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Qi Gong and Karate, is it compatible?

I propose today a guest article written by Gilles DONGUY, teacher of Qi Gong, graduate of the European Institute of Qi Gong (IEQG) and the Federation of Teachers of Qi Gong and Energy Art (FEQGAE), practitioner of Medicine Traditional Chinese ...


Japanese lexicon of the perfect Karateka

Japanese lexicon in video of the perfect Karateka: If you start karate, or if you have trouble with the different Japanese technical terms used in karate, this Japanese lexicon video of the perfect Karateka is for you.

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Progress in Karate thanks to progress!

Upgrade to Karate with the advancement of technology: KBN's download platform allows you to take video karate lessons for your personal workouts, anywhere, anytime, where there is no connection ...


I answer your questions in Live!

In this 3ème video, I answer all your questions live and I take you on a virtual trip in the heart of the video download platform of ™! In the previous videos, I explained to you ...

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Download all videos of KBN!

Video N ° 1: "Why a download platform for KBN! As I told you, our video download platform project for KBN is coming soon. Following the polls that I published for a few months you have ...


How to learn Karate in his living room!

Learn karate in his living room! You probably think that learning karate in your living room is not possible. . I suggest you read the article I wrote on Masterfight, the martial arts and sports magazine of ...


Kata Bunkai avec Johnny Gence Sensei

(Video at the end of the article!) 07 / 04 / 2013: For the second time, Johnny Gence Sensei came to do an internship at my club in Langres. It was a real success, not only thanks to the performance of Johnny, but also ...


You are all capable of succeeding

(If you are in a hurry, go right to the last paragraph of the article, I made you a video to download!) Dear Readers, I am writing this article today to tell you that I am sincerely sorry . ...


The history of Karate, clear and crisp

The history of Karate ... ... is very controversial and subject to many controversies. Indeed, there is very little writing on karate and its origins and it is very difficult for a purist to know exactly the truth about ...


Contraction and relaxation in the martial arts!

Note: I propose today a guest article, written by Fabien Noël, author of the Passion Martial blog. I let him introduce himself. Hello, I'm Fabien Noël from the Passion Martial blog. I am passionate about Martial Arts and Sports ...

Diverse Caligraphy of 20 Precepts of Gichin Karateo Funakoshi

The Twenty Precepts of Karateo

Master Gichin Funakoshi in his quest to guide the karate practitioner has left us a collection of 20 precepts to apply daily. Any karateka must follow its basic principles which are just as important if not ...