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Info Coronavirus: Your “special containment” training program!


After a few months away from the camera, I made a little special video following the confinement in which we have been for three days already. I wanted to give you news about my team and myself, and also to share my support for this ordeal that we all face. Take care of yourself, your loved ones, and be well.

To summarize, at the level of activities, my team is a little upset 🙂 but we adapt:

  • Public chat, we have stopped shipping for security reasons. The whole team is currently teleworking. We always respond to customers, trying to respond as quickly as possible.
    However, you can continue to order your equipment, but it will not be dispatched until the end of confinement. Currently we are promoting 15%. To benefit from it, you must use the Promo Code: Karate at home
    We will take advantage of this truce to make specific videos with comparisons of kimonos, belts, videos of advice on maintenance, etc.
  • Public chat, always following confinement and also because I missed it :-), I decided to remake videos and new articles. We already have a few articles on hold, notably articles inspired by articles by Jesse Enkamp.
    For training, I resume karate lessons. So currently, I'm preparing videos for " keep fit ", during this confinement period. I will also publish videos every day alternating meditation, bodybuilding, stretching, etc.
  • Public chat, given the containment measures, we decided to put all our training at half price. Just use the promo code: KARATE3GATHOME20
  • Your special containment program offered:
    Also, to help you train during home containment, I would like to accompany you with this :

>>> Karate3G special containment program <<<

The program is offered for the duration of the confinement.
Order it now, it's a gift.
I have already included some videos and I will publish new videos (probably every day) by alternating karate lessons, weight training, stretching, meditation,…

The goal of all this is not only to be entertained during confinement but it is also to keep in touch with our family members by practicing, why not, karate sessions together - respecting the recommended hygiene measures and barrier gestures, of course 😉

Leave me a comment below. Chatting is always interesting, especially in this period of confinement. Besides, if you have suggestions for new videos, it's time to express them 🙂

See you soon,

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