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How to learn self-defense in your living room!


Aggression Defense Self defense methodSelf-defense or rather personal defense or self-defense ...

is to know the fighting techniques allowing to to defend against physical aggression.

And believe me, you can all be confronted with aggression, it does not happen only to others!

According to some statistics, there would be in France, take care, 2000 assaults and 200 rapes per day.

Fortunately thanks to karate you are not completely helpless. However, often that is not enough and I will talk about it a little further.

In fact, to defend yourself you will need to know simple and effective techniques of self-defense. But before you talk about self defense, let me first tell you what happened to me one day in November 1993:

"I was coming home from work, it must have been about 20h30. We lived in a rather calm district of Dijon and I had never had any problem. I am usually of a confident nature and about me. In short, down the bus, there were some young people, not especially threatening and I did not pay too much attention.
I enter the small alley that separated me from our apartment and one of the young people came and took me by the shoulder while asking me for a cigarette. Not being a smoker, I could not give him what he wanted. But anyway it was a pretext to get me into trouble. I did not have any notion of self-defense at the time; I should have been suspicious, free myself, instead of allowing the situation to get worse ...
Very quickly, I take a blow on the head (his comrades had followed us and I had not even seen anything, it is to tell you how I was prepared.). I fall to the ground, but I was still conscious (thankfully). After being kicked around, I finally reacted and got up suddenly giving some rather messy shots, but that made my attackers immediately run away.
Why did not I react before? Fear, I think and especially the unknown. I was not at all prepared for this kind of situation.
Finally I get off with 3 stitches on the skull and 2 broken odds (Aie !!!), but I was very lucky, it could have been a lot worse.

The next day, but it was a little late, I entered for the first time ... in a club of Karate 🙂 »

All this to tell you that it does not happen only to others, everyone can be confronted one day or another to an agressioneven if you are careful not to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, there is no risk in terms ofaggression.

In case of'real aggressionit is imperative to be prepared to defend himself otherwise the situation quickly turns into a nightmare and it is very difficult to get out of it.

The best way to defend yourself in case of aggression is to know simple gestures to get out of the most common situations and so be able to escape or put the aggressor out of harm's way.

A aggression is a very stressful situation. We are paralyzed by fear and we lose all these means very quickly. That's why you have to be prepared for the situation and you have to learn simple gestures which requires no reflection, just some good reflexes.

Karate is a self defense method ...

Yes As you know, Karate is a self defense method and you could tell me, "Why not just use karate? "

This is true and I am sure that in case of problems Karate will be very useful but if you have not acquired certain gestures of self defense, which you rarely learn in karate lessons (and yet are present in the kata) you will be quickly destabilized and overwhelmed by the situation of aggression.

With modern karate taught in most dojos, you will learn to defend yourself against Zuki, Mae-Geri, Mawashi-Geri ... or the probability of being attacked by a karate is very low and you will never have to defend against this type of aggression.

In reality, the aggressions the most common will be in melee, foreclosures, throttling, rape... and in its moments your state of stress is such that it is not a question of thinking, it is necessary to act simply and very quickly to do not let the abuser take over.

To get you out of this kind of situation, it is often enough to be prepared and for that I advise you the self defense method of Maurice Swanepoel :

This self defense method you will learn about protection and knowledge techniques how to cope and react during an attack or aggression.

Aggression-Defense: Self Defense Method in Video:

Aggression-Defense is suitable for women because it is a method that uses only techniques that do not require no physical force. But of course the method is not reserved for women and a man can also use all these techniques. And besides, in my opinion a man should rather learn what kind of techniques of self defense called feminine rather than more "manly" techniques.

Indeed, we must know thatin case of aggression as I tell you earlier you are losing all your means, so you have to be able to use simple and effective techniques whatever your physical strength. You can be very strong usually and at the time of the aggression be sick or injured and eventually not be able to use your strength.

What you need is a method that allows you to react quickly and simply without having a feat to achieve, just a few gestures simple and effective.

Maurice Swanepoel is a qualified instructor in self-defense and martial arts and his method will allow you to learn how to defend yourself from your home (in your living room :-))

The method is composed of 2 videos (in my opinion a little too long, it would have been better to cut in several small videos, but hey it's not very serious) accompanied by 2 illustrated guides very well done and very useful to review the techniques learned on the video.

In the first video Maurice Swanepoel teaches you the basics of self defense that will allow you to defend against various types of aggression such as seizures, strangulation ...

The second video is more specific and the author calls it " Anti-rape". He will show you how to defend yourself against any type of sexual assault.

Frankly the videos are of very good quality and very well explained with precise details on each technique.

If you think it's important to learn how to defend yourself I suggest you try the method in video of Maurice Swanepoel.

Here, I sincerely hope that the Aggression-Defense method will please you as much as me and that this article will please you.

Tell me what you think in a comment below!

See you soon,

(You should know that if you buy the method through the links in this article, I will receive a percentage of your purchase but it will not cost you more. I thank you in advance.)

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Warning ! : The title of this article is a little catchy and the method is very well done, but it is a teaching support. Understand that if you watch videos lying in front of your TV, you will learn almost nothing. Indeed, to learn the basic techniques of self-defense, you will have to train. In addition, I advise you to take classes in a club because by training with a partner and the advice of a teacher you will succeed in mastering the self-defense techniques allowing you to get out of the most critical situations.

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  1. Typo ; I have 56 years and not 59 and the sword I speak about the forearm and the cutting edge internal and external of the hand.

  2. Hello Bruno, I am very happy for you that you make your passion your new job. Person I have 59 years and practice tai chi, I can tell you that contrary to what we believe, it is terribly effective in combat (work on the meridians, vital point for example if you press the nose with 2 fingers near the root of the nose of your opponent, this one vomits it is automatic because acting on the meridian of the stomach, when you extend the opposite arm with the hand the fingers in a cluster, whip, the force of the another arm that grows is increased tenfold, it also has a lot of "saber" stroke from front to throat, knees and elbows, etc .. .. like self I think it's the best.
    Well I wanted to tell you that despite my registration, I have never received in mail my book on the warm-up guide-stretches
    I thank you and wish you a happy new year.

    • Hello, Have you seen anyone throw up? Have to come to class with pampers and a plastic bag

      This says stacking on an opponent could be a deterrent. Naturally some people defecate themselves in case of intense stress. It may be something of nature: the lion approaches and feeling the smell goes away (it reminds him of a Monday in the canteen).

      Some show pressure points on students but it looks like they are hypnotized by their master.By I saw a documentary on an Indian practitioner of these points. He pressed two points and a goat collapsed. He supports elsewhere and she gets up. Difficult to think that the goat is embobiner. Although I do not go to too many goats right now ....

  3. Ouss sensei !! I am a karate practitioner Shotokan blue belt in Chad, I am proud to be a practitioner, I wanted to broaden my karate knowledge so I want you to help me with the delivered karate sensei.

  4. To salam that peace reigns over you thank you me and the member of my dojo in Senegal the center Amina our sensei LUIS DIONE

  5. Hello Bruno,

    I want to answer Marcel and Sarrogo ... and their comments "I do not believe in the virtues of DVDs or books when it comes to learning a discipline other than intellectual and requiring physical intervention. "

    As far as I'm concerned, I learned to fight ,,,, reading Bob Morane, and there were no pictures! I applied to the letter the techniques described by Bill Balantine! :-) ;-) I repeated my movements in my room, without any videos, it did not exist, and I applied and ... I won my fights! in real! :-) ah the famous shot at the "solar plexus! Ok, I was not doing lace!

    I learned to windsurf with some pictures in a very well done educational book and I stuck to it, I'm not going to say that I did not compete any more Mdr!

    But very honestly I avoided all the pitfalls of beginners and I knew how to maneuver my sail and stay on my board!

    When we know the advanced techniques of appropriation of information by the brain, and all its capabilities, finally, even if it seems counterintuitive, there is nothing abnormal about it.

    On the other hand maybe it does not suit everyone, it is possible, although it is also possible for everyone to develop this type of capacity.

    For me there is no need to learn anything in my living room and to transfer these learnings into physical reality!

    Of course, when it comes to self defense, it must be a lot more fun and a lot more buoyant, to do it in your living room with another person!

    I have every confidence in Bruno's pedagogy to show the mistakes not to commit and to bring his students where he promised them to go.

    • Hello Marianne,

      Wow, you're a warrior! Should I call you Marrianne or Morane, or bob
      I'm joking of course.

      I thank you anyway for this example on the brain's abilities to learn through visualization.
      Personally during my first year of Karate, I had to stop for a while because of injury. I could not train anymore, but I did come to all classes. When I resumed training after a few weeks, I had progressed. Perhaps even more than those who come to the dojo as they go to the gym, they move but remain spectators. They do what they are told, but do not ask questions (or too many questions). With videos, paradoxically one is more actor, one can take the time to think, to pause, in slow motion ... One is a little like in a private lesson where one is at the same time the pupil and the assistant of the teacher. The work of the brain and at least as important as the work of the body.
      Another example: In theinterview with Johnny Gence, this one tells us how his wife learned the Heians without doing karate, just by attending his classes. Like even sitting on a bench you can sometimes be more in the action than being on the tatami.

      See you soon,

      • I'm not sure it's given to everyone. Some old masters of Taekwondo call it "learning with the eyes" which justifies the advising of practitioners to attend classes sitting in a corner when they are not fit to practice. Mr. Funakoshi says that his wife could correct students in his absence because of this type of learning. I have the impression that it depends on the age and especially of a type of attention that allows to get a feel, overall, overview. Education encourages us to practice the opposite during 20 years for those who end up at 26: focused, linearity of reading and reasoning. What is curious is that improvements in progress allow us to do more things quickly except education. RW Emerson returns to Oxford at 14 years. A son of Iyéyasu, begs to go to the forefront of the assault of a fortress in Osaka, he was 14 ans.Henri IV fights for the first time in 1570 at 18 years ..
        Finally, an interviewer questions an old Vietnamese master. What would you do in a situation of aggression, in difficulty? (He waited for a "death trick that kills") Master: I never find myself in such a situation. The interviewer insists: but ... The master: a master never finds himself in this situation..The interviewer becomes heavier. The master since I tell you that it is impossible.

    • LIre first. I have always done this before practicing and it's true some early tips help to avoid mistakes.Then, learn passse through the brain (at home) and better think about the problem elsewhere than on the tatami. But the most important thing is that everyone in his way to learn some of them immediately, I'm not so lucky.
      Read next. For self-defense we can already learn about his rights which are slim in the end.In fact, the defense must be proportionate to the attack but if a thief wants to plant a knife, I really know at the last moment which is ... too late. Then does "proportionate" mean that in front of a weapon, I use another one? personally I do not have it on me. Whoever breaks the law above.
      Read to scream. In the book there are ideas that do not think. For example; an offender is a professional somewhere and he has some rules. He does not want to be spotted. Do not try to escape to a dark, isolated place. To scream like a pig to rouse the neighborhood. Saving cars to bring down owners who hear the alarm.
      Recover instinct. Me when it can go wrong, as I am not very good I am amok. My head becomes empty, past a moment, fear is no longer used. I realized at 13 years when a guy, two more head, eyes of pervert, wanted to train by the sleeve I do not know where. I cleared. I fix the center of the body. I stepped back and waited for his hand to come too close to burst his thumb with both hands. I was doing judo = twist something. As I had empty eyes. It is muddled and is gone. It was winter near the subway entrance, it was dark that morning ..
      For self-defense to be effective (to win stronger and more vicelard), one must not hesitate to use "means limits", an improvised weapon: what's in his bag? a pencil can become a knife, a perfume a toxic, stiletto heels daggers, hardened nails held joint a blade (someone who had been in Asia after the war I'm talking about it) but the problem is that we are not stupid enough to do certain things. Bullshit often has the advantage, let's face it ...

  6. Bruno
    I do not believe in the virtues of DVDs or books when it comes to learning a discipline other than intellectual and requiring physical intervention. For example, math, yes, in the form of books and / or DVDs, but even learning English requires a confrontation in the field with English speakers.
    That's why learning at the show a martial art or a combat sport is ridiculous. It is the same for self defense. Nothing beats the dojo or the ring! Do we learn to box just at the salon with a book or a DVD?
    We see more and more bloom DVDs or books on anything and everything.
    The DVD is not a panacea like the book. On the other hand, to return to the self defense, to have notions of security or to know some risks as you proposed to us in the book REPERES: yes, I agree and on its chapter "means of defense" the authors s 'even eager to write' many people just buy a defense of conscience and immediately hasten to leave it at the bottom of a bag ... a defense is only the extension of our will and will be of no use without drive and determination. "
    Why then buy a DVD on self defense? As I said above, not the DVD in this area but more and more importantly, you should know that the martial arts have in their "panoply" of self defense, so-called goshin jutsu. Judo offers goshin jutsu, Aikido offers goshin jutsu and karate too. It is simply for the teacher to give, for example in the karate class, a goshin jutsu orientation.
    In fact, as M.JOURDAIN was doing prose without knowing it, we too, thanks to the goshin jutsu, practiced without knowing about self-defense in karate.
    I remember that I pointed out that your blog, with appropriate books and especially karate that I practice through a club represented for me the winning triptych to succeed in this area.
    I am sorry for having been so decided.

    • A dvd is effective in salt-defense, but it must be held well, before launching it in full face

      For health it's the same: There is a saying that says "An apple, every day, away from the doctor" and Churchill added "yes but we must aim .... "

      Self-defense proverb from the Wild West:
      "No need to run very fast to escape a grizzly who is chasing us: you just have to run faster than your friend ... ..

  7. it's true, when a person is put in situation it has 78 per cent to free themselves and can be fleeing.
    I was a beginner in karate, and I was 17 years old.I was accompanied by my mother a true template had emerged .my mother had climbed the stairs, I had followed and without thinking, my maygeri had hit the guy : incredible strength. can you explain to me the sit,

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