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Download all videos on your PC!


Download all KBN videos on your PC

Coming soon, a platform for downloading videos from KBN!

More and more of you are using KBN for your workouts at home, and I'm delighted.

However you are also more and more numerous to ask me to receive the videos at home, directly on your PC.

Indeed, for some, you can not train properly at home because you simply have trouble reading videos on the blog :

  • The videos are inaccessible, because of incompatibility with Youtube or Daylimotion ..
  • You have a connection problem (low speed, videos that jerk or pauses ...)
  • You do not have no connection internet at home (or at your place of training (ex: on vacation, ...), or your connection is limit (eg 3G connection)
  • You do not have not enough space in front of your computer, whereas you would have in front of the big screen TV of the show
  • You can not not slow motion, freeze frame, backtrack, ...
  • You have some Sick of ads on videos ...

Some of you even wrote to me to do DVDs and that I put them on sale.

The big problem with DVDs is that with the 10h of videos already present on KBN, this represents about 5 DVD.

In addition, I add enough often, and suddenly sold DVDs would never be up to date.

So I decided to do otherwise and give you the ability to download videos directly to your PC.

You will have:

  • The possibility of play offline videoswhere you want, when you want,
  • The videos will be played more fluid and seamless, (No more untimely picture stops during training ...)
  • No need to look for wifi access, or any network ... (You can even bring your videos to the club ...)
  • You can create yourself DVDs to play videos on your TV,
  • You can bring your videos on your smartphone ou your tablet,
  • You will be able to make freeze frames, slow motion, backtracking ...
  • You will not be more disturbed by the ad...

For that, I created a download platform on a new site where you will find ALL videos from ™.

I have not finished creating this platform yet but it should be ready in a few weeks, the time for me to finish the last settings.

The download platform will be hosted on the subdomain " downloads From ™ at the following address:

You can gold and already go to register on waiting list in order to be the first served.
So, I'll let you know as soon as the platform is available.

Here is already a small overview:

KBN Video Download Platform

What do you think? Not bad is not it?

See you soon,

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  1. Hello Bruno,

    excellent initiative!

    it is true that learning karate nomad can only help!

    and congratulate you on your first article as a journalist!

    good luck for the future (by the way, if you have questions in terms of copyright, do not hesitate, I just validated a doctoral thesis in the field).



  2. Good evening Bruno! it's a really great idea to download the videos, all you have to do is wait for the download platform.
    Thank you for all the time and patience you take to help us with your many valuable tips.
    Thanks again and see you soon.
    Vittorio and Luca

  3. OK Bruno great idea to be able to download the videos
    I wait to see the end of your last settings to see how it works and to know if it will be free or not
    thanks again for the time you spend doing all this
    A + on KBN

  4. Thank you. I'm waiting to see the end of your last adjustments to see how it works and how to enjoy it for free. On my side I think do like you in our Dojo in Montelimar. To film myself, to show what I have learned, to talk about other things and to complement your teaching. The best is that I start teaching one or more students who would be interested in "our" karate do body practice practice combining efficiency and other qualities. Thank you Bruno.

  5. Hello or Good evening, I say Congratulations and a big thank you for this platform. Again this shows your dedication and your continued work for this Blog which is Karate-blog. I think it's a great idea, I can not wait to see this platform.
    Keep it up and good luck

  6. Bruno,
    I watch very regularly your videos, which are a very useful complement to my neophyte training, thank you for your work that combines humility and pedagogy. The purpose of this email is to know what specific exercises you recommend to progress at the level of kicks whether for the stability of the support or the "straightness" of the leg that strikes?
    looking forward to reading you and seeing your videos,

  7. ok bruno super I register quickly! it is very difficult to go out each time to watch the videos; c more practical also according to the place available at home .... thank you !

  8. Bravo Bruno and thank you for creating a download platform for all your videos, I have already sent your site to some of my students and encourages them to register on



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