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Exclusive interview of Johnny Gence Senseï


Interview_Johnny_GenceI told you that, already over a month ago, in the report of the Karate-Club de Langres internshipJohnny Gence Sensei did me the honor of accepting an interview, and I was not disappointed.

To be honest, I was very surprised because I did not expect him to reveal himself in front of the camera. I will start this article by thanking him and making him a little bow:

I set a common thread for this interview which was:
"Get answers based on the experience of a karate expert to questions that all beginners ask themselves, to allow them to overcome certain blockages. "

-> So at first I asked my guest to to present oneself.
- Did you know that Sensei Gence was Champion of France 2010 Kata et Fight of his Federation (FFST) (and without losing a single point!)?
- And that he had arrived 3I at the Shotokan World Cup last year at Lons le Saunier?
-> Johnny then told us about his health problems (The doctors did not think he would live.) When he was a child in Reunion and his fights with repetitions.
He explains to us how the practice of karate helped him to get by and to overcome all these obstacles of life.
-> Johnny will also speak with great emotion and respect Master Nishiyama, founder of the ITKF (International Traditional Karate Federation).
He will explain what traditional karate is, and why evolution is part of the tradition.
-> We will then talk about Pedagogy in Karate, the use of videos (I wanted to know what he thought, because it concerns me directly ;-)) in learning, his Golden Puki 2004 on Kwoon Info ...
But I will not reveal everything here ;-), I let you discover by yourself on the video (46minute! Ah anyway !?!)

>>> Download the video

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    Another Johnny to question, which is a true Martialist art
    His explcations on the real combat that seems to him familiar and the good use of uraken in 1: 40.


    My experience is that karate in the 70 years had the reputation of rogue sport and was more popular with the lower classes. Some do not hesitate to be hired as a bouncer to test their skills. Then when one is not at a high level of society have thought only to have his fists to be respected, which is a mistake, because scare is not inspire respect. The Japanese being Eastern gentlemen, they had a beneficial influence, being able to be respected by the force contained.

    It seems that as in the Japanese martial arts which developed in other social strata, after the Meij era and have been transformed, there has been the same phenomenon in karate where the popular layers are more towards sports fighting and karate is much more developed among tertiary executives. Moreover, generations do not have the same codes.

  2. Hello Bruno,

    THANK YOU for your work and especially the time you share with us (netizens) unknown and information-eaters. Thanks to Johnny for agreeing to share this interview. That's good, it makes you want to move forward in karate.

  3. Hello Bruno,

    Surprised yes, me too !!! I find that this interview is very rewarding for all, first of all on the human level, then on the psychological analysis of Karate Dô, the one who builds and rebuilds.
    I really liked Johnny's attachment to the Shotokan style, and to those who transmitted him, while remaining very open, as well as his vision of the competition.
    I wish Johnny a lot of success for the future.
    Friends, and thanks to both of you.
    @ +, Mark.

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