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How to progress through meditation!


How to progress through meditation?

Why talk to you about meditation ?

Why is it important in karate and your life?

There is no question here of asking you to become very meditative and to meditate for hours.

However, meditation is important for your balance.

You wash your teeth every day, okay? You do it every day because you have impurities in your teeth. If you neglect this habit, your teeth will spoil.

Your mind, just like your teeth, needs to be cleaned regularly. He stores a lot of things daily. Without cleaning, your mind may saturate and you will not be able to correctly assimilate new information that arrives.

You know that in Karate, you learn a lot. You learn, you save and you store a lot of things in your head.

How the brain works

In your opinion, how does it happen inside your brain?

Imagine it as a cup of coffee. Inside, it's not coffee but dirty water that symbolizes all your thoughts that go in all directions. These thoughts are real parasites.

When you want to focus on something, the presence of these parasitic thoughts prevents you from staying focused. It's like putting clean water (your fresh new thoughts) in dirty water (your parasitic thoughts).

What is happening ? In the cup, the water is always dirty and, moreover, it overflows everywhere. You can not stay focused.

To remember the image of the cup, a little trick, think of "It's enough - it's packed! "

You must, therefore, from time to time, empty those thoughts that are in your subconscious. You will be able to give new ones and find your ability to focus on new things. And then, it's really good.

Meditation, basically, is trying to stop thinking about anything.

5 minutes a day

It's not easy, but if you meditate, even if it's only five or ten minutes before you wake up, that's enough. You close your eyes and try to put yourself in a situation where you do not think about anything anymore. Do not fight against the coming thoughts. Do not say, "No, I do not want it." You watch them go by, but you do not hang on it.

But, of course, at the beginning, you will inevitably think of something and you will automatically think. It should not last. After a while, you'll get used to saying, "I'm thinking about that". " Okay ! I do not think about it anymore.

Removing thoughts as you go will become second nature. You will realize that you have less and less.

On the other hand, you will more often say to yourself: "It's been two or three minutes since I'm not thinking about anything". It's a crazy good. You'll see, it's empty, it's really good.

Train to do that, five or ten minutes every day. Then you should find that you have a lot easier when you focus on something. When you have a task to do, a technique to learn, you will get there more easily.

Even if you have thoughts that come from elsewhere, for example after leaving your job, get in the habit of immediately putting yourself on your technique to work.

There is no question here of putting you in the "lotus" position. It's not that.

You really have to internalize all that. Listen to everything around you, but not blocking it. You hear something but you do not hang on to it, you do not think. Try to practice doing that. It's washing your mind, but it's resting. You will see that it is really beneficial for you. It will allow you to concentrate much better in karate and thus to progress.

Good start

Likewise, in your everyday life, practicing meditation will do you good. When you have a task to do, a job to do, you will be much better at staying focused. You focus on something, you empty the cup full of dirty water. You arrive with your new thoughts all beautiful and all clean. And there, you get to work, and stay focused on the goal you have.

After a vacuum during the five minutes of your meditation, you can think about it. For example, think about what you did the day before and what you have to do in the day.

Then you're gone and you get up.

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See you soon.

Here, I hope you will test the meditation because it really helps to develop concentration in your karate as well as in your everyday life.

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See you soon,

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  1. This evokes an often underestimated possibility: the hidden aspect of karate. Thinking of sport we focus on the physical side and do not consider the fact that the Orientals have added a mental training. I have the memory of a demonstration, a cocktail reserved for some "happy few", of kata on a platform by an okinawaien who had a completely hallucinated look. A bit of a kind of "amok" state. The problem with this kind of transmission is the language and the belief that what I'm talking about does not exist (which is possible).

  2. Hello dear friend Bruno,
    It is with great pleasure to read your messages, for a friendly contact and know at the same time the news.
    I thank you very much for your friendship with me.
    My warmest thanks and greetings.

  3. What a beautiful lesson that you come to give Master Bandelier, often I want to empty the head of its contents because there are too many bad thoughts that cross it despite our good will. henceforth I will embark on meditation thanks to your advice.
    It's the health of the mind
    thank you teacher

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