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France in Gold at the 2012 Karate World Championships


Team France Men's World Champion Karate 2012French athletes literally exploded the medal counters for the 2012 Karate World Championships this weekend in Paris Bercy.

Sunday night, the men's French team finishes the competition by winning the team gold medal against Turkey with a masterful fight by Mathieu Cossou.

This is the 7e gold medal won by France on the 16 distributed at the 2012 Karate World Championships.

French karate dominated the competition by winning 13 medals including 7 in gold.

Paris Bercy under tricolor vibrations:

French Women's Karate Team 2012 World ChampionThe girls have just been magical and come back all covered with gold winning 5 World Champion titles including 4 in Individual and 1 in Team.

The boys did not despair with 2 title of world champion, the team and that of the new icon of French Karate, Kenji Grillon in -84kg

In kata, France also shone with the two silver medalists from Sandy Scordo and Minh Dack and the two bronze medals of the women's and men's teams.

The Palais Omnisports of Paris Bercy was a perfect opportunity for our tricolor athletes to show their talent in front of their public.

They dreamed it, they did it.

Results of the France team at the 2012 Worlds:

The medalists are:


Kenji Grillon World Champion Karate 2012Female athletes fighting

- Alexandra Recchia (-50kg) - Gold medals
- Lucie Ignace (-55kg) - Gold medals
- Lolita Dona (-61kg) - Gold medal
- Tiffany Fanjat (-68kg) - Bronze medal
- Nadège Ait Ibrahim (+ 68kg) - Gold medal

- Female team fight: Alexandra Recchia / Dona Lolita / Tiffany Fanjat / Emily Thouy - Gold medal

Male athletes fighting

- William Rolle (-67kg) - Bronze medal
- Kenji Cricket (-84kg) - Gold medal

- Men's Wrestling Team: Kenji Grillon / Nadir Benaissa / Mathieu Cossou / Salim Bendiab / Azdin Rghioui / Logan Da Costa / Ibrahim Gary - Gold medal


Sandy Scordo Kata Silver MedalIndividual athletes Kata

- Sandy Scordo - Silver medal
- Minh Dack - Silver medal

Team Kata Athletes

- Women's kata team: Clotilde Boulanger / Sonia Fiuza / Jessica Hugues - Bronze medal
- Men's Kata Team: Jonathan Plagnol / Jonathan Maruani / Romain Lacoste - Bronze medal

Congratulations to the French team and congratulations to the organizers of the competition who showed that Karate too was able to fill Paris Bercy and make it vibrate for 4 days.

A big thank you for these moments of happiness.


PS: Relive the highlights of the 2012 Karate World Championships in Paris Bercy

>>> Video Selection of the 2012 Karate World Championships

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  1. Hello Bruno!
    I had the chance to work at Bercy during the 5 days of the world championships. I was positioned at a place where I could work and watch everything from beginning to end. (I was with the hostesses at the breach c, the staircase leading to the boxes.) A big metis ball a zero can be you saw me ...
    What a delight for me who practices shotokan. I speak and shake hands of experts and former French champions, the presidents of the French federations, the great masters of Japan and Okinawa ... ooh that happiness.
    There were three moments that really marked me: the final kata of the Japanese, the bunkai of the French team of kata and the parade of all participating countries. And you ?
    Thanks again for all that you bring us in your blog and I hope that one of these days, we will have the pleasure to follow your lessons on the kata of 2eme Dan and their bunkai thus the defenses and against attacks of uke during an ippon kumite ...
    thank you again for all.


    • Hello Moussa,
      You really had a lot of luck to find yourself so in the front row. Many people would have liked to be in your place, I'm sure.
      Personally I only attended the eliminatory Wednesday and I especially liked the atmosphere of Paris-Bercy ...

  2. Thank you Bruno for sharing with us these fabulous moments in pictures. Thank you to the competitors and congratulations to the winners. Being a beginner I am impressed by the delivery of KATA Sandy Scordo and minh Dack are admirable technically in their performance and in addition it is beautiful to see. I admit that I also have a soft spot for Rika USAMI ...
    Good training to all there is work ...

    • The number of medals is inversely proportional to the TV media coverage ...
      They were fun, they wanted to win and I think they respected and trusted their coach ....
      Uh ... what's the football ...? (do not be angry, it's for fun ...)
      Congratulations to all ... Thank you again for the show, the atmosphere and the medals.

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