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Press release (February 2016)


Martial art as a vector of well-being, emotional calm and inner serenity: karate3G ™

While France will host the 5 at 8 next May the European Championships, karate is doing well. With more than 240 000 licensed in 2014-2015, almost a third of them women, the French karate federation is the first in the world in terms of licensees. But, besides its sporting dimension, it is also because this discipline corresponds to a true lifestyle, guaranteeing an inner well-being, that it knows so much success.

Indeed, his practice is not restricted to confirmed athletes. Men, women, children or seniors, people with disabilities, wanting to lose weight ... everyone can get started and benefit from its physical and mental virtues.


karate3G ™: A Dojo on the internet to learn the way of the empty hand, karate

Thanks to a practice adapted to its possibilities, each one can realize a work of internal construction bringing calm emotional, concentration and self-confidence.

Indeed, the Buddhist influence at the origin of karate refers to philosophical and meditative conceptions of let go ". In this sense, it becomes a tool for managing stress and a way to distance oneself from one's worries. As such, karate tends to control the body but also the spirit.

To progress faster, there is a new and effective approach: the karate3G ™ method

This training platform, unpublished in France, allows to deepen this gymnastics for body and mind by training at home, at its own pace, whatever its level.

The concept is accessible to all those who wish to practice this practice, already more than 16000 people follow the advice and video lessons provided by the Sensei Bruno Bandelier.

The karate teacher of the net who creates his own videos

Bruno Bandelier has been practicing karate for over 20 years. This karate professor, 3ème dan, holds the DEJEPS and teaches karate since 15 years.

This experience allows him to propose a method of learning karate completed and detailed. Indeed, from 10 to 30 minutes each, his classes allow to train to evolve from the white belt to the black belt, and even beyond ...


His online karate classes are for everyone:

I do the lessons personally on each video to allow both karatekas to progress much faster and those who do not karate to discover it.

From the beginner to the black belt, the karate3G ™ method dispenses the keys necessary to enjoy the benefits of karate. Whether you want to learn to tie your belt or revise a kata, there is something for everyone, from karatekas to karate clubs.

karate3G ™ to learn Karate

Bruno Bandelier, a karate enthusiast

Bruno created the karate3G ™ method in parallel with his work. With his success, it is no longer possible for him to carry on his professional career and his activities around karate. So he decided to leave his job to develop his innovative concept.

I now devote myself exclusively to the development of karate on the internet and in particular that of the karate3G ™ method.

Karate3G-Seizure Bassai Dai

He discovered this martial art in 1993, then achieved the feat of getting his black belt in just two years of practice.

Why do some stagnate in karate while others have their black belt in only 2 years?

There is no secret, it is by working his daily exercises at home, in addition to training at the dojo, he has succeeded.

Personal work is now one of the pillars of its karate3G ™ method.

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