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Exclusive interview with Johnny Gence, the book


interview-johnny-gence-of-hedge-1ereA book not to be missed!

Sensei Gence talk to us open heart :

he tells us his childhood,
his career in Karate,
the competition,
traditional karate.

He talks about his Master, Shihan Nishiyama.

He explains to us, what is for him karate.

He speaks to us pedagogy, why and how start?

He speaks to us training, the winning trilogy: Kihon, Kata, Kumite.

In short do not miss this moment !!!

I want to receive the book for free!

Just tell me where I have to send it to you

Table of Contents Interview Johnny Gence Sensei

An exciting interview with an exciting man

I want to receive the book for free!

Just tell me where I have to send it to you

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  1. What luck ! I would like to be able to learn this way. But in our fields, there is only the wind that comes to visit us (yet serenity is there! But that does not matter, I have a very good teacher at home and available at will!)

    Johnny, if you have the opportunity to read me, know that I find your story most exemplary and honorable!

  2. Hello Master Bruno,

    My first observation is the highly educational nature of the interview. Your guest being a fine pedagogue, I can assure you that you are as well and perfectly well. It is obvious that an interview conducted pedagogically with another teacher can only be of great value.

    I do not praise you, because I know what I'm talking about myself being a former French-language college teacher in my country.

    I note that the interview could have spread more about the risks for beginners as well as for old people (like me) who would like to start.

    I note a contradiction between the karateka's "nag" character and the flexibility required in this art. It could have been made more explicit.

    A word about feminine karate could have pleased women karateka (morphology, small "natural" sores, etc.), but it was too much to ask your guest.

    In short a big congratulations to your sense of the questioning, the relaunching of the debate, the precision of the terms and the explanations judiciously requested.

    Sincerely, Abdel

    • Hello Abdel,
      You know, you can call me and call me Bruno.
      Thank you for your comment and your compliments.

      For the "Bourrin" side of karate, this is what some people think, but even if we are Tigers (in Shotokan) it does not mean that we are nagging.

      For flexibility, that's what Johnny explains, it's not an obligation. It is easier when you are flexible but it is not necessary to practice karate.

      For karate women. Why not. But at the same time, why make a difference. When we talk about Karateka, whether it's Johnny or me, in our minds it's not necessarily a man, it can be a woman. But it is true that there are specificities that could have been addressed.
      Next time maybe…


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