

As you can see, I played his camera and gave him a little demonstration of some Karate techniques: Mae-Geri, Mawashi-Geri and other Gyaku-Zuki...

The journalist JHM, asked me about my career Karateka, but also and especially on my current project of development of Karate on the internet:

It's a fight he's not, for once, sure to win. But he will do anything for, as usual. Since January, Bruno Bandelier, also one of the teachers at karate-Club langrois, has made available his executive functions at the SNCF to create his own company: "Karate 3G", with a suitable website. The objective: to give courses by distance, through textual instruction, and especially video, delivered on the internet. [...]

In reality my company is called "Bruno Bandelier SAS", because I intend later to develop other aspects than Karate, but overall the article is rather complete and well shot. He even talks about our new karate3G ™ website and new trainings we are putting in place:

"[...] it is a program followed, according to its level, which is proposed. There are objective packs for this or that belt, and I follow up by delivering my daily advice by email.

At first glance, the process seems somewhat adventurous. It has, in fact, been well thought out. The video course, it's been more than a year since Bruno Bandelier gives, through the blog ™ and youtube account [...] »

Actually, it's the karate3G ™ platform that's a little over a year old because as you know, ™ has just celebrated these 5 years of existence. But good the mistake is forgiven

I thank the Journal of Haute-Marne once again, to do me the honor of these few lines that I let you discover below:


I thank you all because all this is thanks to you.

To discover our brand new website Karate3gthis is where it goes:

See you soon,
Bruno Bandelier

PS: I'm waiting for your comments!

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  1. Hello, the Internet has potential that everyone has not taken into account and formalize courses is a good idea. If we go further, we could go to supervised classes with a web cam. We could practice anytime and anywhere ... The teacher will see on his screen 5 students who would make the same movement, record; will slow down the defects .... Well on that calls into question many things. For example, before practicing a style I am documenting, and often the trainers are not very hot for these communications. Just look at the sites, or there is not much ..

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