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Progressive resume of training (1 / 5)


We arrived here in August, and for most of you, it's been over a month since you stopped training.

Gradually resume training:

This forced rest is certainly excellent for recharging the batteries and regenerating the body in depth, but if you have not done any training since the end of June, it is high time to recover a little.

Overcompensation during trainingIndeed, during the rest, the body compensates and regenerates at a higher level until the next training, if you resume the training at the moment when the regeneration is at its maximum, you will progress throughout the training, c is the over-compensation, we'll talk about it again.

This progression is however not eternal and after a while, we are on a landing, and there is more progression. There may even be regression if you do not bother to rest.

The rest, a little forced, of the summer will therefore allow the body (and the head!) To rest well and to fill up with energy. But two months is too much, because the body will do the opposite, ie without training, it will get rid of the musculature and nervous connections that it no longer needs. So you have to move again to remind your body that you need your muscles and your nerve connections so that it keeps them for the back.

I schematize, of course, but the principle is pretty much there, and that's why I advise you now to resume your training gradually, otherwise you will arrive in September with a lower level than you had in June, while the purpose of the holidays is to arrive at the same level, but rested.

At first, I advise you just a few good long warm-up sessionsFollowed by stretching sessions, to familiarize you again with physical exercise.

Then gradually, you will resume training a little more targeted revising your kata, just to make your brain work again. You can also follow a bodybuilding program, without forcing too much at the beginning and also do some 1 or 2 cardio sessions a week by doing bike rides (from 1 to 2 hours) or running (from 30 min to 50min) according to your preferences. If it's too hard, a forest walk is very good too.

In short, the principle is that it is necessary to restart the machine gradually while having fun. The goal is not to progress and to make exploits (we are not at the Olympics :-)) but to arrive in top form in September, batteries loaded block.

And food matters?

The answer is clearly yes. Food plays a vital role in training, more than we think.

Even if it is very pleasant, it will be necessary to limit to the minimum the beer regime, barbecue which will kill all your efforts of trainings: Make you pleasures but without excess.

As for training, the key word will be: Moderation.

It's summer, enjoy to the maximum to eat the fruits and vegetables of the garden. It's so good. In fact, the more healthy and nutritious products you eat, the more your body will fill up and the less you will need to eat a lot. You can also enjoy your holidays by the sea to eat fresh fish. Avoid ready-made dishes, and sodas are your worst enemies.

In short, choose good products, simple, fresh and have fun.

Ask for the program:

To help you a little I will give you a small program of 5 weeks spread over 5 articles (this one being the first) to arrive in September at the door of the dojo, fresh as a roach and ready for a recovery in the best conditions:

Week N ° 1:

Monday : Full heating up + Upper body stretches - Go slowly and gradually. Stay tuned for your body and your feelings.

Tuesday : Repos

Wednesday : Full heating up + 20 min running ou 40 bike min. If running 20 min is too difficult for you, no worries, you alternate running and brisk walking. The goal is not to exhaust you. You must end your session with the feeling of being able to start again without problem. Do not force. When you run, do not run out of breath, you must be able to speak. If it's too breathless, stop, walk a little, and resume less quickly.

Thursday : Repos

Friday : Full heating up + Stretches to free the hips - Find gently the mobility of your hips so dear to Karateka.

On Saturday: Repos (and gently on sausages and merguez ;-))

Sunday: Repos ou marche (1 to 2 hours)

Here you can start right now and I'll find you next week for the rest of your recovery training.

Good week


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  1. Hello Bruno;
    my problem Bruno that until today I could not take rest because if I stop the training I do not feel comfortable; of course it's not the same level of the year but without stopping.
    is it bad for me Bruno to continue with this level for the return in September?
    Thank you in advance for Bruno's advice.

    • Bruno Bandelier at


      No it's not bad, especially if you've got your foot up. Each person is different and if you feel better by continuing to train a little, do like that.

      You can stop a few days to be in good shape at the beginning but it is not mandatory.

      The important thing is your feeling. If you feel better, it's better for you.


  2. Hello Bruno,

    In our dojo Brantome Karate Do in the Dordogne, we are lucky to have our sensei Saied Maleki all summer to train us Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    Little question:
    Should we stand up to face the back to fitness and avoid overtraining, or should we continue to train like other days of the year?

    Thank you for your valuable advice!



  3. Greetings devilishly friendly to all!
    Following this program gives me even more desire that courses resume!
    Is it normal if I find these exercises a day a little short? (1 hour at most)
    Good afternoon to all.

    • Hello Eldiabloto,
      The exercises that I put you are short, it is true and it is normal because they come to register in a phase of rest.
      The goal here is not to progress from the end of June, but to arrive in September with the same level as in June.
      But of course I do not know the level of each of you and if for you it's too short, listen to your body and increase the sessions a little but always with the aim of being in good shape at the start of the school year.

  4. very interresting but me the holidays is tonight lol

    thank you for the program I will do a lot of walking during the month of August and diet side I think my mom who loves vegetables we have booked at least 5 per day lol. will remain the stretching and the work of the kata.

    good holiday purposes (or start according) to all.

  5. Thank you, I will look at you all the time. I have not completely stopped, just the minimum ... .do it I must get back!

  6. Hello Bruno and thank you for worrying about us.
    For my part since the end of June (closing the club until 03 / 09 / 12)
    I continued training 2 once a week with a friend of the club at the seaside because at the end of the season at the pot holiday
    we thought that we would lose everything we had
    acquired during the season. That's why we decided to
    do 01h30 training at each session (relaxations,
    muscu, cardio and revision of kata). I can tell you that we
    is good because we are more flexible and I gained muscle in the
    leg level and abdo and flexibility in the hips.
    Good holiday and Bruno still welcome for your advice.

  7. Hello and thank you !

    I am also waiting for the continuation of the program because I have not allowed myself to rest since the end of the season (is serious Doctor?).



  8. Hi Bruno!

    It's nice to find your articles! Once again, we feel the excellent advice ... That I have unfortunately not followed at all this summer, training regularly enough (so I recovered?!) And with rudeness. My favorite exercise? Kion series (especially for working Zenkutsu-dachi) see Katas with 4 kg of dumbbells in each hand. For the muscu, it is effective, and it helps to find some sensations, after I avoid doing too much, it can be counterproductive!

    I would have liked to have your opinion on training at Makiwara, on the net it is usually shared between it's great and authentic / it's prehistoric and dangerous. I must say that I would like to install a heavy bag at home but I do not have the space or the means, while the Makiwara, which I already have half of the ingredients, would be really ideal to work Seiken (precision, angle, focus, energy, because if I'm doing well with some techniques like Shuto or Age-Uke, I've never been good at punching myself). Of course you must not go like crazy!

    Good recovery of training to you (and good luck if in addition, you resume the triathlon! It should not be easy to mix the 2, it takes a sacred mind



    • Hello Maxime,
      For your training everything depends on the rest time that you spend between each session. If you feel good and you always progress it's good otherwise you need rest. katas with alters it is not very good because you do not use the same muscles as for the classic techniques. It is better that you separate musculature and karate.
      For the makiwara you're right it's really good for the precision and the maintenance of the wrist. But in the beginning, go sweet.

  9. Thank you Bruno for this follow-up in our sporting life (and that even during the holidays !!) For my part, I wait for 2eme week impatiently because even on vacation, I can not spend a day without walking or running ... .j I need to move as a smoker will need his cigarette ... .but I think that on this site of sportsmen I would not be the only one to say it ....!
    Good holiday to all,
    sportingly. Married

  10. Hello Bruno,
    I was thinking about you because I just started my Karate internship in La Clusaz with Jean-Pierre Richardeau. We are 16, from the yellow belt to 4ème dan. We do not do the same work as during the year. The course focuses on energy, breathing and kimite kions. Karate is from 9 to 12 and from 17 to 19 we have Chi Kong, which in terms of energy and breathing is complementary.
    That's why this week I will not do your training !!!
    But from next week I will follow him.
    Finally thank you for this follow-up that you offer us even during the holidays.
    From La Clusaz

  11. Thank you Bruno! you think about ourselves on vacation ... you're great. I ended up in green in June, and it's true that I will not like to have a lower level than the resumption in September! I will follow your advices. a +

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