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It's Karate-Gi's birthday


Today karateka, I'm proud to announce that my new site KARATE-GI is already a year (and a few weeks :-D)! If you do not know yet KARATE-GIit's very simple, it's the world's largest selection of kimonos, belts, protections, equipment and accessories of all brands. After a year to develop the site for you, taking into account your opinion, it was time that I talk a little about ... I present you all this below ...

The beginnings of Karate-Gi


During our discussions with you, readers of KBN, I realized that the questions were often about your material. You often ask me where to find the lightest kimono, where to find the most suitable kimono for your body, where to find the best belt etc.

In fact, there was no reference site for karateka, giving you easy access to all the equipment necessary for your training (Kimonos, belts, protections, etc.). What you needed was a site entirely reserved for karateka.

There were already many martial arts sites that have tons of different products to sell to you but only a few karategi (Karate kimonos) to present to you. And to make your choice between different makes or models, you had to go from one site to another.

To my knowledge, there was no site reserved for Karateka with the biggest brands and a choice of more than 140 karategi different.

Now there is Karate-Gi, the passion of Karate !

Karate-Gi, the passion of Karate

Attention, I did not just want to create an online store, I really wanted to bring an extra service to Karateka (and parents of young Karateka).

Being passionate and Karate teacher myself, I wanted the Karateka to feel at home from their first visit to our shop, they almost smell of kimonos ... (I said "almost"!)

End 2017, so I started to develop this new platform and for many months, I spent my days behind my computer to collect all products from Karate, to find suppliers all over France, Europe, in Japan ... And gradually, the project took shape.

I inquired new models of kimonos, brand new models, the best equipment for clubs. My goal was to create the greatest choice in the world, so that karateka have access to all products.

Karate-Gi today

The site is now very complete and we have gathered all the models of kimonos available or almost, not to mention all the equipment (I say we because now we are a small team to handle all that)

As I write these lines, we already offer more 140 different kimonos in the biggest brands like Shureido, Tokaido, Arawaza, Suicide bomber, Ko-Italia, Seishin, Hirota, Tokyodo, Adidas, Venum, Budo-Fight, etc.

So, in order to make your choice, you had to easily compare the products according to your Karate style, your level, your favorite brand, etc. And for that we have set up a filter system that allows you to make your selection quickly ...

In short, and I really hoped that this new site helps Karateka. And then ... the first orders arrived!

Karate-Gi Tokaido Athletic Master

the site Karate Gi really pleased from the beginning, in February 2018 and grew very fast. With my team we put all our passion in the service of Karateka and we make sure that finding his kimono is easy and fast, and apparently it likes because he has already seduced hundreds of karateka in just one year.

available, easy, complete, fast

Available - On KARATE-GI, we are always open!
Call us, write us when you want, we will be happy to accompany you to make your choice or advise you for the maintenance of your equipment.

Easy - Thanks to our filter system
We have implemented a system based on criteria and keywords that allow you to find exactly what you are looking for in a few clicks.

Full - Look no further for your kimono ... we have it!
And if we do not have it, ask us and we'll find it for you 😉

Fast - Delivered between 24h and 48h in metropolitan France.
We have our own stock (on 400m2 warehouse) in Marsanay the coast near Dijon and we are able to deliver orders on average in 2 days (in France) - And when we do not have the product in stock we you have delivered directly from our suppliers to shorten deadlines.

In short, I do not hide from you that I am rather proud of our work and I therefore give you an appointment very quickly on KARATE-GI !

Also, I want to thank you all karateka for your help and support. All this is possible thanks to you.

And see you soon,

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    Bravo. Warm congratulations Bruno and the whole team. Excellent initiative. I wish you a great success. Friendships.

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