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How do you perceive the competition in the martial arts?


combat sportWe have just experienced magical moments with the 2012 Karate World Championships in Paris Bercy and I would like to take the opportunity to bounce on the competition in relation to the martial art and ask you a very simple question but nevertheless full of common sense and which requires a real reflection:

How do you perceive the competition in the martial arts?

Well, to be honest, it's not me who asks me the question, but Antoine Thibaut, the editor-in-chief of the Art of the Way, the free magazine on martial arts.

Indeed Antoine is doing research on "The risks of martial arts sport development".
He has already started a detailed analysis but would still need your opinion.

For this, Antoine has put online a survey (very very short) to see how the practitioners perceive the competition and the martial arts:

>>> Survey: Martial Arts and Combat Sports

You will see the poll is super short (4 questions) and completely anonymous.
(Warning: Multiple answers possible in 1 and 4 questions)

The answers, after analysis, will allow him to understand what the practitioners think of the sports development in the martial arts.

Antoine gratifies us every month of a complete magazine on the martial arts, it is up to us now to give him a little help in answering this survey. In advance, I thank you for him.

As you can understand, I prefer not to give you my opinion on the subject so as not to influence your answers.

You can of course complete your answers in a comment below. I'm sure Antoine will not fail to use it for his research.

See you soon,

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  1. Posted by Bruno BandelierNot afraid

    In any case good luck, for this championship and for your ambitious project which you spoke to me.

    I believe in you

    Normal, "Kami," you're a god!

    Burgundy kumite (Especially in senior with small young lol) and Kata (there veteran), are there only for preparation! Just to re-feel sensations, stress, see where I am technically, tactically, and correct everything, for the future and my real goal!
    Thank you for your encouragement, pity you're not here!

    But little rectification, a kami is not a god, but rather a kind of spirit!

  2. Posted by Bruno BandelierHi Bruno,
    I suspected that you would come and try to taunt me here! ch ... Ã ©!
    Veteran ... just the name, it scares us ... we who were so young ...
    Sorry I do not think I can come and put you on a flight (yes, yes, I believe it!) But I regret it
    For the feeling, you can come back to give us your opinion.
    If I can, I will come and encourage you, but I promise you nothing.

    Finally no veterans at the chpts of burgundy, so it will be senior!
    Pffff deflated lol
    And I tell you it's you who launched the thing, not me! lol

    • Hi Bruno,
      I suspected that you would come and try to taunt me here! ch ... e!
      Veteran ... just the name, it's scary ... we who were so young ...
      Sorry I do not think I can come and put you a volley (yes, yes, I believe it!) But I regret it
      For the feeling, you can come back to give us your opinion.
      If I can, I will come and encourage you, but I promise you nothing.

  3. Personally it has brought me a lot to apply the techniques learned in court. But not only.

    We also learn patience, because sometimes we can wait a long time before our turn
    We learn respect, because we have before us better, but also my experienced.
    It teaches the honor and respect of the partner.
    We learn cooperation and friendship, there is no adversary.
    We learn sharing.
    It teaches politics and rules.
    We learn humor and moments of joy.
    We learn that there is no defeat, but that experiences that make us stronger and that make us grow.

    But as in any system with rules and people not always qualified to judge, there is also a lot of injustice and cheating.

    It is interesting to have a championship at least once in your life as a practitioner, because it is only personal enrichment whatever happens.


  4. Hello everyone for me I find the interressante competition to test its stress management to see how it behaves against an opponent ect ... By cons when we train for fighting we are no longer in the martial art. In any martial art there are no rules we use all our natural means possible in case of fighting thing that we do not do n competition and fortunately because the injuries would be more than frequent.Dnc attentions to do not confuse the 2. Then with regard to the karate shotokan competition (that I practice) I find the competition far too limited in the rules what denature bocoup our martial art I think that other karate style offers much more suitable competitions to test c real combat skills. That's just my opinion

  5. actually the competition can be a danger for the technical side of the martial art but we have an opponent opposite that work the coeil ... etc
    That said the ideal would be to do as in kyokushinkai karate because we will use all the techniques of shotokan

  6. Through the competition the karateka has the opportunity to test his control of the distance and therefore his control, too far not marked point, too close contact, the right distance is the perfect feeling, the one that gives a great satisfaction because it does not hurt while knowing that a few centimeters, depending on the target is a potential knockout.

    The is the essence of karate, beyond appearances and as the control will prevail one will be more in the martial art than in the sport.

    For me, our champions are great karatekas.

  7. Answered !
    Thank you Bruno for making us live the world of karate through your blog, it was done with much passion and zeal and some "high-ranking media" would do well to take seed!
    On the debate Martial Arts / Sports "combat"; I would be downright opposed to sport drift, especially in our country where this kind of thing rotates minds fast and quickly brings hordes of revenge parents playing their life on the sidelines while their "champion kid" s 'executed. I speak knowingly, I spun a helping hand to my teacher last year on surveillance / safety at the Coupe de France Sud and what I saw in some competitors / supporters was stacking. But also because I did a lot of tennis in my childhood (again, a sport where the label is supposed to prevail) but that often seen the mentality of the people who attended the matches, I had the impression to be in a wrestling ring!
    Secondly, Karate is supposed to be an art for all, training for a lifetime. Big, big, little girls, old men ... Karate techniques should strengthen the body while doing good, increase the strength and tranquility of the practitioner and allow him, in the worst scenario, to defend himself. I do not think everyone is made for hopping thinking hours, swinging ura-mawashigeri jodan and other idiots. But, well, it would happen if we made a distinction between sport and martial art (how many clubs did I not see neglected practitioners, working a Kata unattended because the teacher was to make work type compet 'to his 2-3 most promising young? In this case, would not it be better to make the differences according to the clubs, do not deceive the barge with a "yes yes, come, c is for all, the federation says it ") only ...
    Where is Karate in this touch ?! I had the chance to practice fencing (I was doing well with the sword) in one of the only colleges in France that still had a fighting room, and it all reminds me a lot of fencing competitions! ! Straight line of displacements, commitments / feints / against, it is very agreed and there is no KIME in the techniques, it is only a matter of coming to touch as quickly as possible. Let's take the example of the France / Japan men's final: the two are rushing on, the French takes the Japanese speed by placing a tsuki (finally, by quickly putting his arm on the chest of the opponent) then dropped the Japanese who, immediately on the ground, having felt nothing, balances a handsome "survival" mawashi. The point should have returned to the Japanese, because in my opinion it's Karate!
    How to avoid the criticism that our beloved art receives after such shows? Would you go from a Chuck Norris karate to a sporty gymnastics that is often dangerous for its practitioners (just go around the karate clubs in your area and watch the beginner students practice tsuki. At most the joint arrives in abutment, the shoulder is contracted, and they are typing the 50 repetitions ... So in addition to having 0 efficiency, they hurt themselves)?!

    Attention, I do not spit on the athletes of this beautiful competition !! But hey, when we look on YouTube kumite JKA in the 60 / 70 years, we say that it was still something else (total commitment, budo spirit, need to stop the technique early if not ...). And luckily there are people like Lyoto Machida (UFC champion until 2009, son of the instructor JKA Brazil, had his nose in the Shotokan since his 5 years) or some teachers to give yet an effective version of this art. Unfortunately today, many people are looking for a martial art (ie training them in defense while having a bigger dimension, the idea of ​​quest.) And that says martial art says hard drive, rigorous, and goodness physical) and sign in clubs where cardio, they will not do much (if, perhaps, to hurt the joints and enrich the osteopaths)

    I'm not an expert on karate, but I've been told many times that it has to evolve, and these people were pushing their research to modernize the art, and that's a good thing. But we should be able to distinguish between different types of practices, and promote a little more the martial aspect of karate.

  8. And to say that some dared to criticize Taekwondo because apart from jumped on the spot the challengers did not do much. Well finally karate is not better. hihi one everywhere ball in the center

    • Hi Rick,
      I do not agree too much with your analysis. Some fights are sometimes sterile, it's true. But for the other fights, overall, it's quite complete with the use of fists, feet, projections ...

  9. for having a look at the world karate championship
    I was wary of what I saw because it did not have much to do with the app I'm learning at the dojo, except the katas that are really impressive, the fighting looks more like French boxing than karate and it is finally the one who will lift the highest leg that will gain points, I exaggerate a little, very surely even ...

  10. Martial art and competition do not mix well. We must not confuse them. The essence of Budo eliminates the competition as well as eliminates the possibility of the free fight. If I pull my sword, I know it's to kill or die. There is no other alternative. And still it is necessary that if I win I do it in the honor. Everything is said on the subject. The competition appears to barely popularize the practice, so that someone can say "I am the best". Yet the best is never the one who survives in extreme conditions. The competition brings nothing but a few small medals, some small piece of eternity that barely lasts until the next meeting. So how to shine and give free expression to personal vanity we run after these little fugitive lights. As long as it does not harm anyone, provided the competitor is happy, why deprive him of his personal pride. Between tricking his neighbor and practice to fight on a koto, of course we will encourage the second option.
    However, competition becomes pernicious when it adulterates the mind and even the technique. In competition, we prefer the aesthetic side. We work on a particular sequence that will be the perfect shot to be stuck in Kumite. Sometimes we also invent or "swallow" movements because it pleases the public.
    I do not recommend or train any of my students to compete.
    Besides, we are conducting rare sessions of free kumite. On the other hand, the fundamentals are repeated indefinitely as well as the kata, each of which chooses one according to his feeling and his suitability in such a way as to impregnate it.
    And I repeat to them: respect certain moral values ​​of justice, of loyalty and practice to be ready to give everything, or to die, if the opportunity comes one day. Considerations far removed from the lack of value, discipline and respect (I think of the recent episode of the juniors of the team of France judo in Japan) currently lamented in the sporting and competitive culture ...

  11. There is no competition in martial arts ... The question is quickly folded, if we do the competition, we do not make the martial art. After the compet 'can be interesting, as well as yoga, pilate etc ... But basically, nothing to do with the martial fight.

  12. I participated in a competition many years ago, it brought me a lot on myself, first stage before the show (who am I going to fall on?), Then scared discovering the opponent more robust, and after the start of the fight, the funk goes away to give way to a kind of rage, we are inside ...
    It's pretty bizzare, in fact we risk little and we learn a lot about even
    I think that karate is more towards a cooperation than competition side. (Cooperation at the dojo with partners ... well yes if there is deliberate violence, there are more people to spend with you).
    The competition serves amha only if it allows introspection.
    But on the other hand to see the techniques, the fights, the kata of the champions and the champions it makes vibrate ..
    I see the competition as a fencing fight (we touch it does not hurt if not fault).
    Let's not forget the spiritual side of this martial art ... a refuge for difficult days, a source of comfort and an anchor when morale is in the socks
    All this to tell you that I believe that two or more kinds of karate rub shoulders, mingle sometimes, this is what makes the charm of karate, everyone could describe in a different way this martial art and sport.
    What I fear is that in the future more and more clubs are looking for performance in defiance of Art ... ..

  13. For my experience of ex-combatant in full, I would admit that it is useful to have "lived" or useful to be able to "live" because see you are in a combat situation where the one who is in front of you "seeks" to win or neutralize you by such and such techniques, how many "times" I entered on the tatami the "fear" in the belly at the call of my name, the nagging question in my head: But what am I doing here? aouch aouch! the opponent attacks me with his fists, legs .... counter it, good or bad counterattack, shortness of breath, the team members who encourage you, the public who scrutinizes you, the coach who coaches you ... ..mille and one thing, the body that vibrates ... all these sensations: I liked to live them ...... the most that I remember from this experience was that I transcended myself when I fought in "teams", I went out at this "moment" the best of myself for the benefit of the "group" and I have concluded about my "personality" that I loved working for a "collective" and leads me to think that I am "benevolent" for others as much that these people are worth the "pain" ... to finish the fight can allow you to "discover", "unveiled" ...... be ... your "me" ... .certes, I'm talkative but I like to make my "Lived" ... that's it! .. Thank you for reading me ...... .YAME ... .YASME ..........

  14. I think competition for the martial arts is not essential but can be useful to the development of its techniques, after all depends (as Fabrice says) of the goal to seek. Personally I have never done it yet I can not judge ...

  15. I partially agree with you Fabrice the reasons to do the competition in itself are very important but in my opinion the sport development (the sporting twist that tends to take the martial arts) and therefore the development of the competition involves its lot of risk for the martial arts themselves.

  16. Hello,

    I find that the competition is a good complement to the practice of a martial art.
    Putting yourself in danger (not in the strict sense of course) allows you to learn how to manage your stress, to put into practice notions of combat strategy.
    It also makes it possible to confront strangers, who generally have less feelings than the partners of the club in which one practices.

    In the specific case of karate, the competition, by its rules, allows to develop the vivacity and "combat intelligence" without endangering "this time in the strict sense" the fighter.


  17. Personally it is not the competition itself that is to incriminate. That's why we do it. If it is for the sole purpose of defeating others then the competition is prohibited. But if it is to defeat oneself then there we are in the "Budo".

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