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Goal : 2020 pumps


Goal : 2020 pumpsAn experience that will probably serve you:

Do you limit yourself in your goals?

Do you have a strategy when you have an ambitious goal to reach?
Whether for your goals in karate or other areas of your life,
the principles that help stay motivated to succeed are the same.
Nothing like a personal example to illustrate my words.

There is 10 or 15 years, we were looking for challenges for our participation in the Telethon that was to take place 2 or 3 months later.
As the money raised was destined for the Neuro 2020 Association, I proposed the idea of ​​making 2020 pumps for the duration of the Telethon.
I had chosen this goal without knowing how I was going to achieve it.
Knowing that I was having trouble making 20 or 30, I started to ask myself some questions:
Will it take the 2 days Telethon and especially: is it possible?
Unconsciously, in choosing this objective, I was not self-limiting.
Deep within me, I knew it was possible because I felt I had already achieved similar goals. Use my technique and you will increase your chances of achieving your goals.

That's how I did:

1) Set a goal and determine your steps.

It's the psychological preparation that will help you stay on course.
In life, when you have something you want, do not be afraid to set ambitious goals. Aim even beyond what you think is possible.
Looking at the purpose of 2020 pumps, I could have said: it's impossible, no one has done.
By carving out my goal in smaller steps, I started to tell myself that it could still be done. I also remembered that working on one's stamina means working on one's perseverance.
Once you are convinced yourself, think about the tools you will use to reach your goal. Let's move on to practice.

2) Engage the action.

If you do not start anything, how to feel what will work and what will get stuck. You will see further why starting is essential.

In my challenge, the action to take was the test of my endurance. I had to know already how many pumps I could do.
To know my abilities, I started by doing 10 pumps the morning 1er, 11 the 2ème and so on to get to 50. I managed to make a series of 50 pumps in a row but I needed 3 minutes of recovery before starting a new series of 50.

3) Do a self-evaluation of your action:

Study how you operate When I do this, it happens. For my pumps, I managed to make series of 50 immediately but I needed 3 minutes of recovery before starting a new series of 50. Then, I noticed that doing a series of 10 with a 20 recovery at 30 seconds was really easier and less tiring.

Then sort out the effective actions from those that are less effective.
My self-analysis of my practice of pumps allowed me to choose the method that I found the most effective: the series of 10 pumps.

What is missing from your actions?
To succeed in my challenge and develop my stamina, I needed to recover between two sets of pumps. While experimenting, I felt that I missed an optimal position to better recover. That's why
I chose to put myself in seiza.

What to remove
To achieve my challenge, I needed to reduce 50 to 10 pumps per series to maintain the optimal conditions I had experienced.

- What will you modify in your next steps to improve yourself constantly in order to reach your goal more easily?

I did the 2020 Pumps Challenge two years in a row and the first year I put 1 time and 42 minutes. The second year, continuing to do my self-assessment, I improved and I did it in 1 30 hour minutes.

It's your turn.

That's my experience and I can assure you that everyone can do it. You may do it slower or faster. What is certain is that with a specific goal, will and training, you will always achieve your goals.

Karate-do is the way of the empty hand. Once you have set a goal, you have to find the way to reach it and go to the end. Do not go to the right or the left saying "No, today I do not do".

In conclusion, whether your goal is the yellow belt, orange, green, blue, brown, black or more, you now know the general method to finally reach it.

To go faster and discover your next rank in detail, click here.

Here are the friends, I hope that your summer is going as you want and that you will be at the top for the return.

See you soon,

The video of my 2020 pumps:

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  1. Spiritual exercise
    We are not always conscious of the fact that our life is, to a large extent, the result of what we believe possible, of our recomposed memories, of our interpretation of the moment. In addition, with age we shrink because the experience is often the story of our bullshit, which leads to excessive caution. But if we go back upstream of what happens to us, realizing that shame, envy, fear, ... are nourished by our consent, we find a kind of emptiness, full of possibilities. is not accessible if one wants to "go back with his boots to Paradise" as Gurdjieff said. (author who has to influence H.PLee). We find ourselves in front of a soothing indeterminacy.

    Having goals is good but we must not forget that when we reach his target, we are sure to have missed everything else. The best is to do what you like without too much focus on goals that lengthen the distance. I happened to 26 km on foot and it becomes nice if we take advantage of the landscape and less if we say 19,18, 17 ... the distance then stretches as for the turtle of Zenon.

    To do what ?
    I am fascinated by adults, older also, whom I rub shoulders who want to pass grades always in search of approval of others, without asking too much about the value of the latter. Why decide according to others, while today we gargle words like "emancipation", "self-creation" ..and that we have never been so gregarious (social networks follow us into the toilet) as Putin would say).

    The ghost ball
    The social is we say "ha I looked con" or "ha I was top" and we are happy or not as if the event had marked the spirits. Mentally summoned witnesses who do not exist, because most people have nothing to do with others being themselves caught in their little inner cinema. In fact, we imagine ourselves in the place of a witness who does not exist. It is we who replay the scene, the room is empty ...

    Boring standards
    To conclude, it is by making that possible unfolds, like the paths in the grass created by many steps. I believe that there is a "path to the heart" (Castaneda) that can lead us without force where we have no idea, but difficult to find if we follow others. Thus karate can become an original practice, if we connect it to other needs, but after a certain course, we go beyond the norms of the FD, of a socially accepted activity. Do we know an old master who is the copy of another?

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