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Be your own teacher


Should you throw your teacher in the garbage?

No, not at all, on the contrary.
You must be your own teacher.

You can use this method outside karate. This is valid for all lessons to remember.
Being your own teacher means that you have to self-correct all the time. That is to say, whatever your level of karate, even when you start, you must make the habit of correcting yourself, at the beginning of your training.

Be careful

You must pay attention to what you are doing.
It is not at all to be there and to make your teacher the Zenkutsu he asked you.
For example, to do this Zenkutsu, imagine for a moment that your teacher is no longer there and you film yourself to study yourself. You constantly compare your actions with your teacher's instructions. There, he said to turn his feet like this and then he wants the leg brought back like that. You see that she is too far apart, correct yourself and bring back the leg as your teacher told you.
So do self-teaching and try to do it as often as possible. That means you have to train yourself. At home, but also at the dojo.

This does not mean that when your teacher tells you something, you are also a teacher. No ! At this moment it is he and he alone is. You will be for later, after his instructions.
Your teacher will tell you things but do not take everything literally. You must analyze them but not too much at the beginning because you still have to do things.
Do not try to understand everything because at first it's very difficult.
This is not very serious, you must especially try to integrate your techniques so that they come out automatically when your teacher asks you.
When the teacher tells you to turn, at every step you focus on it. You turn your feet and you walk as he asks you.

I often see students who are told something and continue without doing what we just told them. They do it just at the moment and then they do not do it anymore. This is not good.
You really have to self-correct all the time.

Repeat your actions

When you are at the club, you have to do your personal work. It means your inner work. It's your internal reflection. Without much psychotherapy, but at least you make the effort to listen to what you are told and apply it. You make an effort to memorize. When your teacher tells you: « Oï Zuki« At first, you may not remember that it's a punch as you move forward. The second time, maybe not either. By doing a little repeated effort, you will remember, after a few lessons, your Oï Zuki.

After a while, you'll know it because it's a basic technique. But it's not just that. For example, it is very often that I see people who learn a kata, and who arrive at the end of the course by knowing it. Then, after class, the teacher makes other kata or other things. The student does not see the previous kata again, he never does it again because he does not review it at the club or at home.
Think about your own learning experience. The year after learning a kata, when you come back to the club to work it again, if you have not revised it, you do not know it anymore. This is not how you will progress.

Make the effort to listen and memorize what your teacher says. Really do some work on yourself to self-correct and be your own teacher. As if you had a little teacher inside that helps your true teacher.
You will use it when you are at home and review what you have done in class.
Try to remember first. Do small workouts. Even if you only remember 20%, it does not matter. Even if after your first shot, you only remember that one, that's good enough. Kick and punch, but most importantly, correct yourself.

Work alone

And then, you can of course use my videos to help you progress faster. But even using them, you do not just have to watch it and then walk like a sheep. No ! I tell you things in the videos, I explain them and you have to remember them.
Ideally, you should only watch one of my videos that deals with a particular technique three to four times. After that, you should not need it anymore. You must work on your own. It is imperative to know how to learn alone.

The further you go, the more you will need to work on your own. For example, when you go to your first dan, there are not many clubs that have special sessions for this grade. Most of the guys who are going to be black belts, they have to train on their own because at the club, we have all the belts that are there. The teacher does not have time to take care of everyone. He can not only take care of you to prepare you for your passing grade.
It's also a job you have to do personally.

It's better for you if you are used to working alone from the white belt.
I remember when I was a white belt and learning a kata. I worked at home. I arrived at the class when most people were warming up while waiting for the teacher to arrive and then I put myself in the middle to do my kata. There were some who looked at me and it was not easy, but at least I was learning to work alone in the middle of everyone.

You do not have to do it next to others, but experience working alone with your karate and tell me in the comments if you feel a difference and if you learn better.

As usual, I have prepared a video in which I explain all this in detail. See you soon.

Here, I hope that this advice will help you to find the teacher who is in you and that it will allow you to progress even more quickly.

See you soon,

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  1. Hello dear friend Bruno,
    You are right, it is the repetition many times that engraves all the movements and Katas in the brain. Without repetition: No one can move fast.
    The great master Gichin Funakoshi said well: For a movement to be done correctly and automatically in case of surprise: This movement must be repeated 5 000 times.

  2. Hello,
    Some remarks on the teachers:
    - The Japanese is often a small group, the teacher does with students. A good thing is to form a circle, for warm up / bodybuilding, and kihons.
    - when the teacher does not practice, he tends to exaggerate the effort required. This is because when you look at a course you feel that it's easy, and you sometimes tend to exaggerate our past exploits.
    - a preponderance of men, most courses are done by men. Is this justified?
    - the teacher teaches the technique of his time.
    - Teacher training is increasingly focused competitions and events, which is not abnormal for a population of young people, less after.
    - comparing yourself to someone makes progress: if you notice someone better, but not too much, we try to do as fast and as well. After a while, we notice that the best is not everything.
    - accidents: some teachers do not "hold" their room. This is the business side that is problematic. A guy who goes too hard with a girl should be fired. Accidents are not. Rarely the type to an "accident" with a big size, surprising no?
    - between the gym class and all alone at home, there is in kung-fu what we call "apartment styles" (be careful, do not follow the one who offers you karate in his van) ?
    - little one a good knowledge of the physiology for the heart and the cladding (it is rarely regular thus without effect other than anecdotal). The tendency is often to make "interesting" courses or we do a lot of things.
    - some clubs have an atmosphere that remains when the students have been renewed. The Kami of the place.It is quite rare because of the lack of dedicated dojo. This is mostly found in boxing gyms. Fear, hope, past glories, glued to the walls.
    - All in all it's less nasty but more "sportivo-sporty", the shadow of Adidas hovers.
    - self defense classes should be done in street clothes

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