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How to defend yourself against aggression?


How to defend yourself - Book REPERES

How to defend yourself against aggression?

On this blog, we learn, or rather we train and we improve Karate.

However, as we already mentioned in the 20 precepts of karate-doKarate techniques that we learn are not the essence of art.

Indeed, before coming to the fight, we must try everything to avoid it.

Yes, but how to do it ? How to defend yourself In the face of danger ?

How to defend yourself against danger: Survival Guide!

Whether it's an altercation or even an assault, violence is not the only answer and it's even the last of the solutions you should consider.

To understand well, I would like to introduce you to a book, or rather a survival guide, very interesting realized by the CEETS, the Center for Studies and Teachings of Survival Techniques and which teaches us how to defend yourself against aggression.

This book is called " LANDMARKS "

  • Repérer
  • Éevaluate
  • Pcome back
  • Éavoid
  • Risks
  • En
  • Situation

It's a guide co-authored by " a group of public and private security professionals, social workers, practitioners and teachers of personal defense systems ...«

This e-book from 39 pages is a collection of basic principles to follow in order not to to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong people.

But it is also a collection of principles to follow if one finds oneself still in the wrong place, at the wrong time, etc.

You will learn how to avoid escalation towards violence during an altercation and how to guard against aggression.

How to defend against violence?

What motivates violence and how to prevent it?

This book will teach you the behaviors to adopt according to various well-defined situations:

  • Home protection,
  • Clothing and personal protection,
  • Car protection,
  • How to defend against a dog?
  • How to fight against robberies?
  • Fight against violence at work,
  • How to react in case of Hold-up, hostage-taking, kidnapping?
  • How to prevent and fight sexual assault on children and adults
  • Racket at school, terrorism,
  • Etc.

How to defend oneself: what the law says:

You will also learn the legal details of self defense and in what cases, of non-self-defense, one can be sued

In short, a very complete book which traces the main risks of violence that we are likely to encounter and how to deal with them by being aware of what is legal and what is not.

I wanted to offer you this book!

Just fill out the form below so that I can send it to you. Enjoy it's gift! Good reading !

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"How to defend yourself
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  1. Bacary DIEDHIOU at

    hello for me I find this book very interesting, and will allow me to adapt well to karate especially if it is accompanied by a teacher

  2. hello mr the master i have now downloaded the warming document .or i need the continuation of 2eme book thank you very much

  3. Thank you Bruno for sharing this book with us and for the work done on the blog.
    I take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy new year 2013.
    Good continuation,

  4. first of all a good year to all the readers and also to you my little bruno I read carefully your book it is true that who is to mark is worthy of professional
    having done 3ans of krav-maga and self defense with our master to all eric benamou I find his prevention for I say well counter this violence especially with the youngest I think we can do anything except when you see them from the to reason inteligement and especially to listen to them and to look at them with compassion it works a lot me me I was aggressed by 4 young we saw that I had good sense and self control and since then they have registered at my club voila a good approach to get back to you it's all very well that you have started continuously as I find it very useful good luck for all his and again my best wishes to you and your family if you to one.

  5. Thank you Bruno for this book full of advice!
    I hasten to download it.

    Happy holidays to everyone ! (with a little delay but the intention is there)


  6. Thank you for the gift. It's very nice. To avoid the conflict is also to avoid showing fear or aggression ... However, if the aggressor is armed and wants my necklace or my purse ... and not to my person, I give them to him: no wallet or portable is worth it for him to die. A book that gives morale!

  7. I am very happy to have this document very interesting for me, especially since I am a coach of a karate club in the national army ... it will serve me to enrich my knowledge.That is why I would have preferred to have a lot of examples in photo.

  8. This book seems interesting to me after a quick overview. Now I will read it in detail.

    In any case thank you Bruno for this gift and for your blog that is very well done and very informative.

    Very good year 2013.

  9. Superb approach, superb e-book.
    There are some good tips and tricks to avoid or face down.
    Thank you, great job, as usual.
    Sincerely Pascal.

  10. Thank you Bruno for this e-book. It is an additional tool to apprehend the risks of aggression and gives leads and relevant advice to avoid them. But it does not solve everything and then only the fight (at the end of the day) makes it possible to escape unscathed from an aggression. And there, everything is allowed: application of our knowledge in martial arts, total commitment in the fight, to be conscious of its control not to kill, and never to remain on the place after. Go to the nearest police station or gendarmerie and file a complaint. Warning: the defense must always be proportional to the attack, otherwise beware of the courts !!
    Happy New Year 2013 everyone and you Bruno.

  11. Hello bruno,
    I thank you as usual for all the work you do, I just downloaded the guide and first saw it seems very interesting, I'll tell you more once its reading is over.

  12. Thank you Mr Bruno for the Christmas present. It's interesting to have such a book at home to read it carefully. Happy new year 2013.

  13. Thank you Bruno for this e book I just browsed quickly and that seems interesting to me in terms of prevention of risk and causes of violence.

    I wish you a great 2013 year.

  14. Hello Bruno

    Thank you for this book it's true that for a karateka the most important is to avoid the fight, our worst enemy is ourselves. The martial arts allow us to do some work on ourselves in order to master us.
    I wish you a happy end of year party.

    Jean Michel-

  15. Thank you very much Mr Bruno, now I have just downloaded this book, so I have not read this book yet, but I must say that I have seen these pages a little 'flipping through the pages quickly). I must say that this is the best gift I just received at the end of the year.

  16. Hi Bruno, thank you for your gift but apparently I have a problem to download the book, I have lots of photos but not the book ??

    Have a good time in the new year !!

  17. thank you Bruno for this beautiful blog!
    even more for the guides you offer us!
    long live the! Long live the friendship through the martial arts!

  18. This ebook is certainly very interesting and surely gives good advice. But I doubt that it provides a definitive and radical answer to the problem of violence. The response to aggression, whether physical or otherwise, may have a solution that is of a different order. This question needs to be treated in depth. And its resolution constitutes an obstacle on the "dô" path that will have to be crossed anyway.

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