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France 3 Champagne Ardennes (French TV - August 2015) - Guest of the 12 / 13


Bruno-on-France3Bruno is the guest of France's 12 13 3 JT 31 Champagne Ardennes (Video Replay)

At the end of August, I was invited to the newscast, the 12 / 13 of France 3 Champagne-Ardennes by the presenter Laurence Laborie. She wanted to interview 31 / 08 / 2015 about the concept of ™ and Karate Online courses.

I was abroad and had to return the 30 / 08 late at night ... I knew that the awakening would be difficult but hey, I still accepted because for once we could talk about Karate on TV, I was not going to miss the opportunity.

In the morning of 31 / 08 / 2015, I go to Reims at the headquarters of France 3 Champagne Ardennes. (Laurence Laborie had offered to do the duplex interview from their studio in Chaumont, but I preferred a face-to-face live, even if it was further.)

Arrived to 11h30 as expected. I go to make-up, and 2 time 3 movements, I find myself on the set ... a technician explains to me in 2 words where this is my camera and presto, here we are live ... (It will be necessary for me to send them the ABC of the warm-up because it starts on the hats a wheel JT ... 🙂)

I had a lot of things to say about Karate, about ... in short, I could talk about the hours, but I knew that I would have only 3 minutes (like a fight in competition :-)), he It will be necessary to be concise; It's not my forte. I stress a little, but it's ok, I handle pretty well.

When the interview arrives, I feel very quickly that the seconds count. We have a permanent meter that scrolls on the screen and as soon as the presenter (Laurence Laborie) asks a question, I feel that she would already ask the next.

Finally, I manage to minimize and say the essentials, but it's hot anyway.

At the end, I'm a little surprised because I was hoping to have a supplementary question, but unfortunately it's the meter that decided
I would have liked to say in 2 words all the benefits of karate practice on physical and spiritual health, but hey, I'm still very satisfied overall; in 4 minutes we pronounced 16 times the word Karate on TV, once every 15 seconds, it's already very good ...

For those who missed the live, I invite you to watch the video recording now.
I put you the written transcript of the interview right after.

JT 12 / 13 from France 3 Champagne-Ardennes on 31 / 08 / 2015 in Reims:

presenter : Laurence Laborie (France 3)
Guest : Bruno Bandelier (

Title: "Finally, a muscular comeback. With these online karate courses, a LANGRES teacher proposes to train at home. This free educational tool has already attracted more than 15000 subscribers around the world. Bruno Bandelier is our guest! Thank you for being with us. Nice to meet you for your 12 / 12 and welcome to France 3 Champagne-Ardenne »

"And from the tatami stage to get off to a good start this fall, and if you went to Karate from home! If so, it is possible thanks to Bruno Bandelier.

France 3 :

Hello. Thank you for being with us. So you are a qualified teacher at Karate Club Langres,

Black Belt 3e dan and you offer courses online. What is it about ?


In fact, I created ™ to help people who do Karate to revise and progress faster by alternating dojo and home classes, and those who do not do karate. , to discover karate to make them want to make it.

France 3:

And to better understand, we will immediately see an excerpt. We'll talk about it right after

-> Extract of Heian Shodan where I explain the release of the arm and the Tetsui in the first part of the Kata

France 3:

And there you explain the Heian Shodan ... You speak a lot

What is the concept finally? What is your method?

Bruno :

In fact I'm doing the video lessons the same way I would do them in front of my students.

So in fact, I tend to explain everything in detail, to visualize the flaws he may have and explain them so that someone in front of the camera can self-correct and progress as and when.

In fact it's really karate classes. It's not just demonstrations

France 3 :

We must already have the basics of Karate ...

Bruno: Not especially ...

France 3: ... or is your site still aimed at novices?


Yes ! In fact when you arrive on the site, there is a "beginner" section where I put a specific training program for beginners with the very first courses:
How to make a basic punch, a kick and so the courses follow each other ...

A beginner can very well follow the courses and evolve as and when.

Of course there is no confrontation with anyone else, so it's much better to go to a club at the same time

France 3:

How was the idea born? There was a real demand?


In fact, I always thought that you had to train at home in addition to the lessons at the dojo and I wanted to create the Karate Club site of Langres ... I created the website and I wanted to put them on Karate course video but looking on the internet I realized that there was none, it did not exist. We find some courses but there is no real site

So, I decided to create my own website, it's

I called it karate clear and clean because I say everything I know.
I do not hide anything, I say everything I know ... I have no taboo

After, I do not know everything but all I know I say

(As I speak, they show a club training with children)

France 3

There we saw a club class with students face to face.
Is not the limit of your site not being able to correct them directly?


In fact, yes and no because the big advantage of the video is that already in the videos, me when

the fact, I really have this feeling of having a student in front of me and it's still courses that I'm used to doing so I know the mistakes they will make and I say in the videos.

I mention the common mistakes students make and explain how not to do them and how to fix them.

And the advantage of the video is that the student can watch 10 once, 100 once if he wants and each time get the explanation.


And students from all over the world, you told me ...


Ah yes ! Good, especially in the French-speaking world ... in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada

And I also have a lot of students from Magreb, from Africa because they have problems ... them ... they do not have clubs often ... there are places where they do not have a club. So that allows them to discover karate.

But yes I have students from all over the world who write to me ...

France 3

Thank you very much Bruno Bandelier for accepting our invitation. Thank you for coming to us.


I thank you for inviting me.

France 3:

I remind you that your online karate lessons are available for free on the ™ website.

So, thank you for being so many to send me messages of encouragement before the show and congratulations after the show. It makes me very happy especially as without all of you, KBN would not exist. So thanks !

See you soon,

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  1. good evening Bruno,

    So I looked at your interview.I think you were very clear.It must handle stress and it must not be obvious in front of the cameras.Passage successful ..!


  2. Dear Bruno,
    In the USA 3 / 4 people do karate at home with videos and do not want to hurt themselves ... .this for more than 3o years already.
    Ippon kumite and sambon-gohon kumite does not exist do not speak about excluded sparring ... .and they receive the grades by videos too and they believe.
    All the rest is for teens!


    PS: If you do not believe it come here? thank you.

  3. Hello, congratulations Bruno, I was sure you will be up to you I wish you another success and especially another longer invitation why not on euro sport or see you in Bercy or .......

    take care and have nice day.
    lakehal ali

  4. Bravo Bruno, I am very happy to have seen you in another setting than the online karate course. Continue as to share what you know; your videos and your way of teaching motivates to progress because your explanations are accessible and comprehensible. after everything depends on each one ..

  5. good evening my dear Bruno,

    without lying to you, you were at the top like an old screens!

    a few milliseconds of reflection or hesitation, it's natural, but the whole

    Well above average. I like listening to you again. Thank you again.

    Said from Algeria.

  6. Bravo Bruno,

    you are one of the sensei that I follow most, I like your commantaire especially on the kata, you can reach kanku dai, I would like to see also other kata higher and specialization,


    Giovanni Pizzato

  7. There exists in the US a said karate master shotokan who does not finish talking: explain to the students the techniques, I listened 5 mn. and was too much for me ... monologuer as much as that and the students are present and they do not do anything, it was the Americans ... .When I see you in video Bruno ca makes me think about it and as said this interviewer your video was too much talk ... .I agree with her.
    I apologize for telling you the truth but other people stuff you with compliments for nothing ... ..You talk too much ... The Japanese explain and do at the same time in the meantime they do not speak anymore ... .deep silent .... You would be perfect Master in the USA, .Bruno.

  8. Congratulations, it's a nice interview.
    Hoping that it allows those who do not already know you, to discover you.
    Thank you for your passionate and exciting articles and the palpable good mood behind your site! It's almost like the dojo! ;).

  9. Hi Bruno!

    I just watched the show and I wanted to congratulate you! you did very well. it must have been impressive and the rendering on the screen is great. we keep an excellent impression.
    so bravo.


  10. Bravo Bruno for what you do ...
    I also wanted to thank you because thanks to your good advice, you contributed to the success of my black belt. OUSsss

  11. Passion, humility and generosity.
    That's what I learned from this interview. You really want to follow you. Karate seems accessible.
    I am an animator / sports educator (gymnastics) and I use your simple and very clear advice, especially to warm up and stretch. Thank you Bruno. For my part, I appreciate your rigor and your precision.
    See you soon.

  12. Difficult exercise for those who are not used to it and trained. You did remarkably well. The message has passed. You can already expect to be solicited by the regional press written from your home.
    Do not regret the question that has not been asked to you: it concerns another subject and can be the subject of a second passage at the JT a little later.

  13. Good initiative the show on France 3 Champagne Ardenne, it's a pity that I could not see it live probably for lack of information but in any case you have said everything in a short time and it puts us more in confidence and we are proud of you

    Good continuation
    khalid from Morocco

  14. Bravo Bruno for your intervention on TV, and also for this excellent video that allows your students to discover or review the interviev. She should be a good asset during your next offer ....

  15. Bravo Bruno, nice performance even if you feel a little tense.
    Anything that can defend the interests of karate are good to take.
    Congratulations and continue ...

  16. Hello Bruno, how beautiful you are on TV !!

    It feels like you did this all your life, nickel and bravo to you!
    Even no trembling in the voice, no sweat very calm and posed !!
    When are you watching TV? Oussssss !!

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