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Video N ° 1: "Why a download platform for KBN! "

As I told you, our video download platform project for KBN is ready soon.
Following the polls I published in the last few months, many of you have asked me questions or made suggestions to help me build this KBN download platform project.
So I redoubled my efforts and took into account all your answers in order to set up a project Premium which corresponds to your expectations.
For months, I have worked hard to design with you this download platform project that will quickly download all videos of KBN, current and future, to allow karate workouts at home even offline.
This project will allow even faster progression in his karate.
The project is almost complete and is starting to take shape seriously.
So, I can already announce this:
official opening
the new download platform
le 19 / 12 / 2013!
I can not reveal too many details for now but I promise you that it will be a big event for KBN!
In the meantime, I decided to offer you some videos to get to know you better with this new download platform, and also so you can participate in laying the last stone, before the inauguration of 19 / 12.

In this series of videos, I will take you to the heart of the platform download so you understand all the benefits it can bring to Karateka, in their training and their search for perfection!

I'll explain in detail why I created this platform and how I designed it with the help of all KBN readers!
I still have some finishing touches to make this platform perfect and this series of videos, which I'm shooting for you, will allow me to know your latest reviews.
Your help is welcome !
If you want to participate in the implementation of the last stone of the new download platform for KBN, look at this video 1ère and leave your comment under the video. This will help me to perfect this project.
Together, we will create a high-end download platform, which will make it possible to download all the videos of the blog as well as the future videos in a very simplified way. We can access the platform easily and quickly and we can navigate in an environment
Intuitive and user-friendly to view videos and download them in 2 maximum clicks to enjoy at home simply ... without the need for internet connection.
With this platform you will be able to boost your progress thanks to the in-depth study of all karate techniques, Kata, Kihon ... directly from your home!
see you soon,
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