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Christophe Pinna Olympic Games Goal 2020


Pinna Chistophe Olympic Games Tokyo 2020Christophe Pinna: Olympic Games Goal 2020

Christophe Pinna, the great karate champion would like to participate in the upcoming 2020 Olympics in Tokyo!

The most amazing thing is that it's been seventeen years since he's done high level competition and he will have 52 years in 2020! Wow! that's the ambitious goal as I like them 🙂

You may know Christophe Pinna for his TV appearances (Star Academy Sports Coach, ...) or because he was coaching large national Karate teams (USA, Greece, France) in the early 2000 years. But for the oldest of us Christophe Pinna it is especially a karate monster at the highest level.

Indeed, Christophe Pinna it's a name that made us dream for almost 15 years from the end of the 80 years with a first title of Champion of France Junior 17 years (in 86), and to finish in 2000 by the supreme title of World Champion all categories. In passing he won all the titles that an athlete can dream ...

All titles? No, there is the Olympic title he could never get because Karate was not Olympic. But now that our art is Olympic, the sacred fire that slowly brewed in the bottom of the Hara of our Champion has ignited again and Christophe Pinna, after 17 years outside the high level competitions, has just announced that he counted hang an Olympic medal on his already impressive hunting board.

The winners of Christophe Pinna are impressive

He won six times the title of French Champion, two French Cups and was twice winner of the Mediterranean Games. He has won no less than six European Champion titles, and twice the World Cup, and has been a four-time World Champion. And finally, he became All-round 2000 World Champion in Munich.

It was after this dedication that he decided to stop high level karate competitions because he had reached the peaks in his field.

Indeed, when you see his record in competition karate, we realize that he has all the titles that a competitor can dream to have. It lacks only the title of " Olympic champion ".

All the great champions of the caliber of Christophe Pinna have already participated in the Olympic Games and have Olympic medals and, until now, he could not claim this title since karate was not yet an Olympic discipline, but now it's done and our Champion wakes up after his 17 years of waiting.

Christophe Pinna says it himself, he suffered a lot that his discipline is not Olympic and when, finally, it has become, automatically, in his mind, he already sees it.

At the Olympics in Tokyo, in 2020, he hopes to be there in the middle of the younger generation, like the phoenix rising from the ashes!

A new exceptional challenge

At almost 49 years, he decides to give himself a new challenge: Goal 2020, preparation for the qualifications of the Olympic Games.
Christophe Pinna must like the round numbers because there will be 20 years between his last high level competitions and the next Olympic Games.
He will have 52 years in 2020 for the Summer Olympics but it is obviously not a problem for him.
When you listen to what he says about his state of mind, it's very interesting and it can help you for your next challenges in karate (or others).
Christophe Pinna says he must convince his mind that this goal is achievable. But that's not all because his body must also accept this challenge. He will have to hurt himself again and take blows.
We are right in the Shin Gi Tai with unity of mind, technique and body. The spirit wants, but the body has to learn by training.
Its members suffer from the resumption of high-level training, but they are trusted to turn this physical suffering into energy to realize their dream of Olympic Games.

Christophe Pinna Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

The advantage of Christophe Pinna

His outstanding track record should not make us forget that he also experienced defeats in competition. But each time, it is his will, his desire to do even better and the adversity that motivated him to get up and reach the heights.

The world champion karate also has a major asset: he is now coach and consultant. After his international career, he turned to coaching and today offers coaching in karate and sports in general.

He often challenges himself and it is with these challenges that Christophe Pinna advances. It's the way it works and I personally love it. This new challenge that it has launched and which seems, a priori, impossible, shows us that to move forward, we must constantly set ourselves ambitious goals. And it's valid throughout our life.

An example to follow

The challenge of Christophe Pinna, whether he succeeds or not, must lead us to reflect on our own training and our own goals. We can not all go to the Olympic Games (or in the stands :-)) but we can still take the example of this Champion to reboost and move forward in our progress.

Have motivating goals and coach yourself or get help. I often tell you, especially in the karate3G ™ method, you have to set a goal, a goal, then draw a line, a training plan, to achieve your goal. Even if your teacher is there to help you, it is especially your state of mind and your inner fire that will allow you to progress.

So, even if you're not aiming for an Olympic medal, take advantage of the momentum that this World Champion karate gives you with his extraordinary project.

Use the atmosphere of the Olympic Games to do like him giving you a goal over several years. In three years, he wants to be Olympic champion. And you ?
What is your dream in karate for 2020? Do you do karate for what?
The black belt? The grade 2ème dan? Being more flexible, more muscular, faster?
Write it somewhere and set up a specific training plan to get there. This plan will be your guiding thread, your way forward.

To help you, you can also write your goals 2017, 2018 and 2019 to have intermediate steps that you will find more easily attainable and go step by step. But do not give up!

The champions are here too to inspire us.

Christophe Pinna is someone who falls but never gives up and for him a defeat is only a step towards success. He had to wait 17 years to be able to finally dream of an Olympic medal. 17 years who will play against Karate's youth competitions, but he believes in it and he will do it because he has a clear goal and a well-established training program.

There is no secret to excel in karate. Only regular work with motivating goals will make you progress. For sure.

Now I give the floor to our Karate World Champion all categories, Christophe Pinna: Listen to him explain why he has launched this challenge a little (a lot) crazy:

That's it, I hope you'll learn about Christophe Pinna and that it will boost your motivation.

I will try to follow Christophe Pinna in his adventure and maybe even accompany him in 2020, who knows!

But in the meantime I wanted to talk to our Champion (because I know Christophe will read this article):
« I would like to congratulate you personally, Mr Christophe Pinna, for your project of Olympism. The world of Karate has dreamed for years, all the great champions of Karate have dreamed, all the current champions in dreams and you, even at 52 years you'll be there, I'm sure.
It will be hard, probably harder than for young people (but not sure) but we are all behind you and we know that, whatever happens, you will be up to it. You have a lot more experience than before, a lot more knowledge than before. You will not have the speed of young people, but your knowledge and your experience will allow you to be at the same level! Make us dream, we old

Now friends, it's up to you. Leave a comment and tell me what you think of this crazy challenge and come encourage Christophe Pinna!

See you soon,

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    • If there is one last place at the Olympics, it will not be for him but for me!
      He is not alone in having ambitious goals)
      Stone, orange belt (soon green), 37 years.
      : )

  1. I believe in his return, even if my health listens my life, I am sure that such a Champion in his place at the jo ....

  2. Hello
    first of all bravo to you Christophe, it is important to reach a goal, it's true you won everything, this title is missing your record, what happens you will be there!
    We are all with you, this title is for you! makes us dream and concretizes this dream, a beautiful hope for the youngest!
    Do not let go, because we do not let go!
    See you soon Champion
    we tell you the magic word ... ..!



  4. Marechal Patrick at

    Hello to all, first of all, a big heart with a beautiful image behind him is an honor for me first dan simply the courage that he develops his karate and exceptional spirit not only for him but also for us the least grade or more young people that he bin simply say for my part I believe in him I am close to see him but also to meet him long live karate thank you to you christophe

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