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The ABC of warm-ups: How to make effective warm-ups? ™, allows you to practice at home with video karate lessons. But you must know that before each training, you need to warm up your body and especially, your joints, your musculature and your cardiovascular system. Otherwise, your training will be ineffective.

To make your life easier, I developed a simple method which will allow you to warm up at home very easily and especially effectively.

I make you cadeau.

You will see why you should warm up, what parts of the body, and especially how to do and how to forget anything.

You have a doubt, are you wondering if the warm-ups are really useful and if it's not a waste of time?
Watch the short video above, I answer your questions.

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As usual, I added to the book, as a bonus, a video of 30 min with full advice and exercises.

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  1. Hello Bruno,
    Thank you for the different e-books and also the videos you give us for free to improve the practice of karate. for my part, I started karate at the age of 30 years just to do the sport. But 10 years later, I became passionate about this noble practice.
    Many thanks for your advice that help us move forward
    See you soon

  2. Hello,
    I tried several times to register but without success. I still have nothing in my email inbox. Help me!!!!

  3. Hello Bruno,

    Thank you for this small booklet rich in information, as well as for your passion for karate that you share with us.
    After 4 years of practice in aikido, I decided to take the plunge and put myself in karate, martial art that suits me the more I find.
    As much to say that your videos are of a precious help for the beginner that I am and who must relearn everything.
    A big thank-you !!!

  4. Hello;

    thank you very much for accepting me as a member of your site. It's very interesting. I wish you good health.


  5. Extraordinary, I discover thanks to an email from Laurent Chenot (Claude Cléret) your work and your offer; I saw an impeccable video on the warm ups and I look forward to discovering more ...
    I am admiring of the spirit of the DO; I attended the tatami mats a few decades ago.
    thanks again

  6. First of all a big thank you for your generosity by having created this blog and congratulations for your very clear videos.
    You really fell right! I started karate a few weeks ago and I was a little demoralized, seeing I questioned my choice for this activity. Thank you for the hope you give to beginners. See you soon.

  7. BEN ABDEREMANE Mohamed at

    Hello Bruno,

    To tell the truth, I did not practice karate. My daughter has just started practicing karate. And I intend to start doing it too. The worry is that I'm too slow when it is to make movements of the body, so I began to search on the net a site that can help me learn about what is karate . I hope I can start learning some movements to help my little girl and myself before joining my daughter's karate club.

    I had forgotten: I am on Mayotte, France overseas. In any case, I thank you very much for your initiative.

    Sincerely Mohamed

  8. hi bruno

    I have 45ans and I made at my age a crazy bet
    I am asmatic I never did any sport of my life and so I will put my karate from September on the one hand motivates my son who has 10 years and who has just got his belt jaunplue and secondly because I wanted to put myself in sport more I want to get the black belt no matter how many years I would put it is not a crazy bet ca ????
    thank you bruno for all these tips
    ps my karate teacher is called jacques he is black belt 6 eme dan one lives in briancon maybe you know him ???

    • Hi Jean-Marc,

      I just answered you on your other comment: here

      Yes, it's a crazy bet, but it's quite achievable and it's going to make you crazy. But even if this challenge seems to you huge for the moment, believe me, it is quite feasible and even starting at 45 years you can without problem reach the black belt and even more. But it will be work. Do not give up and go up the stairs one by one, and it'll be fine. Good luck.

      I do not know your teacher, but I know a little Briançon for having had a ski vacation and for having spent several times cycling during the Triathlon of Embrun (93, 94 and 2008). Very good memories!


  9. it's been a year since I practice karate shotokan, I am at 4eme kyu, and I discover a lot of changes in my life, physically and spiritually, I regain bcp in vitality, which determines me to go from the front is like a drug for me!

  10. Hello Bruno,

    thank you for sharing with us (casablancais) your experience !!
    thank you to bypass the borders and make available to the world your expertise with so much kindness.

    thanks again and good luck

  11. sakamssa sidibe at

    Thank you Sensei very much, your video and your karate book my very high level.
    I am black belt 1er dan, I prepare for my 2éme dan.
    I was born the 05 January 1985 in Dakar Senegalese nationality.
    I would also like to have books on basic and advanced kihon.
    thank you oss sensei

  12. thank you Bruno for this book he allowed me to enter my home feel nothing forget and not hurt me during lessons thank you very much

    • Hello,
      Simply enter your name and email in the form to download the ABC of warm ups and you will have access to the entire download area and you will receive the information that I send you by mail.
      A + Bruno

    • Hello Aziz,
      Simply enter your first name and your email to download the ABC of warm ups and you will have access to the entire download area and you will receive the information that I send you by mail.

  13. I think you explain very well your kata I started taking karate lessons and I like it

    I thank you and it helps me a lot for my practice

    Thank you

  14. I myself am a shotokan-style karate-do practitioner, and would like to establish my basic knowledge of warm-up techniques for the courts I will be giving in less than a month.

  15. I am very happy to be able to access your courses, younger I did judo then karate method shotocan. I had to stop for lack of injury and it was good x years later to visualize your courses.
    Even if I can not redo the movements, it makes me feel good morally.
    Thank you for your dedication to others who is part of the Karateka spirit.

  16. Ana Marina Vrabec at

    Hello Bruno,
    You have written the instructive book and vivid video measurement. The main principles are explained all the exercises that are still going on and are used for beginners and those with experience. The book and video deserve extraordinary attention. Thank you!

  17. Good evening everyone! Here is a cqn of intelligent, great book and well structured it really pleased me, it allows to give young people motivated by their passion, and to progress all along their Karateka journey.

    Thank you Bruno and good luck.

  18. Hello, a big thank you for your booklet and your video that brought me a lot,
    It is very well explained and it gives ideas.
    Your blog deserves to be known I think a link on our site of the club.
    Thank you and good luck.

  19. Hello,
    thank you for this booklet, nothing to say a complete and well structured method thank you again for sharing your knowledge and congratulations for the blog!
    See you soon !

  20. Hi,
    Thank you for the advice you give to practitioners. It's rare to find people like you who offer advice without expecting anything in return.
    Good continuation.
    Best regards.

  21. Hello Bruno,

    Thank you for the booklet, well structured, well written and well explained, and for the video that allows you to implement all these principles through typical exercises.

    It is true that sometimes, we tend to forget certain parts of the body, by negligence, lack of time or simply ignorance of our anatomy. So we shoot the machine, and usually after a while, it breaks ..

    Having personally some back problems, I think that even outside of the workouts, I will take some elements of daily, without forcing, just to maintain the machine

    Again thank you for sharing all this through your site!

    See you soon !

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