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Best karate sites


Best karate sites
Listing (non official) some of the best karate sites

There is a lot of useful information for karateka on the internet but it's not always easy to find the best forums and karate websites.

Living on the Internet has its advantages but also its disadvantages.

In terms of profits, you have the number of web pages on karate that does not stop increasing. If, in addition, you read in English, you have reading until the end of your day 🙂

This profusion of Karate sites is only interesting to the extent that you can access them easily. And this huge choice can, on the contrary, block you because you do not know what to choose.

Whether you are a beginner or karateka confirmed, it is not easy to navigate. And, if you're a karate teacher, your goal being to help your students progress, it's sometimes discouraging to try to find the best karate site.

I searched for a long time the best karate sites with useful information in French. A few years ago, I had a hard time finding practical things to help my students progress. This is one of the reasons that led me to create, the clear and clean Karate in 2011 to put Karate lessons online.

Karate teaches you humility and urges you to improve and be better each day. That's why in addition to your workouts, you must do personal research on the internet.

Karate is a traditional discipline but it evolves with its time. Interesting information for Karate is published regularly on many sites or on groups and pages of social networks specialized in karate, martial arts and physical exercises. But it is not always easy to know where to find or even where to look for this information.

So I made you a small personal selection some of the best karate sites and the most complete forums (in my opinion, of course). I also mentioned general martial arts websites and forums when they usefully discuss karate.

This article is not an official ranking but rather a list of sites that can help you in your daily practice. There is no specific order and the first city is not necessarily the best. It will be up to you to make your opinion.

Each karate site or forum that is part of this list of the best sites of Karate should make you better, as karateka, by teaching you something about karate (technique, history, philosophy, etc.).

(You can directly access each site by clicking on its title or photo.)

> The best "official" Karate sites <

In this section I selected the best sites of Karate "official" French. There are of course all the official sites of the different countries around the world, but it was impossible for me to add them so sorry but I was content with French sites.

The French Federation of Karate (

French Karate Federation and Associated Disciplines

As the expression "to any lord, any honor", I will start this list of the best sites of Karate "official" by the site of the FFKDA (French Federation of Karate and Associated Disciplines). It includes all official information about karate and Associated Disciplines.

One of the objectives of the FFKDA is to make known, as much as possible, all the disciplines it represents.

The FFKDA website is the main source of information when you research clubs, competitions, events, grades, training for students, teachers and referees.

You will also find all the members of the federation and their missions.

Under the heading karateThe federation regrouped the disciplines such as Aito, Body Karate, Karate Defense Training, Martial Karate, Kempo, Nihon Tai Jitsu, Nunchaku, Takeda Budo, Tai Jitsu.

And for Associated Disciplinesyou will find all the information for:
Vietnamese Martial Arts (Traditional and Vovinam Viet Vo Dao), Krav Maga, Yoseikan Budo, Full Contact, Wushu, Southeast Asian Martial Arts, Kali Eskrima, Penchak Silat and Karate Mix.

The World Karate Federation (

World Karate Federation

Here is the website of the World Karate Federation (WKF) World Karate Federation, of which the FFKDA is also a member. This is a site in English but using Google Translate (right click with Chrome or Firefox on a PC) you will have a translation of good enough quality to understand the information presented.

On the WKF website, you'll know almost everything about karate competitions around the world.

You will find the rankings of the best countries and you will find all the competitors by country.

This is one of the best karate sites because the WKF is very active on social networks including Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram.

The Japan Karate Association in France (

France JKA (Japan Karate Association)

Almost all Karateka know or have heard about JKA. Here is the site for France of this famous JKA, the "Japan Karate Association" which deals with the practice of Karate do Shotokan JKA in France.

You will find the list of more than 160 instructors from Karate do Shotokan JKA distributed in all regions of France. All dojos members of France JKA are also listed on the site.

The website France JKA publishes, very regularly, in the heading "News", dates of training courses and competitions.

> The best sites of Karate and Martial Arts <

Here I have listed the best karate and martial arts websites that should bring you a lot in your daily practice of your art.

Imagin'arts by Lionel Froidure (

« This site is reserved for all lovers, lovers and practitioners of martial arts wanting to enrich their practice, learn new principles, techniques, and join a growing community of budokas day by day. "- I do not invent anything, it is what announces the page" about "of the site.

Imagin'Art is the site of Lionel Cold, black belt 6e DAN Karate Shotokan. He is the author of many documentaries on karate and other martial arts that can be found on his other website. In martial land".

The Imagin'Art website features DVDs and other karate-related products, and even training programs with Karate courses online, much like my Karate3G Objective Packs. For now there are only programs to the yellow and orange belt but it's already a good start. By cons, small flat, these training programs are only accessible online. There is no download possible videos like Karate3G ™. It's a shame (in my opinion).


On Imaginarts, you will find many articles on Karate but also many other articles devoted to physical exercises, self defense, Tai Chi Chuan, Aikido, Vietnamese martial arts, vital points, etc.

In short, this is in my opinion one of the best karate sites, because Lionel Froidure is a real passionate, who always wets the kimono. "To be a practitioner you have to practice. So let's practice. He said himself.

In the blog section, he discusses many topics related to martial arts and many articles are purely devoted to karate (kata, karate jutsu, Karate and "Karate Thursday" sections) with educational videos like I do on

Traditional Karate-do by Johnny Gence (

johnny-gence-site Karate

Here is the site of my friend Johnny Gence, 5ème DAN that I had interviewed on KBN during an internship in Langres.

On this site dedicated to Traditional Karate, he exhibits his vision of karate-do and demonstrates techniques, kumite or kata with photos and videos.


Some of you have already been able to appreciate his pedagogy internships with Johnny Gence Sensei that we had organized a few years ago. It will also be necessary to redo because Johnny Gence is really an excellent pedagogue and he loves to teach his art.

His traditional Karate site and his interventions on his forum (very interesting and rewarding) reflect well his concern to share his knowledge to all those who make the effort to want to learn.

We will come back to the forum of the site from Johnny Gence, who has been with 10 for over 24000 for a long time and who has no less than XNUMX messages on traditional karate.

Street Karate by Alexandre Acariès (

Street Karate

Alexandre Acariès (Black Belt 4th Dan of Krav Maga, 3th Dan of Karate, 2th Dan of Kyusho Jitsu DKI & 1 ° of Penchak Silat AFR) proposes its method Street Karate". This mixes traditional karate, karate street fighting and urban self defense.

The Karate de Rue method is controversial sometimes because some people think that it is not really Karate. Personally, I think that Alexandre is passionate about what he does and that he responds to a need. People want to learn to defend themselves and that's what he teaches them with his method.

alexandre-acaries street karate

Many people do not see the self defense side in Karate and with Street Karate, Alexander combines Karate and Self-Defense and I think it's pretty good. In short, we like or we do not like but it has the merit of existing.

Here are some examples of subjects treated in video by Alexandre Acariès: Shotokai & Goshin Jutsu karate demonstration, Penchak Silat, Krav Maga, exploitation of vital and sensitive points, ground defense, realistic self defense for children, situations under stress, put KO in 3 pressure points ...

There is even an app, rather well done that you can download on your phone for easy access to all videos and site content.

Karate Club MAK Eric Delannoy (

Eric Delannoy's website (5ème Dan Karaté DO Shotokan) of the MAK Karate Club in Paris. This site is the site of a club, but I present it here because it offers a lot of educational content that can interest you and help you progress.

The site presents in detail the club with all courses and courses offered, but hey, the purpose of my article is not to advertise a club, especially when I do not know :-). By cons, you will find on this site a lot of information and advice to progress in your training.

In addition, it offers very useful educational sheets and videos (kihon, kata, kumite, etc.) in different grades. Looking for a little you should find your happiness.

Karate by Jesse of Jesse Enkamp (

Karate By Jesse

Here now Karate by Jesse of Jesse Enkamp, ​​"The Karate Nerd". It's a site in English but Jesse Enkamp is a Swedish karateka, and, I assure you, he speaks English quite easy to understand in his videos. And for articles, as I said before, using Google Translate, you can read everything in French.jesse-enkamp-karate-nerd

Jesse Enkamp is a karate enthusiast and an expert in the field. He was even part of the Swedish national team. Jesse does not take himself seriously because he nicknamed himself the "Karate Nerd" which means, roughly, the "Karateka nerd". But all this does not detract from the quality of his articles and videos.

This is in my opinion one of the best karate sites ...

And I love the vision that Jesse Enkamp of Karate: "To beserious without taking himself seriously! As my teacher would say Antonio Times.

Jesse's tips and videos are often excellent. I had contacted him by email to arrange an interview with him on KBN. He agreed but eventually it was not done, I do not know why. It will be necessary that I recontact one of these days to put this project on foot. ™, by Bruno Bandelier (, Learn Karate

I could not do you an article on the best sites of Karate without telling you about ™, the clear and clean Karate :-) ... You're on it right now!

I created this site and I feed it from 2011 to make available Karate courses online. The goal is to help you if you practice or if you want to practice karate.


The main goal of ™ is to help you review, at home, the main karate techniques. Thanks to the articles and videos I'm doing, you can review the training seen in club and rework as much as you knowhaitez. You can also discover techniques or Kata that you have not studied at the dojo yet. The purpose of the site is, above all, educational.

Clear and clean karate ™it is also advice that I give you to remember more easily everything you learn.

To go even further in your practice, I also create an even more complete site with at least 2 times more courses in video:, the Karate School of the Net ™ by Gilles Aubin (

The slogan of the site is very speaking: «news and courses of martial arts. - Masterfight is a reference in the field of news of Karate but also all martial arts. You will find tons of information. Masterfight regularly talks about our blog as for example with this article by Gilles Aubin himself or here with an article that I had written personally and is still among the most read and commented articles on the site.

Gilles-Aubin-masterfightGilles Aubin, the creator of the site, has practiced several disciplines including Karate Shotokan, Tai Ji Quan, Systema, Wing Chun and Viet Vo Dao (+ 20 years). Just that ! He is a true enthusiast and does a lot of work for the martial arts with Masterfight. A reference site not to be missed.

Masterfight is organized in 8 major categories:

  1. Ring (Closed spaces (boxes, etc.))
  2. Tatami (open spaces (karate, ju jutsu with Jason Statham, etc.))
  3. Fight (prehension (judo, etc.))
  4. Weapons (and armaments (Nunchaku, etc.))
  5. Internal (The breath (Qi Gong, etc.))
  6. Self Defense (Manage aggression (Krav Maga, etc.))
  7. Preparation (Physical and mental)
  8. Dossiers (Reflections (techniques, etc.))

Karate Bushido magazine website (

Karate Bushido

The site of the magazine "Karate Bushido" Of course, this is the magazine, but it also has many interesting articles on karate and other martial arts.

There are actually five major categories that help you navigate the site. You will see, it is rather complete:

Aikibudo, Aikido, Martial Arts, Burmese Martial Arts, Indian Martial Arts, Khmer Martial Arts, Vietnamese Martial Arts, Capoeira, Russian Combat, Haidong Gumdo, Iaido, Jiu Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Karate, Kyokushinkai Karate, Kempo, Kendo, Kobudo, Kung Fu, Kyudo, Ninjutsu, Shorinji Kempo, Silat, Taekwondo & Yoseikan Budo.

Full Contact, Grappling, K-1 Rules, Kick Boxing, Wrestling, MMA, Muay Boran, Muay Thai, Pancrace, Sambo, Sanda, Savate - French Boxing & Sumo.

Close Combat, Hapkido, Jeet Kune Do, Kajukenbo, Krav Maga, Penchak Silat, Survival, Systema, Tai Jitsu, Others, WEAPONS, White Weapons, Staff, Nunchaku, Saber & Tonfa.

Energies, Feng Shui, Oriental Medicine, Meditation, Nutrition, Mental Preparation, Physical Preparation, Tai Chi / Qi Gong & Yoga.

Cinema, TV, video games.

Here you are with reading for many hours and even weeks KarateBushido's shop.

The art of Antoine Thibaut's way (

The Art of the Way

The site "The Art of the Way" by Antoine Thibaut aims to spread the history and culture of martial arts and other traditional martial practices without competitive spirit.

You probably already know Antoine Thibaut and his magazine "The Art of the Way". There is a section "The art of the way" on, and Antoine even had me interviewed in the February issue 2016.

Antoine Thibaut is above all a passionate practitioner (jujutsu, taiji quan, Y quyen vo thuat and wadokan karate) and his passion is reflected in his very well done and complete articles.

Antoine Thibault - Editor-in-Chief

In addition to its superb magazine that you can download for free on the site, you will find many articles on martial arts like karate and other martial disciplines: Wing Chun (Wing Tsun), Hapkido, Ninjutsu, Yi chuan ( Yi Quan), Tai Chi Chuan (taiji quan, tai ji quan), Kobudo, Kenjutsu, etc.

Antoine Thibaut also makes very beautiful videos on the martial arts. Here is the one about karate:

The Magazine »The Art of the Way» is really very interesting and all the numbers are free and downloadable in pdf on the site (I find this magazine so well done that I still do not understand why Antoine Thibaut offers it for free! But hey, good for us ).

With "The Art of the Way" you will travel to many countries and you will discover new martial arts practices.

Greg Greg Gregelf (


Greggot is a site to discover absolutely.

The style of Greg's videos I like a lot because he does not take the head and he does not take himself seriously either. He teaches you what he knows with his heart and always invites you to remain open-minded and self-correct.

In short, everything I like.

Greggot contains many interesting videos and articles on:

  • greg-Gothelf coach-martial artsPhysical preparation (cardio, quick and efficient abs sessions, punching bag, bodybuilding without material, sheathing, stretching),
  • Le well-being
  • The combat sports (boxing, boxing feet fists, grappling, kickboxing, MMA, Sanda, self defense)
  • Et martial arts in general (Wing Chun, Kung Fu, Chinese Boxing, Jeet Kune Do, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kyokushinkai, Pencak Silat).

With Greg Gothelfyou will learn techniques to defend yourself but you will also have one of the best workouts for your abs and your cardio.

CTS Christophe Carrio (

CTS Christophe Carrio

CTS or Cross Training System is the site of Christophe Carrio, former world champion of karate and passionate about the human body since his 8 years. You can therefore follow his advice without risk, quite the opposite.

With Christophe Carrio, the principle is simple: the body must be painless, and that is what the exercises he lavishes in his books and videos tend to.

I really like videos of Christophe Carrio. He is very friendly and pedagogue in his explanations. On his site you will also find a blog with many articles.

Its Cross Training System (CTS) is a comprehensive, body-friendly workout that improves physical performance by reducing pain and the risk of injury. If, for example, you have sore shin, psoas or calf, Christophe is the specialist to relieve your pain. He will advise you for example the use of a roll of self-massage.

Watch this video, you'll know everything:

Karate3g ™, the Karate School of the Net (

After introducing you, above,, Karate clear and clean, I present you my other site dedicated to Karate learning: Karate3G ™, The Karate School of the Net ™ » which I call as often "The Karate3G ™ platform"

I created Karate3G ™ at the request of the readers of ™ who wanted to go even further in their practice and wanted to download the videos that I proposed. ™ is actually a member site that you can access by subscription. This is a platform dedicated to the online Karate course, but in addition to the many Karate courses in video, I teach you the Karate3G ™ method which allows you to get your karate belts faster and easier.

You can also access Karate3G A la carte by ordering the videos on demand or specific packs according to your personal needs. Whether your goal is the yellow karate belt, the orange, green, blue, or black blue belt, the Karate3G ™ Objective Packs, adapted to each level, will accompany you to get it faster.

The Karate3G platformis a virtual dojo that has already helped more 600 karateka to progress really faster. You may be the next

Best Karate and Martial Arts Forums

Traditional Karate-do Forum by Johnny Gence (

Johnny Gence's Traditional Karate Forum

This is the Traditional Karate-do forum created by Sensei Johnny Gence which I have already mentioned above.

This forum is a reference in Traditional Karate ... and Johnny Gence as a former student of Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama is an expert in the field. He animates this forum since more than 10 years and his interventions are always a pleasure thanks to his great pedagogy.

For Johnny Gence, karate, while traditional, is constantly evolving and one must always keep an open mind and do research on one's practice. The information and discussions you will find on its forum will allow you to follow this path.

You will find more 24000 messages on traditional karate. This is more than 1400 topics on kata, bunkai, kumites (conventional, ju, shiai), Kihon and other styles and schools. You will be able to enrich your knowledge for long hours. is a reference forum for all martial arts enthusiasts. It is indeed a very active forum on the martial arts and the combat sports (practices, equipment, methods of training, lessons, resources, federations, associations, cultures, histories, literatures and philosophies).

With more than 160 000 posts, 6400 topics and 1500 members, you should find the answers to the majority of questions you ask yourself about martial arts in general and about karate in particular.

To give you an idea of ​​the richness of this forum, when you type "karate" in the "search" box, you get close to 5000 answers. Good readings 🙂 ("Karate as it is lived in Japan" - Even though Karate is from Japan, not all Karate styles that we practice in the world are exactly like what is actually done in Japan. Japan. allows us to go back to basics and discover Karate as it is practiced in Japan., which is more than ten years old, is a vast forum specialized in Japanese karate. For example, the category "In Japan" which describes the actual practice of karate in this country, contains more 180 topics of discussion and the category "Schools" which lists all schools, has more than 150.

This forum is a real gold mine for Karate enthusiasts. It deals with more than 1300 topics like the practice of Shidokan, the description of the federation JKS (Japan Karate Shoto-renmei) or the manufacture of a makiwara. This is one of the best Japanese karate sites, in French.

Martial Web

The Webmartial Website is a very provided forum. But it also includes nice tools like for example "martial arts club search" (on which you should also register the site of your club). The site also contains a Wikimartial to which you can contribute with your own knowledge.

The well-supplied Webmartial forum covers the following disciplines :

Aikido, boxing, French, savate, Thai (Muay Thai), kickboxing, full contact, capoeira, wrestling, professional wrestling, jeet kune do (jeet kun do, Bruce Lee), judo, sambo, wrestling, jujitsu, Brazilian jujitsu , kali, arnis, escrima, karate (kyokushinkai), kempo, kendo, kenjutsu, iaido, krav maga, kung fu, ninjutsu, penchak silat (pencak silat), taekwondo, tai chi chuan, viet vo dao and yoseikan budo.

What you throw in exciting and passionate debates on the subject of your choice. WebMartial also contains a shop on which you will find various martial arts equipment and accessories.

Martial Techniques

The website Techniques-Martiales is, in fact, a very active forum on martial arts (Karate, Kung Fu) and Chinese, Japanese, Southeast Asian and other fighting sports. Many discussions on martial arts with saber (Japanese, Thai).

You will also find, on Technical-Martial, reports of Tai Chi Chuan days and workshops, meetings with Masters and many files such as, for example:

  • "Ninjutsu: Honshin Jutsu or the art of invisibility",
  • "Krabi krabong ancient Thai martial art",
  • "The Kali Eskrima, Filipino Combat Art,"
  • "Muay-boran, the origins of muay thai,"
  • "The katana",
  • "The battle cane"
  • "The benefits of didgeridoo similarity to the work of internal martial arts".
  • Etc.

Another site where you will be able to exchange your knowledge with other martial arts enthusiasts like you.


The pages and Facebook groups devoted to karate are numerous.

A group like " You Know That You Are Karateka When ... » can also be considered as one of the best karate sites, if you count the useful information shared by all members (more than 12 000!).

It is obviously less well organized than a forum or a specialized site but it is there that (almost) everyone is every day and the reactivity of the members is much greater.

I'll let you search for yourself on Facebook and join the groups that interest you.

If you are a regular at, you probably know the public group linked to the blog: or my page: Bruno, the Karate Prof of the net.

If you have not done so, come and sign up now our group and share your training experiences and, by the way, put a "like" on our page to miss nothing of my publications and in addition, it will make me very happy :-).

And you, what are your favorite sites?

That was my list, unofficial, of the best sites of Karate.

On your side, you all know, no doubt, several sites or forums that deal with karate, so share your knowledge in the comments below. And if you like this article, do not keep it for yourself, share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

See you soon,

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  1. Some interesting sites:

    Mr Kenji Tokijitsu's website:
    (author of several books and one of the first karateka to be interested in Chinese energy)
    The site of Me JP LAvorato, which is part of a rigorous continuity of the teaching of Maitre Kase
    (note very low positions)

    Traditional Karate Federation
    and Martial Arts Assimilated in France
    (from memory: in connection with Japanese experts)

    Website dedicated to Mr. Henri Plee (French karate pioneer)

    To finish: One of the richest content sites in the galaxy:
    The site of Mr. Claude Vuichoud
    (all you want to know without daring to ask the teacher

    Self "stoned":
    (mysterious author who disguises himself but ... but his techniques with demonstration of case are convincing to say the least)

    (I'm not good at fencing but lunge before makes me think of zen kutsu)

    Being on vacation I work from memory, will I have to compare the table of google shortener with the list of the famous book Aide mémoire du karate ... 8-)


    • Bruno Bandelier at

      Hi Johnny,
      Do not be, it's fully deserved. I could not have talked about the best Karate sites without mentioning your site and your forum. Actually I thought about it when writing this article, it would be necessary to see each other, I miss it

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