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Help Support for rank passage


Grade Crossing Support to download:

You are a teacher and you have probably already been confronted with the problems of grade passes in your club where you find alone in front of ten students.

It is then not easy to give instructions, to judge, to take notes ...

I made a few years ago a special print to help me during these belt passes.

Download Grade Crossing Support

Tell me where I have to send it to you

I changed it a bit lately and I thought, why not share it with ™ readers (In fact it's Thierry, one of the subscribers who gave me the idea by asking me the question by mail Thierry thank you ;-))

So I put this help document for grade passes in download area.

This is a simple Excel file. I did not protect it, so you can modify it as you please. There is surely way to improve it

It has several tabs:

  • The first tabwill allow you to have 1 printed per student. It's not bad, if you do not have a lot when you go through the ranks. The advantage is to be able to give it to the student at the end (in general, they appreciate ;-))

  • The tabs are different for each belt yellow, orange, Green, Blue et brown. They allow you to enter the results of 10 students.

Download the Grade Crossing Support:

To access the download area of ​​this very useful file, simply fill out the form below.

Download Grade Crossing Support

Tell me where I have to send it to you

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"How to succeed your grade passes"


    • Hello Ludovic,

      It is normal you are already registered since 3 years. You had received it at the time.

      By cons when you enter your name and your email you are redirected to a confirmation page and contains the link to download your file.

      Repeat and on this page, look for the link to "Grade Crossing Help File".

      See you soon,

    • Hello,
      It's an Excel file that you can modify as you see fit. Of course everyone will see in this file differences with respect to their own needs and in relation to their habits of evaluation of their students.
      Some will see missing parts, others parts are too many ... It is necessary to adapt the file to each one of you.

  1. Well I did not have the time to finish and reread that it was gone, it's the mysteries of computing :-), so I said it was interesting to consider the "Kimé" for the Brown belt.

    good luck, see you soon.


  2. Hello Bruno,
    Thank you for this working tool, I added a column "presentation" in the broadest sense of the term, apart from the yellow belt, a column "rooting" from the green belt, and a column "Kimé" for the

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