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Japanese lexicon of the perfect Karateka

Japanese lexicon in video of the perfect Karateka: If you start karate, or if you have trouble with the different Japanese technical terms used in karate, this Japanese lexicon video of the perfect Karateka is for you.


Upper body stretches

Upper Body Stretches: After stretches to free the hips, where we've seen quite a few exercises to stretch the pelvic girdle and legs, here's a video of exercises that you can do to stretch the entire pelvis ...


Stretching to free the hips

Stretching to free the hips: In the video of Mawashi Geri, I promised you a video on specific stretches for kicks. So I have prepared a video on the stretching of the belt ...

Passage of grade

Help Support for rank passage

Support for grade passage to download: You are a teacher and you have probably already faced the problems of passing the ranks in your club where you find alone in front of a dozen students. It is not…


Video N ° 1: the ABC of warm-ups

Here is a video of 30 minutes that I have prepared with many exercises and tips for successful warm ups and therefore your workout. To understand the exercises, it is best to read the book "...


Download the ABCs of warm-ups

The ABC of warm-ups: How to make effective warm-ups? ™ allows you to practice at home with video karate lessons. But you must know that before each training, you need to warm up your body and ...

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